Ultimate Power: The Sorcerer's Handbook

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Ultimate Power: The Sorcerer’s Handbook


Welcome to Sorcerer club. You’ll notice a couple things are different from what you may be used to. First, this isn’t some namby-pamby Arcane Institute of Higher Learning. We aren’t going to bore you with lectures and studies. If you can’t tap into the arcane energy, however you chose to do it, we aren’t going to help. What we will do is provide you with the space, and the means, to practice tearing holes in reality. Good luck. And watch out for your fellow Sorcerers- they’re learning to.



This Handbook will use the following system for ratings:

Red - Worthless. Don’t ever take this.
Purple - Situationaly good, or just poor.
Black - This is the baseline. Not a bad choice, but there are easily better options.
Blue – There won’t be many better options. You’ll probably take this.
Sky Blue – A non-choice. You want whatever this is.
Gold – There are no better choices than this, and every build should contain this option.

This Handbook covers the following sources:

AP - Arcane Power
AV - Adventurer's Vault
AV 2 - Adventurer's Vault 2
D XXX - Dragon Magazine, issue XXX
DMA 2009 - Dragon Magazine Annual 2009
DP - Divine Power
FRPG - Forgotten Realms Player's Guide
MM - Monster Manual
MM 2 - Monster Manual 2
MOTP - Manual of the Planes
MP - Martial Power
MP 2 - Martial Power 2
PHB - Player's Handbook
PHB 2 - Player's Handbook 2
PHB 3 - Player's Handbook 3
PHH 1 - Player's Handbook Heroes: Series 1
PHH 2 - Player's Handbook Heroes: Series 2
PHR D - Player's Handbook Races: Dragonborn
PP - Primal Power



AP - Action point.
Burst/Nova/Spike Damage - Generally understood to mean the highest amount of damage a character can inflict in the space of a single round. Usually, calculations for this allow 1 round of setup before the actual damage.
CA - Combat advantage.
DPR - Damage per round, which is generally meant to mean the character's expected damage value using At-Will powers against a standard enemy of the same level (eloquently described by Adslahnit as the Official CharOp Inanimate Block of Tofu™).
ED - Epic destiny.
Frostcheese - the combination of Wintertouched, Lasting Frost, and a Frost Weapon to impose permanent combat advantage and cold vulnerability 5 on an enemy.
HP - Hit points.
MAD - Multiple attribute dependency, which is defined as needing 3 or more ability scores for a given build.
MBA - Melee basic attack.
MC - Multiclass or multiclassing.
NAD - Non-AC defense.
OA - Opportunity attack.
PP - Paragon path.
RBA - Ranged basic attack.
THP - Temporary hit points.

Thanks go to lorduskblade for the format- I followed his excellent structure closely, veering away only when I felt like it. And to joemama1512 for having a premade handbook for me to counterbalance my opinions against. 

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.


Blowing up the world: Playing a Sorcerer

The Sorcerer is the second arcane striker, after Warlock from PHB. Like all arcane characters the Sorcerer has an emphasis on control secondary, but unlike the Warlock it does not stray from its striker role in order to control. Sorcerers are on the whole one of the most fragile classes, but they make up for it by causing lots of damage to many creatures all at once. For a ranged, cloth armor wearing character Sorcerers are extremely aggressive, and that is not just due to their striker role. 


How a Sorcerer fares in the areas associated with being a striker;
Burst/Nova/Spike Damage – A complete lack of Minor action attacks, and multi-attack powers, means a Sorcerer’s nova turn isn’t that spectacular (at least compared to a Ranger or Rogue). Still, Sorcerers are still strikers and can lay down the hurt when needed. Also, a Sorcerer’s ability to cause very high single target damage is somewhat lacking- they can spread a lot of damage across many targets, but it is hard to focus all of that power onto one creature. 

Damage Per Round (DPR) – Since your striker damage bonus is built into your powers, and requires no effort on your part to get, you’re dealing good damage every hit. A Sorcerer can spend every round of combat dazed, and still perform its function perfectly well. Not needing to spend a minor action to trigger your damage is a huge boon. 

Debilitating Effects – Controller is your secondary role, and fortunately you don’t have to give up damage to pick up the controller powers. For a Striker, your powers have pretty good status effects.

Survivability – Sorcerers are glass cannons. Bad hit points and surges, bad armor proficiencies, and the only great defense the one least attacked. The only reason this isn’t a red entry is because Assassins have even worse hit points. What you get to make up for it are some very good defensive utilities, but taking them means giving up the offensive utilities.

Targeting Capacity – Your damage bonus goes against whoever you hit, so you don’t suffer for attacking the enemy leader behind the brutes. Additionally, the large number of bursts and blasts means you can get more targets and you can ignore nuisances like blind, concealment, and stealth.

Secondary Role Effectiveness

Defender – There are highly specialized builds of Sorcerers with absolutely ridiculous AC, but that just makes them hard to hit, not tanks, and certainly not defenders.
Leader – Hah! Don’t even try. You blow up the world, and this sometimes includes your allies.  
Controller – You can easily target large numbers of enemies at once, have lots of ways to cause auto-damage, and many Sorcerer powers have built in controller riders.


HP, Surges and Proficiencies

Hit Points – 12 to start and 5 per level is standard for a striker. You’re tougher than a  wizard, but you sure aren’t up there with barbarians.
Surges – 6+ CON mod is, once again, standard for a striker.
Proficiencies – Awful weapon proficiencies, and nothing but cloth armor with no class based bonus to AC in cloth armor. You do also get staffs as implements, which is nice. What stands out here is daggers as implements right out of the gate- getting to use a weapon as your implement for no investment of resources is pure win.


Cosmic Magic

Cosmic Persistance – STR for AC instead of DEX or INT is a beautiful thing. It’s not necessarily better than DEX for AC, but it is very good because this lets you keep up your AC without spreading your stats thin- you get a benefit for no opportunity cost.
Cosmic Power – Adding your STR mod to the damage rolls of all your powers is pretty good. Also adding that to any arcane powers you pick up from another class, paragon path, or epic destiny is amazing. And you get to do that for all damage rolls- even for your bursts and blasts.
Soul of the Cosmic Cycle – If you don’t plan on being in melee, don’t play a Cosmic Sorcerer as half of its class features are dependent upon being in melee. The benefits are all good, and though they are more controllable than a Wild Sorcerer they are less controllable than, say, any other class. The weakest thing Cosmic power offers is psychic resistance, because psychic damage is so rare. Variable resistance means you don’t get to focus on one damage type, which is a loss.

Dragon Magic

Draconic Power – Adding your STR mod to the damage rolls of all your powers is pretty good. Also adding that to any arcane powers you pick up from another class, arcane paragon path, or arcane epic destiny is amazing. And you get to do that for all damage rolls- even for your bursts and blasts.
Draconic Resilience – STR for AC instead of DEX or INT is a beautiful thing. It’s not necessarily better than DEX for AC, but it is very good because this lets you keep up your AC without spreading your stats thin- you get a benefit for no opportunity cost.
Dragon Soul – A solid resistance and the ability to pierce your chosen resistance. You don’t get to chose necrotic resistance, but you get to chose from most of the other common damage types.
Scales of the Dragon – This is great. It’s untyped, so it stacks with power bonuses granted from your leader or other sources, and it lasts till the end of the encounter rather than until you are no longer bloodied (like most bloodied benefits do). This makes Dragon Sorcerer’s capable of getting some of the best AC in the game. It also means picking up leather/hide armor, or Unarmored Agility, isn’t a top priority for Dragon Sorcerers like it is for other Sorcerers. 

Storm Magic

Storm Power – Adding your DEX mod to the damage rolls of all your powers is pretty good. Also adding that to any arcane powers you pick up from another class, paragon path, or epic destiny is amazing. And you get to do that for all damage rolls- even for your bursts and blasts.
Storm Soul – Of your fellow Sorcerers, your resistance is the best. It isn’t more than anyone else gets, and it might not come in handy as often as fire resistance, but you get two resistances (which means you pierce two damage types). You alone get the choice to end your resistance to gain a substantial bonus to your defenses for a turn, which is useful for when you don’t encounter any lightning/thunder resistance.
Storm’s Embrace – Since you mostly can’t control this effect, it’s just a nice thing to add onto your crits. But it is indeed a nice thing.

Wild Magic

Chaos Burst – Getting a save is a very good effect, and +1 AC is not bad, but this is unreliable and very hard to control. Like the Storm Sorcerer’s Storm’s Embrace, it’s just a nice thing to have for when it does come up, but nothing to plan around.
Chaos Power – Adding your DEX mod to the damage rolls of all your powers is pretty good. Also adding that to any arcane powers you pick up from another class, paragon path, or epic destiny is amazing. And you get to do that for all damage rolls- even for your bursts and blasts.
Unfettered Power – The benefit on a crit is pretty nice. What you get on a ‘1’ can be absolutely devastating. It’s not going to come up that often, but sometimes you have a streak of bad luck and can really screw over your allies.
Wild Soul – You get the same resistance values as other Sorcerers, and the ability to pierce that resistance on monsters, but you don’t get to pick yours, which means you don’t get the benefits from focusing on one damage type.

Skills: When a Fireball Won’t Do

You get a total of 4 skills, which is normal. Some few classes get really screwed and only get 3, but most get 4 or more.

Class Skills

Arcana – You don’t have a choice for this one. Unfortunately, INT is a possible dump stat so you’ll never be good at Arcana without some serious work.
 Athletics – Cosmic and Dragon Sorcerers can be good at this, and since you aren’t likely to ever have armor penalties, you might have a higher Athletics score than your Fighter or Barbarian buddy. Red for Wild and Storm Sorcerers.
 Bluff – A great choice. Bluff is one of the rarer skills, and you are going to get at least good at it, so train in it if you don’t want your party to miss out on this skill.
 Diplomacy – Much more readily available than Bluff, so there isn’t the push for you to train in it.
 Dungeoneering – Since you receive Arcana training automatic, WIS is probably your dump stat. Unless you hybrid a WIS based class, you will never have a reason to be good enough at Dungeoneering to get the monster knowledge checks more than once in a blue moon.
 Endurance – Since CON is always useful training in Endurance isn’t a terrible choice. But you have no reason to be good at Endurance. Train in something useful.
 History – INT might not be your dump stat, but you won’t be good at this skill. If no one in your party has access to History, you might consider training in it.
 Insight – See Dungeoneering. But this is even less useful.
Intimidate – See Bluff, but this is even more useful.
Nature – See Dungeoneering.

Other Skills

Acrobatics – Storm and Wild Sorcerers will have the DEX for this, and it is a fantastic skill to train in. Bad  for Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers. 
Heal – Remember the problem with other Dungeoneering? 
Perception – An excellent skill, but you just won’t be good at it. 
Religion – See History. 
Stealth – See Acrobatics.
Streetwise – You definitely have the CHA for it, so it won’t hurt.
Thievery – See Acrobatics.


Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.


Ability Scores: Channeling Your Power 

Strength – Provides your FORT defense, as well as your damage bump and AC for Dragon/Cosmic Sorcerers. Wild and Storm Sorcerers can dump it and use CON for FORT. Recommend 14-16 before racials for Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers.
Constitution – Useful for the surges and HP. Good for a couple elemental feats. Recommend 10-12 before racials.
Dexterity - Provides your REF defense and Initiative, as well as your damage bump and AC for Wild/Storm Sorcerers. Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers can mostly ignore it, as it is a prerequisite for many good feats. Recommend 14-16 before racials for Storm and Wild Sorcerers. 10-12 for Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers.
Intelligence – Of no use to you. The only reason not to make this your dump stat is you are forced to take Arcana. Recommend 10-12 before racials.
Wisdom – Nothing you will ever do as a pure Sorcerer requires Wisdom. Dump stat. Recommend 8-10 before racials.
Charisma – This is your highest score, or tied for highest. This fuels your attacks, so make it great. Recommend 16-18 before racials. 


Races: Wielders of the Power


Dragonborn  – These were born to be Dragon Mages. +2 STR and CHA, a STR based minor action blast, additional toughness, AND bonuses for being bloodied. Further feat support makes them top tier Dragon Sorcerers. They make excellent Cosmic Sorcerers as well, but without the support. Dragon breath is one of the few ways to get a real nova turn as a Sorcerer, since the only other way to get minor action attacks is via power swapping. 

Dwarf  – Maybe the only case when a Dwarf is simply a bad choice. At least CON is useful to everyone, and second wind as a minor is good. 

Eladrin  - +2 DEX is good for Wild and Storm Sorcerers. The teleport is never bad to have.  They get nice feat support.

Elf  – They get +2 DEX, but WIS is useless to you. Elven Accuracy helps to off set the lack of CHA, and high move speed is always good.

Half-Elf - +2 to CHA is great, and +2 CON is never a bad thing. A Half-Elf Dragon/Cosmic sorcerer can easily pick up hide armor by level 2, and start working on shields very quickly. The at-will from another class is great, and feat support for that trick is abundant.

Halfling  – Among the best Sorcerers. Wild and Storm Sorcerers get bonuses to both their stats, a fantastic racial power, and a bonus to defenses for OAs.  

Human  – Can give you +2 CHA, which you want. The 3rd at-will is not as good for Sorcerers as it is for other classes, since for the most part the Spell Source specific riders are heavily factored into the power of the at-will. Still a great choice, with wonderful feat support. 

Tiefling  – An excellent choice. They get bonuses to a skill you care about (intimidate), as well as a nice bonus to attack. Their fire resistance is equal to the resistance you get as Sorcerer at the beginning of a tier, but gets better once you start leveling. Tieflings get +INT, so they already have fair REFLEX, and their support for fire powers makes Dragon Magic a top choice for Tieflings, but they also make incredible Wild Sorcerers at Paragon.


Deva  – No reason to play a Deva Sorcerer. The only saving grace is the bonus to defenses, and the racial power.

Gnome  – A CHA race, so never a bad choice. Dragon or Cosmic Magic is the best choice for Gnomes since the INT bonus to REF will go to waste on a Storm or Wild Sorcerer.

Goliath  – No CHA, but a bump for STR. The bonus to WILL is mediocre for a CHA based class, as it doesn’t shore up your weaker defenses. Some fair feat support. Will get hide armor very easily.

Half-Orc  – In much the same boat as the Goliath, but Half-Orcs also can make passable Storm or Wild Sorcerers.

Shifter, Longtooth  – See Goliath. Sorcerer’s will find a little more use for the Shifter racial than the Goliath racial.

Shifter, Razorclaw  – WIS is useless to you, but the DEX is nice. Storm or Wild Sorcerer for these guys. 


Githzerai  – Only good for the +2 DEX variety. The racial features are useful to everyone though, and some of the feat support is fantastic.

Minotaur  – Go for the +STR and +CON variety to pick up hide armor easily. Unless you want to spend a lot of time in melee, and are good at it, don’t go Minotaur- the racial features, powers, and feats just aren’t good unless you are in melee.

Shardmind – They get CHA, and INT. For the same reasons Gnomes and Tieflings want to be Cosmic or Dragon Sorcerers Shardminds ought to be the same- to not waste the inherent bonus to REF due to INT.

Wilden   – WIS is useless to you, but the DEX is nice. Storm or Wild Sorcerer.   

Other Rulebooks

Bladeling (MOTP)   – See Wildens and Githzerai.

Changeling (EPG)   – Excellent Storm or Wild Sorcerers. Changeling don’t get the awesomeness that Halflings or Drow get (worse feat support, and the racial power for getting combat advantage isn’t as powerful as the Drow powers) but if you are interested in Changelings you are doing it for the ability to change your shape. And they get +CHA and +DEX, so that’s pretty nice.

Drow (FRPG)   – Awesomesauce. The stat bumps are in the right place, the racial powers are good (who doesn’t like combat advantage?), and they get feat support. Storm or Wild Sorcerer.

Genasi (FRPG)   – At least they get +STR. Because Genasi work very well with elemental damage they do make good Sorcerers with the right feats, particularly Storm and Dragon (because they get to pick their damage types). Amazing feat support and ease of multiclassing Wizard borders Genasi on blue

Kalashtar (EPG)   – Kalashtar do get +CHA, but absolutely nothing else about the race (including feats) makes them good Sorcerers. Kalashtar are very, very close to being black, but they make incredible intimdatomancers, which is something a Sorcerer might want to look into.

Warforged (EPG)   – At least Warforged get +STR. The racial power is always nice to have, but that’s about all this race draws (though making your best defense even better isn’t bad). Dragon or Cosmic Sorcerers. 


Gnoll (D 367)   – Fine Storm or Wild Sorcerers. Unfortunately, most of a Gnoll’s racial package goes towards melee, and DEX based Sorcerers are not the sort who have any reason to be in melee.

Revenant (D 376)   – Just fine. DEX is good for Wild and Storm Sorcerers, and the extra toughness is really nice for a glass cannon. Being able to pick up another race’s feats is pretty awesome. Through feat support, Revenants can actually become extremely accurate.

Shadar-Kai (D 372)   – They make fine Wild or Storm Sorcerers. Feat support is good.

Monster Manuals

Hobgoblin (MM)   – A surprisingly good choice. The +CHA is of course good, but the Initiative bonus and racial power make Hobgoblin’s a winner. As a Wild or Storm Sorcerer they will be going first quite easily, and will have rounded defenses thanks to the +CON.

Kobold (MM)   – +DEX is the only thing Kobolds bring to the table. Shifty is a really, really good power, but DEX based Sorcerers have no incentive to mix it up in melee, where Shifty is best. Wild or Storm Sorcerers.

Githyanki (MM)   – Githyanki are tied for the worst Sorcerers- down there with Deva. Stay away.

Goblin (MM)   – Excellent Storm or Wild Sorcerers. Skill bonuses in things you are already fair at, a racial power to keep you where you want to be (i.e. out of combat), and perfect stats.  

Orc (MM)   – Good for the same reason as Warforged (+STR), but with zero feat support, and the racial features aren’t as useful.

Bugbear (MM)   – Can be equally mediocre Sorcerers of any type. The racial power isn’t bad, though it is hard to get off without mixing it up in melee. 

Bullywug (MM2)   – Not a good choice. +DEX is nice for Storm and Wild Sorcerers, but the racial features are useless.

Duergar (MM2)   – Worse even than the Githyanki and Deva. The ONLY saving grace of a Duergar Sorcerer is the darkvision.

Kenku (MM2)   – Great Storm and Wild Sorcerers (and very thematic Storm Sorcerers). Stats are prefect, and the skill bonuses are good. The racial features are nice to have, but not entirely useful to you.

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

At-Will Powers: Building Your Power Base

Fortunately Sorcerers don’t have bad at-wills. There are powers that are bad for most Sorcerers, but they are at least good for one particular build. The riders for the types of Sorcerers greatly influence your choice of at-wills (e.g. Chaos Bolt is a very different power for Wild Sorcerers than it is for Cosmic Sorcerers). 

Acid Orb (PHB 2) – A solid power, if bland. Range 20 is a great, and rare thing. The d10 damage is fantastic. What makes Acid Orb a good choice is that it can be used in place of a ranged basic attack. RBAs don’t come up often, but if your party includes the right sort of leader, this becomes a good, or great power.

Arcing Fire (PHH 1) – This power is okay. It does solid damage to the target, and is a great minion killer. Even against non-minions it is still dealing enough damage to count. That you need to suffer a -2 penalty to hit in order for this to be a worthwhile power is painful, but you can get your to-hit high enough to where it is no longer a problem. Most Sorcerers will take one of the RBA at-wills instead, but if you have no way to profit from a RBA this'll be a better choice.

Blazing Starfall (AP)– For Cosmic Sorcerers, it is a good controller power, but remember that isn’t your role, and it has terrible damage early on, but in early Paragon your damage modifier gets so high the difference between d4 and d8 is low. It isn’t that effective against enemy controllers or artillery, who don’t move around much, and it isn’t that effective against enemy melee monsters, who are already where they want to be by the time you go. What it has going for it is that it is a ranged AoE, which is useful to Sorcerers of all stripes.

Burning Spray (PHB 2) – A close blast 3 for solid damage and Dragon Sorcerers will love this power for the protection, and subsequent damage it adds. And it is always nice to have a burst or blast in your arsenal. A good pick for any Sorcerer since it gives them a melee friendly option.

Chaos Bolt (PHB 2) – Worse than Acid Orb, unless you REALLY want to attack WILL. Except for Wild Sorcerers, who make great use out of this power. Remember than the d6 secondary attack is a damage roll, so you get to add most of your normal damage bonuses. Thanks to some errata you do not have to target allies with this power.

Dragonfrost (PHB 2) – Another power that counts as a RBA. It’s nice, and the push is good to have, but having a ranged push is situationaly useful.

Energy Strobe (D 381)– Yet another RBA. However, it has less range than Acid Orb. The variable damage type/resistance isn’t a selling point since there is no way to control it and might never be useful.

Lightning Strike (AP) – This a great power. Nothing about this power is bad, and for anyone with a 12 DEX or higher, it is good minion killer, and is useful for reaching around corners. For Storm Sorcerers, this power is quite good. You will definitely run into combats where your chosen target has a ridiculous REF, is invisible, or for whatever reason nearly (or entirely) unhittable, or out of range, and this power allows you to lay the smack down on the target you can hit while still causing good damage to the monster you want dead.

Storm Walk (PHB 2) – The shift seems good, but Burning Spray is melee safe, and a blast. If this counted as a RBA or didn’t attack FORT, it’d be a competitive choice. 

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

Heroic Tier Powers: Early Power


A note on power ratings. 1d8 damage is at-will damage, so encounter damage should be 2d8 and daily damage should be 3d8. Good effects can reasonably lower the damage by a small bit, ongoing damage can remove a die of damage (or more, if it is high enough), and bursts/blasts and/or attacking WILL can make up for lower damage. Sorcerers are strikers who specialize in attacking multiple creatures at once, so I rate powers based on the assumption that it should allow the chance to attack at least two creatures. Additionally, I’m rating the powers against other at level Sorcerer powers and my baseline assumption (i.e. the power does 2d8/3d8 damage for encounter/daily powers, and it can target at least two creatures).  Lastly, I don’t rate powers based on elemental builds (e.g. Ice Dragon’s Teeth doesn’t factor in frostcheese for the rating), so it isn’t often that I will mention damage type.



Bedeviling Burst (PHB 2) – It’s always nice to have close burst attacks for those times when you get surrounded. Unfortunately the damage is bad for an encounter, though it does attack WILL (which is generally low against the melee monsters this is intended to be used against). It is party friendly, which your allies will thank you for (especially during Heroic). This power matters because it is the only level 1 close burst that doesn't suck.

Explosive Pyre (PHB 2) – The power is really only good if the enemies are clumping up together, or your party has a lot of forced movement and can bunch them up. The auto damage it causes makes up for it targeting only one creature, making it a pseudo burst. Ally friendly is the key (though you might find you have an ally with enough fire resistance that you can safely target it). The right party makes this sky blue.

Frostbind (PHB 2) – A solid power, with good damage. The -2 REF is good for setting up another power or player, and for being able to hit a high REF, low FORT target. It’d be rated higher if it didn’t attack FORT, and hit two targets.

Mists of Disarray (AP) – A poor choice. It gets low damage in trade off for being an area burst with a push. For Wild Sorcerers, this becomes a fine power with nice tactical usage.

Pinning Bolt (AP) – Mediocre damage, with an alright status effect. Best if your defender can’t lock down the enemies, if you need to catch an enemy, or if you need to keep an ally safe. It is a better power than the rating otherwise implies.

Ray of the Moon (AP) – I’m tempted to rank this higher because the condition is so good, but the low damage keeps it black. Attacking WILL is a great thing, and stopping an enemy from shifting makes your defender happy, and screws over a lot of lurkers. For Cosmic Sorcerers this is definitely a good choice.

Tearing Claws (AP) – Meh. A Dragon Sorcerer already has Burning Spray for clumped enemies, and anyone else would be better off with Bedeviling Burst. Additionally, close burst 1’s are good for melee characters who are getting surrounded, not for blasters who skirt the edge of combat.

Tempest Breath (PHB 2) – It barely does more damage than Burning Spray, and the defensive bonus is marginal (and Burning Spray already gives Dragon Sorcerers some defense).

Thunder Slam (PHB 2) – The highest damage power for Sorcerers at this level, and with a good push. The things that you generally want to push (melee creatures up in your grill) typically have high FORT, so this power loses accuracy when used appropriately.

Thundering Roar (AP) – Much like Tempest Breath, but the rider is better, and works for everyone. Unfortunately it hits FORT.

Whirlwind (AP) – The damage is good for an area burst, but since getting knocked prone sucks so much and it targets creatures, this is a risky power to throw around (i.e. it can be bad for your allies). For Storm Sorcerers this is even better, and your defender will love you for this.


Blinding Bolt (AP) – Mediocre damage for a daily. However, the condition it inflicts is one of the best. Best used against artillery, and enemy leaders/controllers who work at range.

Chromatic Orb (PHB 2) – Generally I rate powers with variable effects poorly because they can’t be relied upon, but this is a good spell. The damage is what you want for a single target daily, and all of the effects are good for a DEX based Sorcerer.

Cosmos Call (AP) -  It targets WILL, which you love, but does mediocre damage. It does deal psychic damage though (rarely resisted) and has fair, if random, conditions. Only Cosmic Sorcerers should choose this, because they get to choose the condition it inflicts rather than roll.

Dazzling Ray (PHB 2) – Omigod6d6damage! Seriously though, this power caused the boards to explode when it was first previewed, which is a normal over reaction for D&D players. 6d6 damage for a level 1 daily, targeting WILL, with a good rider for Wild Sorcerers is good, even great. It is your biggest source of direct damage at this level, and not many characters can meet or exceed this power at 1st level, with a single attack.

Dragonfang Bolt (PHB 2) – One of your better choices. It targets two creatures, deals fine damage, deals on going 5, and if you miss you lose no damage (just the ongoing).

Grounding Rebuke (D 374) – Rangers have already figured out the secret to high DPR includes out of turn attacks- here’s one for you. It reduces damage, deals respectable damage itself, and moves the target.

Howling Tempest (AP) – A fair power for anyone but a Storm Sorcerer, who treat it as blue. A sustainable area burst that deals CHA mod damage, that you can move. It doesn’t deal much damage with the initial attack, but the sustain damage is enough to notice. Storm Sorcerer’s love it because they can drop the initial attack on a friendly. The initial slide is not supposed to be used on enemies, but instead on allies to keep them out of the zone damage in subsequent rounds.

Ice Javelins (AP) – Targeting up to 3 creatures is nice, but the damage is bad. Ongoing is why this doesn’t suck. Unless you are a cold based Sorcerer who can’t turn Dragonfang Bolt into cold damage, take Dragonfang Bolt over instead.

Lightning Breath (PHB 2) – This power has it all; good damage, blast 3, sustainable effect. An excellent choice. This is a better pick for Dragon Sorcerers (who have reasons to stay close to the front lines) than other Sorcerers, but the push effect keeps ranged Sorcerers out of melee.

Shocking Magnetism (AP) – Fair damage, and it targets two creatures. The effect is good, and pulling artillery off a wall, and 3 squares into your party battle line is beautiful. The power is worse for Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers, but just 12 DEX makes it worthwhile.


Absorb Storm (AP) – As a daily utility it should be very good. It’s not. The selection of resistances is limited, and the value is small. The bonus to hit is short lived, and might never come in handy if you focus on one damage type (which is likely for most Sorcerers) and it isn’t the sort you are hit with. 

Deep Shroud (AP) – Quite fantastic as a defensive power, and it lets your allies benefit (and any rogues get to hide real easy with this).

Dragonflame Mantle (PHB 2) -  In every way, yes. It is usable every encounter, it grants a defensive bonus, and it deals damage. Best of all, the damage is both usable against the first creature that triggers it, and it is an arcane power, so you get to add your STR or DEX mod. It’s only [s]blue[/b] because for certain Dragon Sorcerer builds it is so sky blue it hurts. You are a striker, and as such your powers, even the defensive ones, should hurt the enemy, and this one does so.

Elemental Shift (PHB 2) – An okay power. Changing your resistance seems better than it is, since if you are focusing on a certain damage type you won’t have many, if any, powers of any other damage type. It does make you and an ally a little tougher for a combat, but you aren’t a leader.

Focused Chaos (AP) – Good. Wild Sorcerers are going to be the ones to actually use this, and it is a power they will use every single encounter to good effect. Getting to use it after the roll is the real clincher for this not being rated lower.

Gambling Siphon (D 385) – The effect is very nice, but since it is a daily, and your novas just aren’t that impressive, it can’t get itself a higher rating.

Good Timing (D385) – I’m not a fan of daily utilities, but this is a nice one. It helps you stick a power, and if that doesn’t work, you get to try again. 3 chances to land a daily is what dreams are made of. Taking psychic damage based off your highest stat sucks a little bit, but if you have resist this power doesn’t ignore it.

Sorcerous Sirocco (AP) – It doesn’t directly grant damage, but since it isn’t limited by any stat, and it effects an ally as well, it can’t be worse. Movement and placing is key in 4th ed, and this power lets you play the movement game with the best. Costing a standard action to use really hurts, otherwise it’d be blue, easy.

Spatial Trip (AP) – Teleporting is very good.

Stretch Spell (PHB 2) – You will rarely run into a situation where this is worth taking. Often you can move closer to the target, or there will be other targets, or you have Acid Orb.

Unseen Aid (PHB 2) – Really? That’s all? +2? Awful.


Acid Claw (AP) – Great for Dragon Sorcerers. Good damage with a pseudo status effect, and splash damage for Dragon Sorcerers. Targeting just one creature is alleviated by how much damage this can throw out onto the table. You could do much worse than this.

Dancing Lightning (PHB 2) – Splash damage based on your primary stat? Yes please. And it deals pretty good damage. Dragon Sorcerers with high enough STR are going to be torn between this and Acid Claw. Beware that this is not party friendly.

Essence Prism (AP) – Unfortunately the damage is low for a single target 3rd level power. The saving grace is the long range. Wild Sorcerers can take this without feeling guilty, because the rider is pretty good.

Flame Spiral (PHB 2) -  A good pick. It allows you to target 3 nearby enemies without provoking, and then keep dealing damage after you make the attack.

Ice Dragon’s Teeth (PHB 2) – It’s really not a bad power, don’t let the rating fool you. But the damage isn’t high enough to warrant a higher rating when it hands out a really weak condition (as far as conditions go) and targets friendlies.

Poisonous Exhalation (PHB 2) – A good pick. It isn’t higher because it is better for Dragon Sorcerers.

Searing Sands (AP) – A very meh power. Tempest Breath does similar things for Dragon Sorcerers. If you really, really feel you need lots of sources of concealment, go for it- but most builds who live off of permanent concealment have better, easier, sources of concealment.

Spectral Claw (PHB 2) – This must be a level 1 power accidentally labeled as level 3. Awful damage, targets the highest of the NADs, and it doesn’t even have long range to compensate for its awfulness. Wild Sorcerers might consider it because it can stick an enemy in a really bad position. I will say that since it is designed to be used against lurkers and skirmishers, targeting FORT isn’t that bad, but that just means it is really situational.

Swirling Stars (AP) – Solid power. The Cosmic rider is good. Dealing two disparate types of damage is really nice if you ever run into creatures immune to one sort, or with a really high resist.

Teleport Bash (D 381) -  Random powers aren’t good because you can’t plan around them. They are fun though. Poor damage, attacks a high defense, and again, is random. The splash damage is the only reason it isn’t a solid red. The Chaos Magic rider isn’t even good enough to bump it up a notch.

Thundering Gust (AP) – Slide is nice, but since it is DEX based the power is not good for Dragon or Cosmic Sorcerers. The Storm Magic rider is really nice, but the damage is low, it targets FORT (generally high on melee monsters, and Storm Sorcerers don’t enjoy being up front) it can’t justify a better rating. If you already have Burning Spray, you don't need this.


Acidic Implantation (PHB 2) – Forced movement, fair damage, secondary attacks. Until you run into days where you fight nothing but solos, this power will earn its place among your favorites. It’s nearly black since it doesn’t deal CHA damage, but it is so great for setting up novas.

Corruption Orb (AP) – The damage is good, but it is low range, targets FORT, and only hits one creature. It is as close to being purple as a black power can get.

Glacial Armor (AP) – A solid pick. Close burst 1 hurts this power, but the effect is good. Dragon Sorcerers focused on aura and return damage really love this power.

Moon and the Stars (AP) – You get to target two creatures for fair damage, and pick the damage type (get around a resistance, or deal extra damage to undead), and the benefit for choosing the damage type is almost always usable.

Palest Flames (PHB 2) – In mid-Heroic, this power isn’t going to work the way you want it to, and it deals poor damage. The condition it imposes is pretty powerful, but unless you travel in a cold damage heavy party it’ll be wasted. Even cold Sorcerers won’t add much damage, since they just don’t make that many attacks against a single creature. It gets much better depending on your build and party structure, possibly getting up to blue.

Reeling Torment (PHB 2) – Good damage against a low defense, and a lovely condition. It is justifiable that it only targets one creature, but a Sorcerer power really should target more. 

Serpentine Blast (PHB 2) – An accurate power that really brings the pain. It doesn’t do anything fancy, but your gig is to blast your enemies apart, not wow your friends with neat tricks.Unfortunately it is lacking in a Sorcerer's favorite trick, which is targeting multiple creatures.

Slaad’s Gambit (AP) – When your at-wills are awesome enough, you don’t need to spend standards on anything else, and this power lets you do just that. Out of turn attacks are automatically one grade higher than the power would otherwise suggest, and this is a pretty hefty out of turn attack. Best, and easily, used against brutes and soldiers (who have low WILL and want to engage you in melee).

Sun’s Illumination (AP) – Area burst that deals fine damage. CA is easy enough for most characters to get, but most ranged characters have to actively work for it. Help yourself, and them, out.

Thunder Leap (PHB 2) – You get to drop two close bursts for alright damage, with a fantastic move in between? Yeah, more of this.


Arcane Empowerment (PHB 2) - Yes it’s nice, but it only lasts for the turn you use it on. A Dragonborn built for this power will get better use out of it, but just barely.

Chaotic Defense (AP) – All of the effects are good, but if you need a particular one you are s.o.l if you roll wrong (though you do have a 50% chance of getting the effect you want). 

Chaos Wager (D 385) – A much improved version of Gambling Siphon, as it is an encounter rather than a daily. If your allies have some way of guaranteeing their rolls (Dice of Auspicious Fortune come to mind), or roll multiple times (Avengers, certain other powers, Elves), this power is blue.

Energetic Flight (PHB 2) – Flight is awesome. If this power were sustainable, maybe. As a daily, I can’t in good conscience recommend it.

Extinguishing Rain (AP) – Out of 3457 creatures there are 24 that create fire zones, 5 of which are just older versions of a particular dragon, and only 7 that create fire conjurations. The resist is nice, but resist fire is pretty easy for PCs to get. Unless you know your DM is creating an exclusively fire campaign, the chances of running into one of those 26 creatures is really slim.

Fates Chaos (AP) – You know what sucks? Missing. Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers will never regret this lovely power. It’s only usable on an action point, so it isn’t actually used every encounter, but if you are spending an AP you are probably going nova, and really want your powers to stick.

Lightning Shift (AP) – It’s just a shift, but it gets you out of trouble, fast. If you lack any mobility powers, think strongly about taking this because it really is good.

Subtly of the Green Wyrm (AP) – Okay, it’s combat potential is pretty low. But for an entire skill challenge you kick ass at two skills you are already good to great at, and are even good at a skill you normally suck at. If you are maxing out intimidate, pick up this power for the substantial boost once a day. If you play LFR, or your home campaign has little to no RP/skill challenges, awful.

Sudden Scales (PHB 2) – I can’t find anything with this power that isn’t awesome. The only reason it isn’t rated higher is because Dragon Sorcerers definitely use it better

Swift Escape (PHB 2) – You know what’s nicer than getting really high defenses? Not getting attacked at all. This’d be rated higher, but it only works for close and area attacks. Wild Sorcerers get the full blue rating. 


Blazing Bolts (AP) – This is really a good power. The range is fantastic, and though the damage seems weak adding your STR mod will make up for the lack of a second d8, and the splash damage is good. Best used to target two adjacent creatures to splash the damage onto eachother. Strong amounts of suck for Wild and Storm Sorcerers.

Chaos Ray (AP) – This is a sneakily good power. As an attack power it is fine. Where it shines is the swap. Since you can swap out creatures, not just enemies, you can use this to put your defender in the middle of a bunch of brutes and soldiers, and pull the enemy artillery/leader into the party’s battle line, as well as many other fun tricks.

Chaos Storm (PHB 2) – It’s okay. Teleporting creatures around a 3x3 box is of limited tactical usage. And it doesn’t deal much damage, but it is an area burst.

Crushing Sphere (PHB 2) – Meh. If the damage were better, maybe. The debuff is nice, but being worse at your job isn’t a good trade off for doing some one else’s poorly. That it targets all creatures really hurts- most melee characters can take a hit from you once per encounter, but the -2 to attacks will really hurt them.

One Blow, One Echo (D 381) – Having melee powers is nice for those times you just can’t get to safety. But this power sucks. The effect on a hit is nice, but not worth picking the power for.

Rimestorm (PHB 2) – Targeting FORT against frontline creatures isn’t the best possible choice. But it’s an ally friendly blast that knocks prone.

Shout (PHB 2) – The condition it inflicts is really, really terrible, but a blast 5 for a solid amount of damage is a good power.

Spark Form (AP) – This is a good power for all flavors of Sorcerer. There is a fair chance you are in cloth armor, so it is easy to get 7-8 speed, making this power even better than it already is. The damage sucks, but it lets you get all over the battlefield, deal noticeable damage, and chew through minions.

Thunder Bomb (AP) – Weak to fair conditions. It is designed to be used against artillery, lurkers, and skirmishers (who typically have low FORT, want to move around, and often spend some time at range), so if you use it against brutes and soldiers it’ll be worse.

Thunder Wyrm’s Jaws (AP) – Unfortunately the power doesn’t live up to the completely bad ass name. You have fewer encounter powers available that deal more damage, and it gives out temps. 


Adamantine Echo (PHB 2) – Ongoing damage is nice to hand out, and it is roughly equal to another die of damage. The AC bump is nice as well. For Dragon Sorcerers, this power is easily blue, as it can give you plate armor level AC.

Bounding Bolt (AP) – Unfortunately this power only comes into its own if the target can fail a saving throw, and the bounce isn’t that strong. If you have a way to really punish the target’s saves it can be a better power. 

Contagious Curse (PHB 2) – Fair damage, with a strong effect. Splash damage isn’t as good as targeting a second creature, but it is close. An excellent choice for any Sorcerers, and it is much better for Wild Sorcerers (but not so good as to get rated higher).

Howling Hurricane (AP) – Good damage, an area burst, and a fine control effect. Better for high DEX Sorcerers, but anyone can make use of it. Once it is up you can use it to slide around allies, and yourself, which is a good thing to be able to do.

Ice Stalagmites (AP) – The damage isn’t great, but you can target up to three creatures, and the effect is a good control effect with fair damage. Note that if you miss, the effect does not happen since the creature did not vacate the square.

Prime the Fire (PHB 2) – Nice damage for an area burst. Most powers with this sort of lock down don’t get to be bursts. For pure damage at this level, nothing else beats Prime the Fire because that secondary damage roll is almost guaranteed to trigger.

Season’s Malaise (AP) – The damage is fine (the ongoing off sets the low die value), but it targets WILL and the action denial is incredible. At high-Heroic and low-Paragon creatures start to get lots of out of turn actions, and you want to shut them down. This can ruin your allies' day, but fortunately it is a daily and you won't have to find a way to use it every encounter.

Staggering Blast (PHB 2) – An accurate power with good damage, and a great control condition. Since it is an interrupt, you can knock the target down at any point, including before it moves a single square. Gorgeous, even if it only targets one creature.

Winds of Change (AP) – No other power at this level deals more damage, it targets all enemies within 3 squares, it pushes, AND it has a great mobility effect. If you never plan to be close enough to the front lines to use this, I suppose pick up something else.


Chaos Link (PHB 2) – Truly not a bad power. It isn’t useful against the nastiest bursts (e.g. Dragonfear), but throwing damage back at a monster is nice. It’s also great for when you let a party member risk including you in an attack- even if they miss every monster and only hit you, you can throw that damage at another monster.

Devour Magic (PHB 2) – At these levels you start seeing more monster created conjurations and zones, and this is not a bad trick to have in hand. It’s of course better for Wild and Dragon Sorcerers, but the riders are particularly great. Eating zones is a nice thing to do, but if it costs a standard action a controller or leader should be doing it, not a striker.

Dragon’s Resolve (AP) – Fantastic power. Offensive and defensive in one wonderful package that you don’t have to spend actions to sustain. Being a daily really hurts the power though.

Fog Form (AP) – Since this lasts until the end of your next turn, it is a good pick. Not getting hit is of course better than taking half damage, but we can’t have everything.

Invert Resistance (PHB 2) – Great power. Every now and then you’ll run into a creature whose resistance is higher than your ability to pierce, or a creature that is resisting a damage type your allies are tossing. Removing ALL of that resistance, and turning it into vulnerability is awesome. At 10th level you will see enough resistance to use this every single day. But it is a daily, which hurts the rating.

Maiden’s Waking (D 385) – Removes the 3 of the nastiest conditions and is an encounter. A utility good enough to multiclass into Sorcerer to pick up. The only reason it isn’t sky blue is it only lasts for that turn.

Narrow Escape (PHB 2) – Much like Fog Form, but with a hefty teleport.

Sorcerous Pulse (AP) – For Sorcerers who can control their damage type (which is likely to be most Sorcerers), this is pretty good choice. Rolling twice and choosing the higher result is just pure win. Melee characters will gladly pay a feat for brutal, and you get a better version of it. The damage bonus is going to be in the 1-6 range for most powers, but more damage is the Sorcerer's thing. For Sorcerers who mix their damage types, red.

Spirit’s Eclipse (AP) – Continuing the trend of great utilities, we have Spirit’s Eclipse. For when you get attacked against your highest defense you get a huge bonus to it, and then another defensive bonus and an offensive bonus. Because of the combination of the defense bonus and the invisibility, this is going to be a near auto-miss.

Storm of Energy (AP) – It is a very powerful effect, but is a daily. However, if you and/or your party hands out lots of ongoing this is a great power.

Weave Luck (D 385) – It’s a solid power, and the effects are nice, but there are so many good choices at this level.

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

 Paragon Tier Powers: True Power


 By now your damage modifier has gotten so high the damage dice on your powers isn’t as important as it was during Heroic, so gravitate towards powers that let you make more attack rolls, extra attacks, or impose powerful conditions.



Chains of Fire (PHB 2) - It'll take some work to get the extra damage off, but the teleport makes this a tempting power. But it targets two creatures, and that is what you want.

Cyclone Pull (AP) - Don't think of this as a damage power, just think of it as a power that can set up other powers. Choosing 3 creatures, even if you can't see them, from a 7x7 cube is pretty nice.

Dazzling Starlight (AP) - The condition it imposes is quite good, but Sorcerers should stay away from single target attacks unless they are very good- this power is merely okay. For Cosmic Sorcerers it is better, but not so much as to earn a higher rating.

Downbeat of Wings (AP) - Another single target attack with a mediocre effect. Dragon Sorcerers get a little more mileage out of the spell, because movement is key. Dragonborn who picked up Draconic Arrogance can consider this blue

Jaws of the Earth (PHB 2) -  If at this level your allies look to you to let them move around the battlefield then something has gone wrong. It does let you move through creatures blocking a doorway, which can be useful.

Mind Hammer (PHB 2) - As an attack power, it is marginally better than Downbeat of Wings because it attacks WILL. Wild Sorcerers consider this black.

Moon Cage (AP) -  Sorcerers really should be using powers that target multiple creatures. Cosmic Sorcerers will enjoy doubling up on STR damage, so they'll consider this black.

Primordial Storm (AP) - It's alright. Not alot damage, and no real condition. Wild and Storm Sorcerer treat this as blue.

Thunder and Strike (D 381) - There's really nothing bad about this. When you're in a position you don't want to be in it gets the bad guys off your back, deals damage all over the place, and helps to stop the enemy from pursuing you. Sorcerers of all sorts can enjoy this.

Thunder Breath (PHB 2) -  This power is already good enough for dazing in a close blast, but that it deals respectable damage is gravy.


Day and Night (AP) - It only targets one creature, which isn't good, but the damage is through the roof (two full attacks means you get to stack all your mods), and it locks down the target something fierce.

Frost Eddies (PHB 2) -  It's best used against solos, when the creature will last long enough for the effect to be noticed. Unfortunately solos are known for not being surrounded by lots of creatures who will be effected by this power. Pass.

Gale Burst (AP) - This builds on what many of your earlier powers do, which is get mooks off of you. Unfortunately this one also targets friendlies.

Hostility Charm (PHB 2) - It's neat, but the damage from the monster's MBA is usually lower than you would get from using another power. It is very much situationally useful. Better for Wild Sorcerers.

Lightning Daggers (AP) - That this one made it to final print is ridiculous. A free, full static mod, attack every turn is leaps and bounds ahead of anything you've had access to up to this point. 

Prismatic Lightning (AP) - One of the 3 powers at this level that targets multiple creatures, and it covers a huge area. It does hit allies too, but you can choose to target their highest defense, which might save them. Fair competition for Lightning Daggers if you optimize for bursts, or any of the conditions this inflicts.

Scintillating Starburst (PHB 2) - A single target attack for low damage that applies a condition you've had plenty of access to? Pass.

Spitfire Furnace (PHB 2) - A fine pick for anyone. High damage and a defensive bonus make for an excellent package.  Dragon Sorcerers might want to seriously consider this over Lightning Daggers, and for them it is sky blue.


Avatars of Chaos (AP) - Fantastic. If nothing else, it decreases the chance you'll be attacked and gives you more places from which to rain down destruction. And it doesn't need to be sustained. Get some practice, and make sure you plan this one out before you use it. 

Breath of Potency (AP) - A pretty low benefit for a daily. Hight STR Sorcerers with plenty of close attacks with treat this as sky blue.

Breath of the Desert Dragon (PHB 2) - It is tempting to rate this lower, but there are times where you'll find a 7x7 cube with no enemies inside it.

Chaos Echoes (PHB 2) - As a daily it is rather unimpressive. But you could throw some damage back at a monster, or give it ongoing.  Unfortunately most monsters who have typed damage resist that damage.

Chaos Sanctuary (PHB 2) - Trash. Unless you are a high DEX Sorcerer, in which case it is okay. There are enough ally friendly powers, or ways to get around attacking your allies, that you don't need this.

Comrades' Mantle (PHB 2) - Getting extra resist is not bad. Resist 5 at Paragon however, is bad.

Damage Gambit (AP)- If the triggering roll is low, the damage boost is very large. But you generally don't throw out so many dice that this is an overwhelming choice, and it is for just the one power. Use on bursts/blasts for best effect.

Dominant Winds (AP)- Useless for Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers. For Storm and Wild Sorcerers, it is full sky blue.

Draconic Majesty (PHB 2) - Storm and Wild Sorcerers need to stay away. Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers should revel in one round of fantastic defenses and consider this blue

Thunder Buffer (AP) - It's a daily, and the AC bonus isn't huge, but it is a solid power and the ability to toss monsters all over the battlefield is not to be underestimated. If it didn't take up you immediate actions to use the push, it'd be a better power.


Acid Shackles (AP) - Area bursts with a damaging lock down are perfect for you. Sky blue for Wild Sorcerers.

Azure Talons (AP) -  Ally friendly bursts are definitely something you should be into. Ideally, you'll want to set this up so that the targets have to provoke in order to not take the extra damage. Sky blue for Dragon Sorcerers.

Breath of Winter (PHB 2) - At least it is a close blast.

Dragon Tail Meditation (PHB 2) - Solid power. Immediate action attacks are a sure fire way to get a damage boost. 

Poisonous Evasion (PHB 2) - It doesn't get you out of the attack, but it is awesome. 

Rippling Strike (D 381) - It's not a bad power. But there are better powers for killing minions and for firing while in melee.

Searing Radiance (AP) - It really has nothing you want at this level. Cosmic Sorcerers might want this if they don't have a leader.

Stalking Frost (AP) - If it didn't hit allies it'd be a good spell, because it covers such a huge area and is quite potent.

Thunder Summons (PHB 2) - You need more powers that target 3 creatures for good damage with a great effect.  

Thunderstroke (AP) - Pick Acid Shackles instead. Storm Sorcerers treat this as blue, and should pick whichever suits their fancy (if they can't control their damage type).


Aspect of the Dragon (AP) - A pure damage spell. But what a spell. Large, powerful, enemy only blasts. Good stuff.  

Baleful Gaze of the Basilisk (PHB 2) - Stun is really, really, nice. But the damage is terrible. If you can't live without stun, or can impose heavy penalties to saves then feel free.

Blackfire Serpent (PHB 2) - For DEX based Sorcerers, this equates to one or two decent blasts. For STR based Sorcerers this is awesome. Feel free to hide in the back ranks and lob out spells while you use you move and minor to send your snake out to blast the enemies apart. 

Crashing Winds (AP) - Worthwhile at lower levels. Pass this by.

Primordial Slime (AP) - Really, not a great idea unless the rest of your party can't attack the target or burst/blast heavy.

Prismatic Explosion (PHB 2)- Area burst is nice, but it hits allies. And the conditions are strong, but random, so you might end up with something useless.

Radiant Wings (AP) - It's alright. Getting a move action as a minor action is pretty nice, but it provokes so it isn't blue worthy. And the attack only targets on creature with no effect.

Split Strike (PHB 2) - It is alright for a power at this level, and for Wild Sorcerers it is even better. However the competition at this level is intense.

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

Paragon Paths: Refining Your Power


Because by Paragon builds are so swingy, and each character can be so different, the Paragon Paths will be rated on their own merit. Where it really matters I will factor in a feat/item combo or class feature, but there are so many outside factors each PP would take a paragraph to review if taking into account every other combo.


Sorcerer Paragon Paths

Arcane Wellspring (PHB 2) – A solid paragon path. It doesn’t open up new ways to play, but it makes you better at what you do. Double Resistance and the Twin Bolt power are very good if you rely on the keywords of powers to get your damage type. The most notable feature of this path is Split Spell Action, which is incredible.

Blizzard Mage (AP) – A fairly unimpressive, control focused PP. The saving grace is the level 20 power, which is very powerful.

Celestial Scholar (AP) – It gives flexibility, and some choice over their current phase, to Cosmic Sorcerers. The encounter and daily attack powers are typically controllery single target spells. The most notable feature is the large amount of aura damage the PP brings.

Demonskin Adept (PHB 2) – The encounter and daily power are very high damage (the daily via it’s awesome sustain), and the utility adds even more damage. It is a risky PP though, as it can put you in a really bad position, really easily. This should be packaged with the Robe of Eyes, since it is essential to not getting screwed by critting.

Dragon Guardian (AP) – The Dragon Sorcerer build gets its mileage out of powers that punish the enemy for attacking you, or even just being near, and this PP refines and focuses that theme. The features are all quite solid, and the the powers are good. To make use of this PP you must invest in some sort of additional toughness in order to survive marking creatures, but if you do so you can create some serious lockdown via a Catch 22 situation for several rounds a combat wherein the enemy either attacks you and takes hefty damage from you many powers, or attacks an ally and takes hefty damage. Toughness, White Lotus Riposte, White Lotus Master Riposte, leather armor, and some way to mark creatures (Daunting Breath, or a defender multiclass) would all go very well with this PP.

Dragonfoe Ragespell (D 379) – A flavorful PP that is actually good. You don’t need to be a Barbarian|Sorcerer to take it, but it supports that combo very well. The level 16 feature is quite good, given the number of crits you’ll get. Requiring the Tymanther background makes it extremely campaign specific, which is painful.

Dragonsoul Heir (PHB 2) – A rather defensive PP, which isn’t what you are looking for. The powers are quite damaging, and the level 20 especially so. A solid choice.

Essence Mage (AP) – A fine pick. The encounter attack power is off putting, and the level 11 feature for extra damage is mostly limited to a single at-will and a couple of encounters and dailies. However, the rest of the PP is good, and the utility and daily power are both very powerful. Two notes about the daily- you increase the resist all to 8/9, and the auto damage from the power is triggered by your utilities as well as your attacks. For close attack Sorcerers this can be a good choice.

Lightning Fury (AP) – Try to find a reason not to take this. It causes damage to enemies all over the battlefield, you no longer have to worry about lightning resist/immunity, and it even has a defensive feature.

Luckbender (D 385) - Among being one of four ways for you to get an increased crit range at Paragon, this path has a very good action point feature, and the encounter and utility powers are quite good. The daily is very lackluster, and keeps this path from being better.

Primordial Channeler (AP) – Nothing is jumps out as worthwhile, until you get the level 20 power. It becomes blue if you have Disciplined Wild Soul and Fortunate Resistance since you can so easily get the resistance you want, which makes this PP better.

Wild Mage (PHB 2) – If you really like the Wild Sorcerer randomness, go ahead and take this. None of the features or powers are bad, but they are all random and nothing you can plan around. The reason it gets the rating it does is for the vorpal spell utility.

Other Paragon Paths

Academy Master (D 374) -  Beyond increasing your accuracy and damage, Academy Master doesn't do anything. But what else do you really want?

Honorable Blade (PHR D) - It's a solid Dragonborn path. It gives you some neat tools. If you have really pumped up your dragon breath it'll be black or blue depending upon how heavily you focused on dragon breath. It gets better at Epic.

Ninefold Master (PHR D) -  Like Honorable Blade, Ninefold Master requires you spend feats on dragon breath for this to really pay off. Fortunately, the powers are entirely useful to you. The daily can put some hurt on your allies though, so watch out. Black or blue depending on your dedication.


Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.


 Epic: Powers and Destinies 


Crown of Flames (AP)- Take it. Love it. Hammer Rhythm is the reason why hammers are rated so well, so here's some miss damage for you- based on your primary attack stat. The only real downside is that it is stuck on fire damage.

Dragon Fear (PHB 2) - Quite good. Once an encounter you get to decide that no, that monster doesn't get to charge you, it gets to just sit in place. If you don't like the fire damage dealt by Crown of Flames, take this.

Flight of Dragons (AP) - Yeah, yeah, Sorcerers aren't leaders. But this is incredible. Sustainable flight for your entire party with no fear of crashing. It really hurts that this is a standard, but in that one encounter a day when it matters it will be well worth missing an attack turn.

Fool's Luck (D 385) - It's good. It really hurts that it is a daily, but not missing is a good thing. There are better powers at this level though.

Platinum Scales (PHB 2) - One of the most famous Sorcerer powers, but it is only worthwhile for Cosmic and Dragon Sorcerers. Absolutely incredible. You get to screw over the incoming attack, and make all of your defenses very good, if not nigh unhittable.

Shared Sorcerery (PHB 2)- A daily, and not even Epic level resistance. By now if a PC wants resistance it has some. Use your powers to fulfill your role in the party, which is blowing up monsters.

Storm Body (AP)- Insubstantial flight every encounter is why this matters. The CHA mod damage isn't much, but taking half damage from the incoming attacks balances it out some. This is a good pick for Dragon Sorcerers as a way to stack more damage on when you get attacked. Note that there is a probable typo in the power; the effect of the power reads as though this should be a move action.

Ultimate Resistance (AP)- A solid pick. Your resistance is good enough to make you survivable in the encounters where it comes into play. This lets you ignore most of the incoming typed damage, all encounter.

Wind Shape (PHB 2) - If you want flight, Storm Body does it much better.


Black Breath (PHB 2) - It's a fine power, when used against ranged enemies or enemies that for whatever reason need to charge. You can skip this.

Chaos Orbs (PHB 2) - Everything that you want in a power- multiple targets, solid damage, attacks a low stat, and a good status effect.

Iron Chains (PHB 2) - This isn't purple because it's situationally good, it's purple because it's just a bad power.

Plates of Ice (PHB 2)- Just keep looking. For Wild Sorcerers, this is barely better.

Rumbling Storm Bolt (AP) - The status effects are pretty poor for this level, but you get to maybe hit two creatures and mess up their plans a little bit.

Shuffling Thunder (D 381)- Very mediocre. The fixed teleport isn't really that terrible, but 10 damage is pretty lame at Epic.

Storm Arc (AP)- This just isn't an Epic level power. Better for Storm Sorcerers.

Sun and Stars (AP) - It's only one target with a poor condition. But you get to attack the target twice with full mods, which'll end up being hilarious amounts of damage.

Windrift Burst (AP)- Close burst 3 that also hits allies is no good. This is a powerful spell, especially for Wild Sorcerers, but it is only situationally so because you need to find the right placing so that a close burst 3 is worthwhile and doesn't hit your whole party.

Wyrmblight (AP) - Not even a rider? And it hits allies? Sure it's blast 5, but this is Epic. Much better than the other close blast for this level.


Acid Typhoon (AP) - Ongoing 10 is pretty weak for Epic, but this power still deals gobs of damage across a large area.

Cloak of the Winter Storm (AP) - Fantastic. Autohit for good damage and a synergistic effect across a large area. Worth spending some resources on things that either increase the size of this area and/or keep enemies within the area.

Draconic Incarnation (PHB 2) - A fine power, even if it isn't quite worth being a level 25 daily. Variable damage means you won't run into it being useless for a particular combat, and the blast 5 is what you're looking for. Better for Dragon Sorcerers as that free slide will end up being very useful (e.g. set up a AoE, get an enemy off you or an ally, throw someone off a cliff etc...).

Force Storm (PHB 2)- Take Acid Typhoon instead.

Fury of Dragotha (AP) - Draconic Incarnation is a little better. Except for Dragon Sorcerers, who will really enjoy the rider, even if the rider damage is very low. Still, Dragon Sorcerers get a blue rating for this.

Leaping Lightning (AP) - This takes a round to earn its money, but it's worth the wait. Unless the original target is killed before it gets a turn, this will mean at least two attacks. If you can, use this against the enemy that will take the longest to kill and has the worst chance to make the save.

Words of Chaos (PHB 2) - Potentially fantastic. However, you need to hit with the secondary attack, and there needs to be another target for the creature's attacks, and it needs to keep failing saves. There's alot of if in this power. Still, it can ruin a monster's day.

Wrathful Vapors (AP) - Sure it targets friendlies, but you can hit their high defense and hope you don't roll well. This has so much going for it- huge area, good damage, lots of keywords, control, and nice range.


Chaos Infusion (AP) - Yes please. Piercing a creatures resistance is nice, but with this you don't have to worry about that- it has so many disparate keywords you won't ever find something resistant to them all. The rider sucks, but that's okay because this covers a very large area. Fantastic for a Wild Sorcerer's set up round.

Lightning Eruption (PHB 2) - It gets by being a single target power because it causes good damage and has ally friendly splash damage.

Moonstruck (AP) - Not terribly interesting. It feels alot like a lower level power.

Mother Claw (AP) - You'd be hard pressed to find an out-of-turn attack that isn't worth while. And it's not like you'll be causing piddly amounts of damage on the enemy turn either, this is a respectable attack.

Overpowering Lightning (AP) - Yeah it's stun, but that's it. If it had something extra, or attacked other creature, maybe.

Poison Ward (PHB 2) - The power is most likely to be useful against melee monsters (typically brutes and soldiers) who typically have high FORT. Not worth your time.

Sorcerous Echo (D 381) - Not bad. You need to hit for this to be anything close to worth your time, but it's a respectable amount of auto damage.

Thunder Pulse (PHB 2) - Very nice. The push is going to be huge at this level, and then you get to knock prone. And you'll hit most, if not all, melee enemies with this power. If done right, you can make it so the enemies hit have to charge in order to attack, and have to provoke in order to charge.

Thunderous Might (AP) - A fine bit of battlefield control, but really underwhelming for the level.

Wildfire Curse (PHB 2) - Obviously this can really suck. But you can get an excellent to hit, and if you tell your leader you can hit every enemy on the board for buckets of damage you will get the attack bonuses you need.


Cosmic Vengeance (AP) - Contender for the worst power by level of any class. Even a Cosmic Sorcerer is, at most, dealing 18 damage.

Doom of Chaos (AP) - This power's usefulness relies heavily upon your party. If your party can deal any of the provided vulnerabilities (they happen to be some of the most common damage types) this power will add damage measured in the triple digits. Not to mention the ongoing 5 (ongoing 20 in effect).

Endless Acid (PHB 2) - Seems much better than it is. If a target will last long enough to see every iteration of this ongoing damage, then the damage is unlikely to effect it too much. Would have been worth taking in late Paragon or early Epic.

Entropic Whirlwind (PHB 2) - Double dip damage, cover 121 squares, control your enemies, and place your allies where ever. You are unlikely to use this on your allies since it is an immediate action and you want to use that bit of damage on an enemy.

Hellish Firestorm (AP) - It deals good damage to a fair amount of creatures, but that's it. And the damage isn't so high as to make it worth being a level 29 pick. It is actually a downgraded version of Acid Typhoon (lower damage, and only one damage type), so don't retrain Acid Typhoon into this.

Mind Tide (AP) - Dominate. The power begins and ends there.

Prismatic Storm (PHB 2) - Very good power. The damage is solid, it covers a very large area, and all of the riders are absolutely fantastic, even for STR Sorcerers. The riders are so good that this power got rated down because you can REALLY screw your allies over with it.

Wyrm Form (AP) - A very good capstone power for Dragon Sorcerers (though anyone can use it), and easily one of the coolest powers available, for any class. It is unfortunate that the effect turns off when you become bloodied, and getting yourself into dangerous situations is the shtick of Dragon Sorcerers.

Epic Destinies

Archspell (AP) - Only included because of the level 30 feature, which is incredible. But a single level of awesome is not enough to justify 9 level of not being a Chosen.

Avatar of Io (PHR D) - A viable alternative for Dragonborn instead of Chosen given that it bumps what are probably your primary and secondary stats. The Breath Mastery feature makes recharging your breath a little more worth while.

Chosen (FRPG) - Far and away the best Epic destiny option Sorcerers have. There is literally nothing bad about this.

Punisher of the Gods (DMA 2009)- If you had lots of large damage dice this'd be better. Not a bad choice.

Storm Sovereign (D 372) - For lightning/thunder based Sorcerers only. And for them it is quite fantastic. The CON bump is pretty useless, but the level 24 feature essentially doubles your life span, and kind of makes you want to hit 0. The level 30 feature is very good, and the utility power is absolutely ridiculous.

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

Feats: Focusing Your Power


At this point there are way to many feats to include all in this handbook. So I will only mention Sorcerer class feats, general feats that are interesting AND useful, and racial feats that are available without multiclassing. If a feat from another class is good enough, I will mention it if I find the feat. 




Arcane Spellfury (PHB 2) – If you have the feat slot for it, there isn’t any reason not to take Arcane Spellfury. It really helps build up novas, and if your at-will of choice is a blast/burst you’re going to be hitting quite often.

Beginner’s Luck (D 385) – The bonus is quite substantial, but it isn’t guaranteed, and if you are relying on succeeding an untrained skill check you aren’t diong it right.

Disciplined Wild Soul (PHB 2) – It make Wild Magic much better, but still random. Extra choices are always good though. It’s not a bad feat, but spending the feat slot on this is a bad idea.

Distracting Coincidences (D 385) – Wild Sorcerers get a lot of slides, and this is a nice benefit for your allies. But remember, you aren’t a leader, so don’t take this unless you happen to have an extra feat slot and nothing to spend it on.

Focusing Spellfury (AP) – Takes planning to get off, for a minor benefit.

Fortunate Resistance (D 385) –  Rather than having just a 10% chance of getting the resistance you want you can spend a feat to get a whole 50% chance of getting the resistance you want. Not worth the feat.

Gambler’s Initiative (D 385) – Unfortunately it is a feat bonus. If you want to go first, pick up Improved Initiative. It is just as likely to be a completely useless feat as it is to grant a substantial bonus to initiative. If you like the randomness of Wild Magic don’t take this until your CHA mod is 6 or 7. Retrain to Superior Initiative at Epic.

Improved Dragon Soul (PHB 2) – If you have multiple resistances from Dragon Soul, or are going into a theme campaign that matches your Dragon Soul type, pick this up since it will come in handy. Better resistance means your piercing is better.

Lucky Shot (D 385) – Again, 50% chance of it being useless. But, the damage bonus is huge.

Rising Spellfury (AP) – The Arcane and Rising Spellfury combo means you’ll be fairly accurate. Individually, they are just mediocre feats.

Sorcerous Blade Channeling (PHB 2) – A fine feat. There are other ways to get around not provoking though, so it's not that necessary.

Student of the Cosmos (AP) – Really, only the phase of the sun benefit is good for you, but your initiative is already not spectacular.

Tempest Magic (AP) – If you have the CON for it (get the CON for it) it is strictly superior to any of the other damage increasing feats for lightning and thunder. A Storm Sorcerer will always deal lightning or thunder damage as soon as magic items become available, and thus this feat will always kick in.


Arcane Flexibility (PHB 2) - If you are worried about getting a particular damage type, you either carry a weapon that can change damage types, or you only pick powers with the right damage.

Cosmic Spellfury (AP) - It's a nice defensive benefit for using at-wills. If you are doing your job right you won't spend more than 1 or two rounds tossing out at-wills, so you won't get this to kick in that often. But if you are at-will focused (probably due to White Lotus cheese), it's a good choice.

Coincidental Success (D 385) - Only usable during a skill challenge, rather than working as a success (which would be more widely applicable). But, if you use it for a skill you are very good at it can generate an automatic success (i.e. if you roll 1-10 the feat gives you a success, and if you roll 11+ your skill bonus earns the success). Worth taking if your DM runs lots of skill challenges.

Draconic Spellfury (PHB 2) - Spending as much time on the front lines as you will be doing, you'll want the temps, and since Burning Spray is very much something you want to use often, you'll get the benefit often.

Opportune Chaos Burst (D 385) - Not worth the slot. What Chaos Burst gives you is usually enough, and it is still too random to spend a feat on.

Sorcerous Reserves (AP) - A nice incentive to not hoard your dailies. Really, if you never want to miss, you can make your Sorcerer at-wills incredibly accurate with enough easy to get bonuses.

Sorcerous Vision (AP) - This doesn't effect passive perception or passive insight, but it is still very good. In any circumstance it is a good pick, and if your party doesn't have a perception fiend you should pick this up soon.

Storm Spellfury (AP) - It makes you a little more mobile, but not so much that you need this feat right at Paragon, because fly 2 is just 2 squares that provoke. However, it does give you a move action when dazed, or an extra move after you stand up from prone, or just an extra move. And your athletics is likely to not be good, so it can get you up small ledges and the like.

Unlucky Teleport (D 385) - It only works for Sorcerer powers, which hurts the versatility of this feat, but it is a great damage boost. Wild Sorcerers can ensure that they can have 2/3 of their encounter powers at each level teleporting the target, and all of those powers are worth taking.

Wild Spellfury (PHB 2) - It is situational because, as a Wild Sorcerer, you don't want to be in melee. But the damage is hefty. 


Explosive Spellcasting - Quite good. Often when attacking multiple creatures you'll hit your secondary target rather than the one you really want dead, and things like this help to put the damage on the creature you want. This also allows you to use a crit against a minion, or very low hp creature, to kill another creature. Becomes better with Sorcerous Flux and things that increase your crit range/damage.

Fury of the Storm (AP) - It's a ridiculous damage boost when you crit, and makes every item/feat that adds extra damage when you crit one color better. Take this with Sorcerer Implement Expertise and a Vicious/Bloodiron weapon.

Master of the Cosmic Cycle (AP) - It doesn't keep you in the phase you want, but picking is better than not picking.

Ruthless Spellfury (AP) - To use it you either need to have an at-will that can be used as a RBA, or be a Storm/Wild Sorcerer that wields a dagger. And it only triggers off of at-will attacks. But, free attacks are still great, so if you are one of the characters that can use this feat it is good.

Sorcerer Implement Expertise (AP)- Expanding you crit range is a beautiful thing, and this feat is usable with no opportunity cost (though it doesn't work on MBAs, unless you have Eldritch Strike).

Sorcerous Flux (PHB 2) - When you need this feat, you really need it. It keeps you from wasting crits on minions, or very low hp monsters, and it helps you hit the target you really want to hit.



Arcane Fire (PHB) – If you have a way to trigger it consistently, it is a strong feat, but requires real work to get off. And it doesn’t benefit allies.

Arcane Implement Proficiency (AP) – Sorcerers already get weapons as implements, so you don’t need this feat. Throwing fireballs from your fullblade is awesome though.

Armor Proficiency, Hide (PHB) – Hide isn’t as important as leather for increasing your AC, but when you have the feat slots it is a good idea to pick up, if you have the STR.

Armor Proficiency, Leather (PHB) – Leather has good enchantments available, and the REF masterwork bonus can be nice. You need AC.

Astral Fire (PHB) – If you don’t have another way to get the bonus damage, sure, take it.

Battle Caster Defense (PHB 3) – If your AC is already decent to good, this will alleviate the need to take powers to keep you out of danger.

Battle Hardened (PHB 3) – Fear powers normally carry pretty hefty conditions, and an initiative bonus is always nice.

Burning Blizzard (PHB) – If you don’t have another way to get the bonus damage, sure, take it.

Coordinated Explosion (PHB 2) – Unfortunately it makes including allies in your attacks is even more dangerous, but it is a common enough occurrence that the bonus won’t go to waste. Notice that the ally does not need to be a target, just be within the blast/burst, so enemy only spells benefit from this feat.

Dark Fury (PHB) – If you don’t have another way to get the bonus damage, sure, take it.

Distant Advantage (PHB 2) – If you operate at range, you don’t have that many ways to get combat advantage, and a +2 to attack is good for absolutely everyone.

Dual Implement Spellcaster (AP) – Once you have access to magic implements, no other feat gives you as large a damage bonus. This is the only reason Dragon/Cosmic Sorcerers don’t start with 20 CHA 16 STR.

Durable (PHB) – If you start taking damage, you’ll burn through your surges pretty quickly. Those two extra surges might never come in play for the right Sorcerer in the right parties though.

Echoes of Thunder (PHB 2) – It scales and isn’t a feat bonus. Take it if you throw out lots of thunder powers (which isn’t a bad idea). Unfortunately, there are no weapons or staffs that turn add the thunder key word to all powers, so your power selection is limited when going for all thunder.

Focused Mind (PHB 3) – A large bonus against two of the nastiest conditions. Never a bad choice.

Grounding Shot (PHB 3) – Prone is possibly the easiest condition to inflict, but it really hurts ranged characters. With this feat, you exult in your allies knocking mooks prone.

Hafted Defense (PHB 3) – Since Dual Implement Spellcaster is so awesome, you probably won’t be spending a feat to use a one handed item in two hands to get a minor bonus you don’t really need. Especially considering Two Weapon Defense is available. 

Headsman’s Chop (PHB 3) – The bonus to damage is so large it isn’t a bad idea to go for this feat.

Impending Victory (PHB 3) – There are other ways to increase your to hit. If you have a really awesome at-will though, it’s easily [b]black[/s].

Improved Initiative (PHB) – Going first is awesome, especially when the enemy is all nice and clumped up.

Light Shield Proficiency (PHB) – You do need the AC. A light shield is nice in that you can hold an implement in your shield hand, and benefit from its properties, but you cannot gain the benefits of Dual Implement Spellcaster while wearing a shield (unless it is a spiked shield). Retrain for Two Weapon Defense once you have Dual Implement Spellcaster.

Lucky Start (PHB 3) – You need to roll well, but the benefit is pretty awesome. When combined with a large enough initiative score and Danger Sense, it is a good feat.

Mark of the Storm (FRPG) – All Storm Sorcerers who can have this feat.

Melee Training (PHB 2) – Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers are the only Sorcerers with incentive to get into melee, and they already have melee basic attacks. But, it is never a bad idea to pick up Melee Training.

Nimble Blade (PHB) – If you can find a way to reliably get combat advantage, like via Distant Advantage, and will cast through a dagger, this is a good feat.

Oncoming Storm (PHB 2) – If you have some way to stagger your damage types, definitely pick this up.

Quick Draw (PHB) – Sorcerers really don’t need to do that much implement juggling. 

Raging Thunder (PHB) – Storm Sorcerers are the Sorcerers likely to take this, and they have a better feat available.

Superior Implement Training (PHB 3) – Pure win.

Surging Flame (PHB 2) – Every now and then you’ll run into a creature who resists fire. Fortunately the resist isn’t much more than 3-5 over your ability to pierce it (if you do that), and this makes up for the rest.

Toughness (PHB) – In no way a bad choice. 

Two Fisted Shooter (MP) - Not bad. STR based Sorcerers can stay far away, but Storm and Wild Sorcerers might be able to make use of this. Getting a free attack is nice, but unless you have a way to use crossbows as implements this makes you lose out on DIS.

Two Weapon Defense (PHB) – Your AC isn’t great, but if you feel the need to take this something has gone wrong. Since you get weapliments, this feat is easy to build for.

Two Weapon Fighting (PHB) – An easy to get, untyped bonus to damage.

Unarmored Agility (PHB 3) – A good reason to stick in cloth armor, and it has no requirments.

Unfailing Vigor (PHB 3) – Mediocre until you get ways to optimize your death saving throw, when it can be black or blue.

Versatile Expertise (PHB 3) – Take this in your weapon implement (e.g. daggers) and your other implement (e.g. staffs).

Vicious Advantage (PHB 3) – Combat advantage against two of the most common conditions. Spellcasters need those bonuses to hit.

Weapon Focus (PHB) – It’s typed, and only works for your weapliment. Some racial feats are better for Sorcerers who only use one damage type.

White Lotus Riposte (D 374) – A nice feat to discourage enemies from attacking you. Dragon Sorcerers should always find a way to get this, since it turns Burning Spray into a beast of a power.

Wintertouched (PHB) – Doesn’t really take off until Paragon, so at this point it is just not good.


Arcane Admixture (AP) - If you are very worried about dealing a specific damage type, you can cast your powers through a weapon that changes damage types, or pick a different power. However, there are powers that every Sorcerer should have and there are some implements that are so good it is worth taking this feat in order to deal the damage type you want without giving up your implement of choice. 

Arcane Reach (PHB) - If you have the DEX for it, this can make your blasts and bursts much more versatile, and potentially deadlier. This can get around corners, reach deep into enemy lines, and even abuse some powers (e.g. Blackfire Serpent).

Danger Sense (PHB) - Going first is useful to everyone. You'll get more use out of it if you have better initiative of course.

Devastating Critical (PHB) - You'll get more than a few crits, so this will add a bit of much wanted damage, but it certainly isn't a must have.

Expansive Bursts (PHB 3) - It adds a little more threat to your bursts and blasts, which is always welcome, and makes positioning less of an issue.

Grazing Shot (PHB 3) - This makes those RBA at-wills so much better that it is definitely worth picking one up if you didn't already have one. Red for Cosmic and Dragon Sorcerers.

Lasting Frost (PHB) - This is rated on the assumption that you also have Wintertouched, in which case you have the biggest, and easiest, source of to-hit and damage available to you.

Lightning Arc (PHB) - There are times when you don't need a crit (e.g. against a nearly dead foe, or a minion), or you just really want to hit two creatures. Fortunately your damage without critting is pretty high, so can afford to not crit in order to deal the extra damage.

Resounding Thunder (PHB) - For Thunder based Storm Sorcerers, this is quite good, even one of their best choices.

Seize the Moment (PHB 3) - If your initiative is good enough to commonly go early in the combat, this is worth taking.

Solid Sound (PHB) - That it is just the one defense is painful, but there are combats where it is just one NAD that matters.

Two Weapon Opening (PHB 2) - Quite situational, and requires you either have Melee Training or be a STR based Sorcerer. In the hands of a Sorcerer with Sorcerous Blade Channeling, or a melee heavy blaster, this is quite good.

War Wizardry (FRPG) - Careful targeting is of course a safe option, but this lets you be a whole lot more aggressive with your bursts and blast.

White Lotus Master Riposte (D 374) - Good for everyone. For Dragon Sorcerers, this is a must have.


Epic Resurgence (PHB) - Quite nice. At Epic you'll likely crit every encounter, and getting rewarded for critting is a beautiful thing.

Flanking Maneuver (PHB) - As an artillery style striker (even for melee focused Sorcerers), placing and mobility isn't as important to you as it is for melee characters. But extra mobility is never a bad thing.

Font of Radiance (PHB) - Adding some enemy only aura damage, and minor secondary benefits, to targets you crit is a great thing. You need a radiant weapon or sunblade to really make this worthwhile though.

Irresistible Flame (PHB) - For Sorcerers who are piercing fire resistance, you won't face many monsters at epic who have a fire resistance greater than 15, so you won't often use this feat. For other Sorcerers, it is a nice benefit, but they likely aren't focused in fire so it isn't a worry.

Long Step (PHB 3) - Sorcerers have five powers that let them shift, and one of those is a mediocre at-will. You simply won't be shifting that often. This does allow you to shift away from an enemy while in difficult terrain, which is okay.

Unfettered Stride (PHB) - Neat, but not necessary. Only Sorcerers without a melee friendly power need to look at this, so they can shift away in difficult terrain.

Superior Initiative (PHB 3) - If you really want to go first, take it. 



Improved Razor Storm (MotP) – Spend a feat to make your racial power merely alright and inaccurate.


Shapeshifting Contortionist (EPG) – Escaping grabs as a minor is pretty sweet, if situational.

Fluid Anatomy (EPG) – At Epic, your DM is throwing out enough attacks to crit regularly. And getting critted can really ruin your day.


Ascendant Lineage (PHB 2) – You can get your racial power to add ridiculous bonuses, but sometimes nothing helps. No reason to waste your encounter powers if they don’t do anything. Taking this feat improves the rating of any Auspcious Lineage and Magic of the Ages.

Astral Renewal (PHB 2) – More bonuses to attack are always welcome. And given how fragile you are, this one is easy to get off.

Auspicious Lineage (PHB 2) – Your racial power is already quite good. How about making it awesome?

Immortal Prowess (D374) – Never be disappointed with Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes again.

Magic of the Ages (PHB 2) – Auspicious Lineage adds the same average, but doesn’t increase the minimum you can add.

Potent Rebirth (PHB 2) – Situational, but given how fragile you are it isn’t unheard of to fall unconscious every encounter.

Remembered Mother Tongue (D 374) – It’s a great out of combat feat.

Transcendent Lineage (PHB 2) – To top off the whole Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes feat combo, you get a reroll. Your daily will hit.

Upright Revival (D 374)– Given monsters’ focus on melee combat, if you fall unconscious you are likely in melee. Use this feat to get out of the trouble that put you down.


Adaptable Breath (PHR D) – Adding damage types is awesome. But Sorcerers have so many reasons to focus on one damage type that this feat can be passed up.

Ancient Soul (PHR D) – At the very least this adds a good amount of damage to your dragon breath. If your damage type is common enough, among both allies and enemies (and terrain effects), you could end up using dragon breath every turn during Heroic.

Bolstering Breath (PHR D) – Taking this feat would be nice of you.

Broken Shackles (FRPG) – A bonus to a non-AC defense is really nice during Heroic, but your WILL is already really high. The saving throw bonus is pretty minor, but you can get your save up to +8 with a couple feats, so that’s nice.

Brutal Teamwork (MP) – A nice damage boost. You plenty of reasons to be in melee, and reasons to have enough DEX to multiclass Rogue, so if you do then pick up this feat at some point. 

Burning Breath (Paragon) (PHR D) – Unless you have a way to reliably recharge your dragon breath once or twice a combat, stay far away.

Concussive Breath (Epic) (PHR D) – A minor action that dazes? That you can potentially recharge? Awesome indeed.

Conflagration Breath (Epic) (PHR D) – It takes a feat to get here, but this is the sort of thing dreams are made of.

Corrosive Breath (Paragon) (PHR D) – Remember, you aren’t a leader. AC penalties don’t help you.

Critical Breath (Paragon) (PHR D) – Fairly nice. Make dragon breath an implement power, and you are throwing awesome on win.

Debilitating Breath (Epic) (PHR D) – Throwing out weakened as a minor is pretty nice. Just don’t hit your ranger who is about to nova.

Dissolving Breath (Epic) (PHR D) - -3 to all defenses helps set up you, so it’s worth taking.

Draconic Arrogance (Paragon) (MP) – All of those powers that push suddenly got 1 rating better. You need to multiclass Fighter to get it, which is fine because you have the STR, and the Fighter multiclass feats are all good. You have over 20 Sorcerer, and Sorcerer PP, powers that push or knock prone, and this doesn't require a damage roll to kick in, so it works for utilities that push/prone.

Draconic Restoration (Epic) (PHR D) – Given how awesome you can make dragon breath, this is a definite pick.

Draconic Spellcaster (AP) – The attack and damage bonus most characters spend 2 feats on. It would be rated higher if some monsters weren’t immune to your damage type.

Draconic Triumph (Epic) (PHR D) – You’re a striker, you’ll be killing enemies, and getting to reuse a minor action blast for doing your job is awesome.

Dragon Warrior (Epic) (MP) - If you have a way to get the CON, which isn’t likely, take this.

Dragonborn Frenzy (PHB) – Untyped damage bonus for achieving your racial attack bonus. Nice. Does not scale though.

Dragonborn Zeal (PHR D) – More attack bonuses are nice. The utility is pretty awesome.

Empowered Dragon Breath (Paragon) (PHB) - You’re into more damage, right?

Enlarged Dragon Breath (PHB) – If you take nothing else that makes your dragon breath better, take this. A blast 5 as a minor is very good, and gets better once you start recharging dragon breath.

Freezing Breath (Epic) (PHR D) – If you are down this chain, pick it up.

Frost Breath (Paragon) (PHR D) – Slowing your enemies is good for everone.

Hurl Breath (PHR D) – If nothing else, it allows you to attack a creature 12 squares away as a minor action. 

Opportunity Breath (Paragon) (PHR D) – You don’t always want to use dragon breath in this situation, and unlike Opportunity Gore you don’t get to keep your power, but it’s a neat trick.

Powerful Breath (PHR D) – If you intend to use dragon breath, take this.

Spirits of the Primal Dragon (PHR D) – Given your tendency to attack multiple creatures, adding 1d8 damage to ALL attacks is worth multiclassing into a primal class for.

Thundering Breath (Paragon) (PHR D) – You CON mod is unlikely to be more than 1 as a Sorcerer, even at Paragon. But the push can get you out of trouble.

Toxic Breath (Paragon) (PHR D) – Weakened is a great thing to toss out.

True Dragon’s Soul (PHR D)– There is nothing not awesome about this feat. Nothing. By mid-Paragon every Dragonborn Dragon Sorcerer should have this feat.


Cloud of Poison (Paragon) (D 382) – The damage is minor at Paragon, but auto damage is nothing to scoff at.

Clutch of Darkness (FRPG) – Definitely seems better than it is. Burst 2 means you are quite likely to screw over at least one ally by using Cloud of Darkness.

Darkfire Implement (AP) – Darkfire is the poor, lesser known cousin of Clutch of Darkness, but this feat makes it actually worthwhile.

Eyedark Strike (Paragon) (D 373) – It’s good. You set up yourself and your allies for a round of awesome, and you don’t have to block up part of the map from your allies.

Knife in the Dark (D 382) – It’s a nice damage boost, but will come so rarely.

Lolth Blessed (Epic) (D 382)– Getting back awesome powers for being awesome is awesome.

Master of Fire and Darkness (Paragon) (FRPG) – Awesome. Getting an extra encounter power is worth a feat.

Merciless Killer (Paragon) (FRPG) – If combat advantage were readily available to you, this’d be better. As is, it is simply a good feat.

Sorcerous Assassin (AP) – Poison and psychic are hard keywords to get on every attack, and you need a way to get combat advantage for every attack to not have wasted this feat.

Venom Master (Paragon) (D382) – Poison is hard to get all the time, but till the end of encounter gives you lots of damage to tack on that extra damage.

Xen’drik Weapon Training (EPG) – You need Arcane Implement Proficiency to use this feat well, but +2 damage and a nice weapon to wield is worth the trouble.


Dwarven Weapon Training (PHB) – To make use of this feat, you need to pick up Arcane Implement Proficiency and a khopesh. If you play a Dwarf Sorcerer, it’s what you need to make up for a lack of CHA and STR/DEX.

Rune-Scribed Soul (AP) – Taking this feat eventually is a good idea. The attack bonus you’ll need, and the damage bonus will be slight, but is certainly welcome.


Eladrin Soldier (PHB) – For the damage bonus it’s worth going through Arcane Implement Proficiency to pick up.

Fey Escape (D 373) – Sorcerers are fragile, and the more ways they can get themselves out of trouble, the better.

Twist the Arcane Fabric (AP) – If you are about to blow up the world, it’d be nice of you to get an ally out of the way.

Winterkin Heritage (D 384)– If you go the cold route, it ups your resist/pierce by up to 5 and gives you another teleport, which is an alright package. Sorcerers who aren’t cold based get a little more benefit, because they get so much resistant cold.


Aerenal Arcanist (EPG) – Sorcerers have a lot of great utilities, but you will find that even when presented with options, you’ll always be memorizing the same utility.

Aerenal Half-Life (EPG) – If you have some way of getting permanent necrotic damage, go for it. Unfortunately, as a Sorcerer you get no benefit for the necrotic damage type (i.e. no resistance and no piercing).

Dusk Elf Weapon Training (D382) – You need to take a mediocre feat to get here, but +2 damage with you dagger is good.

Elven Arcane Precision (AP)– If you have any blasts/bursts, and you actually want them to hit, take this.

Elven Precision (PHB) – Just gorgeous. And it stacks with Elven Arcane Precision.

Wild Elf Luck (FRPG) – Not as wonderful as Elven Precision, but it stacks, and it is still great.


Double Manifestation (Epic) (FRPG) - Some of the manifestations are quite good, and make nice combos.

Earthshock Master D 387) – The power is quite mediocre for you, and this doesn’t make it much better.

Elemental Echo (AP) – An untyped bonus to hit, and a decent damage boost for using a power you already wanted to use. Yes please.

Empty Mind (D 380) – It’d be gold if it was easier to hit your WILL. It won’t deal a lot of damage at once, but it is a reliable, constant source of damage.

Extra Manifestation (FRPG) – Without some sort of knowledge of what you will come up against, this feat doesn’t help you much. But it starts up a nice feat chain.

Eyes of Dying Light (D 380) – Very good. Darkvision is good enough that it is limited to 1 PC race, and a scant handful of items and rituals.

Fast Manifestation (D 367) – Take this if you want to make use of Extra Manifestation before Epic. Switching your manifestation can give you extra attack powers, and make for a nice nova round.

Firepulse Master (D 367) – Don’t spend the feat on it. Immediate action attacks are nice, but the damage is always slight, it is not accurate, and it doesn't help you nova.

Foul Torrent (D 380) – Acid Surge was already a good power, this just made it fantastic.

Genasi Fire Affinity (D 367) – For a Sorcerer, anything that increases your resistance is very valuable. The ongoing penalty is nice, but you have few sources of ongoing.

Genasi Cold Affinity (D 367) – This can give a Genasi Sorcerer resist 10 cold at first level, which is fantastic for hunting cold resistant creatures. And immunity to certain conditions on cold based powers? Icing on an already worthwhile feat.

Manifest Resistance (FRPG) – Remember how your ability to pierce a particular resistance is based on your own resistance? How about a substantial increase (possible 15 resist cold at 2nd level).

Primordial Surge (D 367) – Nice. You'll probably use the power every single combat, and get a solid amount of temps for it is good.

Shocking Flame (FRPG) – If you have Sorcerous Blade Channeling, and manifest both Firesoul and Stormsoul through Double Manifestation, this adds a big chunk of damage.

Stoneguard (FRPG) – It’s a fair feat. Not your first choice for added toughness, but not a bad choice.

Stormrider (Paragon) (FRPG) – More restrictive than Fleet of Foot, but the benefit is just a little bit better. Just.

Versatile Resistance (FRPG) – Nothing wrong with extra resistance.


Adamantine Mind (PHB3) (Epic) – The increase to your defenses is large, and at Epic you are likely to be attacked across multiple defenses in one round. A fine pick.

Alhahn’s Mindful Relocation (PHB 3) – Shift 3 is generally good enough to get you out of whatever trouble you got yourself in, so the bonus isn’t needed.

Dakshai’s Body Mind Union (PHB 3) – If a particularly nasty condition gets thrown your way (and it will) that the +2 bonus won’t protect you from (it’ll happen), this will save you. By mid to late-Heroic you should have this.

Energy Transference (D 378) (Paragon)– Resisting typed damage is pretty easy and common by the time Paragon rolls around, but resist whatever, every encounter, that’s rare. And good. But there is stiff competition, so wait till mid to late-Paragon.

Energy Transmutation (D 378) (Epic) – As a Sorcerer, you have plenty of reasons to stick to one damage type. Not worth the feat slot for you. 

Githzerai Blade Master (D 378) – It takes Arcane Implement Proficiency to use right, but the damage bonus is great, and you get to wield some awesome melee weapons. 

Miryath’s First Strike (PHB 3) – There is a good chance you’ll be going near the top of the initiative order, so you will often get this large damage boost. And with a Sorcerer’s proclivity towards attacking multiple creatures at once you’ll get your mileage from this feat. Not good for Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers.

Peerless Reaction (PHB 3) (Epic) – As good a reason as any not to use your Iron Mind right away. The goal of this is to use it to keep you from going unconscious. 

Shared Danger Sense (PHB 3) (Paragon) – Initiative bonuses are what Warlords are for. Stay away. But it is a good feat. 

Tempered Iron Mind (D 378) (Paragon) – Using Iron Mind as a free is why this feat is important.

Wind’s Fortune (PHB 3) (Paragon) – Can’t shift while prone, in difficult terrain, grabbed, or restrained. This’ll get you around all that junk.

Zuwoth’s Enlightened Step – You won’t often be in the situation where you have to, or want to, provoke in the first round of combat.


Swift Bite (Paragon) – More damage as a no-action, that’s what you’re into, right?


Fade Ally (PHB 2) (Paragon) – It is a good feat, but you really aren’t a leader.

Magic of the Mists (AP) – It’s nice, but since the benefit is going away on your turn anyways, the benefit is marginal.

Shadow Skulk (PHB 2) – It’s good for those rare arcane thief style characters, but the benefit from being hidden while spellcasting is marginal.

Vanishing Act (PHB 2) (Epic) – This is how you get yourself out of a bad situation. A fine upgrade.


Goliath Great Weapon Prowess (PHB 2) – If you are playing a Goliath, you may as well take this with Arcane Implement Proficiency to get the damage boost.

Markings of the Blessed (PHB 2) – Bonus save is good.

Markings of the Victor (PHB 2) – You need to hit to cause damage. Pick this up if you feel like playing a Goliath Sorcerer.

Mountain Hammer Spellcasting (AP) – Pretty awesome. 

Unyielding Stone (PHB 2) (Paragon) – Pretty meh for a Sorcerer. Temps are always good, but the amount isn’t amazingly huge.


Versatile Master (PHB 2) (Paragon) – Versatility is very powerful.

Warding Soul (PHB 2) – It’s fair. You allies will be thankful to have your resistance applied to them. However, you aren’t a leader, and why are you clumping up with them? Either on the front lines or the back it’s not what you want to be doing.


Anger Unleashed (PHB 2) – An attack bonus is good. It is doubly good for characters who make lots of attack rolls.

Arcane Fury (AP) – If you play a Half-orc, you have this. No questions asked.

Ferocious Critical (PHB 2) (Epic) – You’ll of course want Melee Training, or high STR. You will almost never get to use this feat since only your MBAs will be melee weapon attacks, but the benefit is very good.

Savage Assault (PHB 2) – An okay feat that becomes better with Arcane Fury.

Strength from Pain (PHB 2) – Just fantastic. Since you specialize in dropping blasts and bursts across multiple enemies, that damage definitely won’t go to waste.

Thirst for Battle (PHB 2) – A fantastic package. Things you want, and need.

Unrelenting Assault (PHB 2) (Paragon) – Without Arcane Fury it is no good. With Arcane Fury, it’s a great combo. 


Defensive Bluff (D 381) – You are a striker. As such, the only time you use your second wind is when you are getting hammered. This feat helps you get out of trouble, or recover and set up your revenge.

Halfling Agility (PHB) – Making your racial power a little better helps you out. If you haven’t already picked up Unarmored Agility/leather armor, pick one up before this.

Indomitable Halfling (D 381) – If you feel you need a better WILL defense, pick this up. The secondary effects are nice, but you shouldn’t be having so many save ends effects on you that you feel you need this feat. 

Know When to Fold (D 381) – Not provoking from movement is a good thing. Keeps you from going all the way to unconscious, rather than just half way.

Nimble Spellcaster (AP) – Provoking sucks. But so does this feat. Shimmering Cloth armor and Sorcerous Blade Channeling are much better ways to get around provoking.

Rigged Chance (D 381) – If you find wasting your encounter power sucks, pick this up.

Talenta Weapon Training (EPG) – It takes a specific background, and you need Arcane Implement Proficiency, but it is a bigger damage bonus than you’ll find elsewhere.

Triggered Chaos (AP) – A random benefit based on several random rolls. Look elsewhere. 

Underfoot (PHB) – You won’t get as much use out of it as your melee cousins, but it doesn’t necessarily suck for you.


Action Recovery (PHB) (Paragon) – Getting to make more saves is nice.

Action Surge (PHB) – One of the best reasons to play Human. You should have this by Paragon.

Arcane Reserves (AP) – Once you have a feat slot for it, this is a great choice to keep you competitive all encounter long. Unfortunately by the time you have feat slots you have 4 at-wills.

Die Hard (D 383) – It’ll keep you alive if your defender and leader can’t. Since it’ll come up every once in a blue moon it really isn’t a worthwhile feat.

Don’t Count Me Out (D 383) – A fair bonus to save against the conditions that’ll ruin your day the most. If you find you keep getting locked down with these conditions, take it.

Frantic Recovery (D 383) – This feat will see you actually using your second wind. A good feat to get after all the basic necessities.

Human Perseverance (PHB) – This is much better for defenders, who put themselves in situations where they need to make saves, than it is for a squishy ranged striker. Not the most useful feat for you.

Human Resolve (D 377) – Stack on enough stuff, and your action points can be game changing. It’s an alright choice.

Pain Doesn’t Hurt (D 383) (Paragon) – Situational, and again, you shouldn’t be getting so many save ends effects that you feel the need for this feat.

Perfect Recovery (D 383) (Epic) – A solid feat choice in mid to late-Epic.

Persistent Threat (D 383) (Paragon) – Not super useful to a ranged character.

Skill Swap (D 383) – Sorcerer at-wills aren’t so great that you need a lot of variation, and their utilities are pretty sweet. Always a good choice.

Stubborn Survivor (FRPG) – Another bonus to saves you just don’t need.


Quori Backlash (EPG) (Paragon) – Additional sources of damage, especially no action damage, are always nice.

Quori Desperation (EPG) (Epic) – If things are going well, you won’t have used your second wind before hitting 0. Anything that keeps you conscious without an action cost is a good thing.

Quori Shield (EPG) – The resist value is very good, but psychic is a very rare damage type. As such, it is campaign specific. 


Beasthide Shifting (PHB 2) (Paragon) – Resist all is pretty good, but at this level the value is minimal. It’s a better choice for tanks, which you definitely aren’t.

Burst of Savagery (PHB 2) (Epic) – You don’t really need the regeneration, but it is nice to have. And the damage boost is great for multiattackers like you. Giving up all that for a small (relatively- this is Epic after all) damage boost is not a deal that works in your favor.

Cliffwalk Shifting (PHB 2) (Paragon) – Extra mobility is a great thing.

Fanged Magic (AP) – If only this was available to every Sorcerer. The damage isn’t amazing for any tier, but it adds up, and it auto kills minions. An excellent reason to play a Shifter Sorcerer. 

Sturdy Shifter (EPG) – You don’t need the temps.


Beast Within (PHB 2) (Paragon) – To hit bonuses are good, especially for a race that doesn’t have racial CHA. Really, this is the only thing minotaurs are bringing to the table. Unfortunately you only get it while bloodied. 


Beasthide Shifting (PHB 2) (Paragon) – Resist all is pretty good, but at this level the value is minimal. It’s a better choice for tanks, which you definitely aren’t.

Burst of Savagery (PHB 2) (Epic) – You don’t really need the regeneration, but it is nice to have. And the damage boost is great for blasters like you. Giving up all that for a small (relatively- this is Epic after all) damage boost is not a deal that works in your favor.

Cliffwalk Shifting (PHB 2) (Paragon) – Extra mobility is a great thing.

Predatory Magic (AP) – Really, really mediocre. And often the shift will not do anything for you.


Dark Feasting (D 376) – A minor amount of temps. Taking damage isn’t your job, so don’t try to be better at it than you have to.

Death Scorned (D 376) (Paragon) – As a Revenant you are already very hard to kill. Also, you CON mod isn’t going to be more than +2, so you are only gaining the +1 bonus to death saves.

Death’s Blessing (D 376) – Campaign specific, and a minor benefit. 

Death’s Quickening (D 376) – Sorcerers don’t get a lot of minor actions, so what would you use it for?

Double Reaping (D 376) (Paragon) – Causing damage to many creatures at one time is the Sorcerer’s shtick, so this is right up your alley.

Dragonborn Soul (D 376) – Dragon breath is a bit better than dark reaping, and this opens up all that dragon breath goodness.

Drow Soul (D 376) – The Lolthtouched powers are good, but combat advantage isn’t so important to you that spending a feat to get them is necessary.

Eerie Resurgence (D 376) (Epic) – Since your healing surge value is so low, the benefit of spending two surges, and standing, is actually quite good. But you need to find a way to reliably hit 18 on the roll.

Elf Soul (D 376) – Elven accuracy is such a good power that it makes Elves at least fair in any class. No reason not to take it at some point if you are a Revenant Elf.

Fierce Vitality (D 376) (Paragon) – Sometimes 2 extra rounds of life is all you need to end the encounter. You’d have to really be feat starved to not take this by mid-Paragon.

Ghostly Vitality (D 376) (Epic) – Until you get ways to keep yourself alive at 0 hp, you won’t need the extra actions. The insubstantial is nice though, since it means the enemy is going to have to try real hard to get you to negative bloodied. Note that as soon as you hit 0 you start halving damage, so this can save you from instant death.

Half-Orc Soul (D 376) – Furious assault is pretty nice, and it lets you pick up Arcane Fury.

Human Soul (D 376) – Extra NADs is a good thing. 

Past Life Flashbacks (D 376) – Going last actually does suck quite a bit, but the bonus to hit will ensure you bring the pain.

Reaper’s Resistance (D 376) – Solid resist value without using up a magic item. Unfortunately it takes a mediocre feat to get.

Reaping Burst (D 376) (Paragon) – You give up a little bit of damage against one creature to deal a little bit less against multiple creatures, which is your thing as a Sorcerer.

Reaping Renewal (D 376) (Epic) – More damage is a good thing. You’ll use both uses every encounter.

Reaping Synergy (D 376) (Epic) – You don’t really deal necrotic damage. Once you combine this with one of the feats that adds a damage type to dark reaping and an item that changes the damage type on your powers, this becomes fine.

Resilience of Death (D 376) (Paragon) – Standard resist value, but poison isn’t that common, and diseases don’t come up so often that your healer’s heal check isn’t enough.

Restless Dead (D 380) – For most Revenant they will rarely use the attack bonus, since they’ll spend the action second winding. For those Revenant with Fierce Vitality, this becomes black.

Thin the Herd (D 376) – If nothing else, it gives you a chance to use dark reaping when fighting just one creature.

Unnatural Stamina (D 376) – If everyone is doing their job, you don’t have to spend many surges. But resist 10 to multiple types is just soild.


Darkwinter Wild Soul (DMA 2009) – Sorcerers are stronger when they can focus on, and support, one damage type, and this allows Wild Sorcerers to do so.

Deathly Disruption (DMA 2009) – Considering there is only a single Sorcerer power that deals necrotic damage, this is awful. However, if you can change damage types to necrotic and have Darkwinter Wild Soul, your ability to pierce necrotic resistance is incredible

Life on the Edge (DMA 2009) – You have to wait until you are bloodied before novaing, but the bonus is well worth it if you are making many attacks.

Reaper’s Touch (DMA 2009) – A superior version of melee training. A very good feat to pick up.


Clarifying Presence (PHB 3) (Epic) – It is a very good feat, but isn’t better rated because you still aren’t a leader.


Diabolic Soul (D 381) – If infernal wrath wasn’t so good for Sorcerers this’d be a better feat. As is, it is very, very good for the rating.

Fiery Rebuke (PHB) (Paragon) – This adds quite a bit of damage, making your infernal wrath a thing of beauty.

Hellfire Arcanist (D 381) – It’s a Wizard feat, but well worth multiclassing for.

Hellfire Blood (PHB) – Since it is limited to fire and fear it can’t be rated higher. But, if you play a fire based Tielfing Sorcerer, you are taking this.

Hellfire Master (D 381) – Again, a Wizard feat, but well worth multiclassing for and picking up powers that have save end effects.

Imperious Majesty (D 381) – Going early is always a good thing, and the secondary effect is nice.

Scion of the Gods (FRPG) – Since a Tiefling is likely to be a STR based Sorcerer, this is just going to make good defenses even better. Also, available during Heroic- very few NAD increasing feats are available during Heroic.


Secret of Enduring Vigor (PHB 3) (Epic) – If your healing surge value weren’t so miserable, this’d be better.

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

Equipment; Tools of Power


Agile Resolve Vestments (LEVEL 2) - It's an item bonus, so it won't stack with any fancy boots you might have. A fine item, but nothing to build around.

Armor of Night (LEVEL 14) - The resist is a good value but rare, and the power is nice. It'll let you get out of a real bad situation, and gives you a nice little defensive boost.

Armor of Starlight (LEVEL 13)- Radiant simply isn't that common of a damage type. And the power, while being a good one, doesn't actually protect you.

Armor of Sudden Recovery (LEVEL 3) - Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. If the bonus to saving throws weren't enough, you get an awesome daily power. Prepare yourself to trivialize many encounters.

Bloodthread Armor (LEVEL 5) - Bonuses for being bloodied are normally not a good idea, since the space between bloodied an unconscious is so small for a Sorcerer, but +2 AC is a very nice thing. Stack it with a Dragon Sorcerer's bloodied bonus for even more fun.

Counterstrike Armor (LEVEL 10) - If you could apply this damage at your whim, it'd be better. As is, it is merely okay.

Desperate Resolve Vestments (LEVEL 13)- A much worse, situational version of Dwarven Armor.

Displacer Armor (LEVEL 14) - As a daily item usage, this simply isn't that good. Sorcerers have enough very good defensive utilities that you don't need this.

Feymind Armor (LEVEL 14) - It's a daily power, which hurts, but it is a very good power, which potentially can stop an enemy from attacking.

Fireburst Armor (LEVEL 3) - Really, only worth taking for Dragon Sorcerers (because they make their power with retributive damage), and for them it is good.

Gambit Armor (LEVEL 13) - Yes, critting on a 17 is very good. But it is a very situational crit range. And if you're worried about getting CA, there are safer ways.

Laughing Death Armor (LEVEL 9) - A fine retributive power with a nice debuff.

Mantle of the Seventh Wind (LEVEL 23) - It's a restricted flight, but still flight.

Mirrosheen Coat (LEVEL 9) - You get complete immunity to one attack per day, which is nice. 

Parchment Armor (LEVEL 4) - Increased accuracy is a good thing. This becomes better at higher levels.

Perpetual Resolve Vestments (LEVEL 20) - Very meh. This is only going to matter once, maybe twice per encounter- when the ongoing damage would take you to 0.

Rat Killer's Coat (LEVEL 2) - A very situational benefit, but a very good one.

Repulsion Armor (LEVEL 2) - For a ranged Sorcerer, this can be pretty good once a day.

Robe of Bloodwalking (LEVEL 17) - As a Striker you'll give yourself plenty of chances to use this, and teleporting is a glorious form of movement.

Robe of Contingency (LEVEL 4) - Situational, but the teleport is nice. 

Robe of Defying Flames (LEVEL 13) - Situational, but it is a fair benefit.

Robe of Defying Frost (LEVEL 13) - Situational, but it is nice.

Robe of Defying Storms (LEVEL 13) - Situational, but it is very good.

Robe of Eyes (LEVEL 2) - The perception bonus doesn't interest you, but immunity to blind is quite good.

Robe of Quills (LEVEL 3) - Bonus damage is never bad.

Robe of Scintillation (LEVEL 2) - Dazing is quite good, but it takes up your attack action.

Robe of the Archfiend (LEVEL 20) - One of the best arguments for staying in cloth armor. 

Shadowdance Armor (LEVEL 5) - Not worrying about provoking is pretty nice. Note that the existence of Sorcerous Blade Channeling makes this armor not quite as good. 

Shimmering Armor (LEVEL 4) - Not provoking is a good thing, but not strictly necessary because there are plenty of ways to get around provoking as a Sorcerer.

Shockweave Armor (LEVEL 5) - Nothing wrong with out of turn damage. Note that the usefulness of the encounter power goes away for anyone but a Storm Sorcerer or lightning based Dragon Sorcerer due creatures typically having resistance against the damage types they put out.

Stanching Armor (LEVEL 3) - Being able to heal yourself is something all characters should have.

Stoneskin Armor (LEVEL 3) - It seems worse than it is. But really, before you start spending surges, this equates to having taken Toughness.

Sunleaf Armor (LEVEL 7) - Your goal should be to find ways not to provoke OAs. But extra damage for is nice, and you shouldn't have to provoke more than once a day.

Survivor's Armor (LEVEL 9) - The only thing better than getting healed is not getting attacked. You need a tough ally to make use of this, but it is pretty nice.

Temporal Armor (LEVEL 20) - You get an extra nova round once a day, so hoo-frickin'-ray. 

Wall Armor (LEVEL 3) - A pretty situational form of retributive damage, but it's still nice.

Zealot's Armor (LEVEL 3) - A very situational form of damage, but the radiant vulnerability most undead have make this worth taking in an undead campaign.


Bracers of the Perfect Shot (LEVEL 3) - At best you get a minor damage boost to a single at-will.

Executioner's Bracers
(LEVEL 3) - Extra damage is what you are after. Made better by things that increase your crit range.

Bracers of Mental Might (LEVEL 6) - If you don't have a way to get a MBA, think about picking these up.

Skull Bracers (LEVEL 7) - As a daily power, these kind of suck.

Trauma Shield (LEVEL 7) - Most monsters can't regain hitpoints, so this really is quite situational.

Bracers of Escape (LEVEL 7) - Immunity to an attack is worth a daily.

Bracers of Rejuvenation (LEVEL 9) - If you had more healing surges, these would be better. As is, they are merely good.

Crest of Vigilance Eternal (LEVEL 12) - The power is nice, but if isn't a guaranteed removal, which hurts the rating.

Rapidstrike Bracers (LEVEL 15) - Really only useful if you have no MBA, or if your at-wills are stunningly better than a potential MBA.

Ankhmon's Bracers (LEVEL 19) - At this level the damage and healing is barely noticeable. At least it works every encounter.

Dragonscale Shield (LEVEL 19) - A fine choice. Carrying around cover is really pretty sweet.

Trollhide Bracers (LEVEL 19) - Nothing wrong with regeneration. And it works even while you aren't bloodied, which is rare.

Delbanian Vambraces (LEVEL 23) - You don't really have the hp to get the most use out of these, and the trigger is fairly specific. But invisibility is quite awesome, and it helps you keep up frost cheese.



Accurate Dagger - You like hitting, right? If the Staff of Ruin weren't so good, this'd be rated higher. An excellent choice for any Sorcerer.

Incendiary Dagger - The untyped damage is a wonderful thing, and a large portion of your spells will be targeting Reflex, so you will almost always get the +1 to hit. 

Lancing Dagger
- The extra damage and extra crit dice are very nice features. Well worth the feat for a lightning based Sorcerer.

Resonating Dagger - Almost all thunder powers have some sort of forced movement, and this brings the same damage as the Incendiary and Lancing Daggers, which is solid.

Goblin Totem (LEVEL 2) - It's an item bonus, but your item bonuses are coming from the Staff of Ruin, a Radiant weapon, or this, and they are all mutually exclusive so choose your favorite. The sky blue rating applies to small races- for medium characters this is situational.

Vicious Weapon (LEVEL 2) - The best crit damage you'll find for your implements. With how often you'll be critting (due to making lots of attack rolls), you'll get lots of mileage from this. It makes your crits, which are normally not that impressive, a thing of beauty.

Wild Flare Dagger (LEVEL 2) - The extra damage isn't much, but extra damage is never a bad thing. 

Wyrmtooth Dagger (LEVEL 2) - Most of the time your ability to pierce resistance is enough to get you by. Not necessary.

Dragonscale Dagger (LEVEL 3) - Bonuses to hit are nice, but this is temporary and may not come when you need it, or at all.

Frost Weapon (LEVEL 3) - The daily power is alright, but the reason you pick this is to be able to turn all your spells into cold spells, and access frost cheese. With the existence of the Siberys Shard of the Mage it isn't necessary to use typed damage to get the most damage. 

Rhythm Blade (LEVEL 3) - Possibly your best choice for an off-hand implement. You won't likely get a shield bonus any other way, and your off-hand implement is useful primarily to fuel Dual Implement Spellcaster. Best of all, this weapon only needs to be +1 to get the property working full throttle, so it is a dirt cheap way to get a bonus to your AC and REF.

Tooth of Chaos (LEVEL 4) - For a Chaos Sorcerer, the difference between an even and an odd roll is often significant. It however, is not worth a daily. 

Flaming Weapon (LEVEL 5) - The daily power is alright, but the reason you pick this is to be able to turn all your spells into fire spells. With the existence of the Siberys Shard of the Mage it isn't necessary to use typed damage to get the most damage. If you use this, spend a feat for the Incendiary Dagger.

Winged Weapon (LEVEL 5) - The auto damage this causes to enemies who have the audacity to attack you is good enough; but it also packs a nice daily power. A solid find.

Subtle Weapon (LEVEL 8) - CA isn't as easy for a Sorcerer to get as a melee striker, but if you can get it most of the time (like say, be a Drow) this weapon will be worth it. And it still works when carried in your off hand.

Elemental Twist Weapon (LEVEL 10) - The property is a nice consolation prize for running into enemies with too much resistance, and the daily power is very nice for that 1 time a day you run into a creature immune to your chosen damage type (if you have one).

Jagged Weapon (LEVEL 12) - Absolutely fantastic. Expanded crit-ranges are extremely valuable, and powerful. Of course, if you have another way to get an expanded crit range (e.g. Student of Caiphon) don't take this. The ongoing damage during Paragon is roughly equal to the dice you would normally get from a magic item's crit, so you don't lose out much. At epic, unless you are feat starved, you might want to swap this out for another weapon and take Sorcerer Implement Expertise.

Bloodiron Weapon (LEVEL 13) - Slightly less damage on the crit than Vicious, but it kicks in the d10's again on the targets turn, which is just gobs of damage by the time you can get this (at least 3d10, twice).

Radiant Weapon (LEVEL 15) - One of the most powerful weapons (damage-wise). For added kicks, put a Siberys Shard of Radiance in it for extra damage, and make this an Accurate Dagger. 


Acrobat Boots (LEVEL 2) - Since Sorcerers rarely need their minor actions, you'll find ample opportunity to use these. Not a bad foot slot.

Wavestrider Boots (LEVEL 4) - These are quite good. Unless you are a Cosmic/Dragon Sorcerer trained in Athletics, bodies of water will provide a great challenge without these boots.

Boots of the Dryad (LEVEL 5) - Solid boots. For most campaigns forests will be the most common outdoor terrain, and that can present a problem for a Sorcerer who doesn't want to get cornered.

Boots of Spider Climbing (LEVEL 5) - Merely training in Athletics makes these boots worthwhile, and the daily power is solid.

Boots of Bounding (LEVEL 6) - Most Sorcerers likely aren't fiends for getting a very good jump check, but any Sorcerer can appreciate autojumping a pit every encounter.

Resplendent Boots (LEVEL 6) - The daily power is the sort of thing that you want when you're surrounded by enemy brutes. If you don't feel your defensive utilities are doing the job, this wouldn't be a bad pick.

Cat Tabi (LEVEL 8) - Being able to effectively ignore falls is very strong, and makes you much more mobile.

Boots of Eagerness (LEVEL 9) - An extra move action every encounter is very good.

Boots of Sand and Sea (LEVEL 10) - The speed bonus is welcome, but not necessary. Since you aren't charging, and you can fling spells, you won't need the speed.

Wallwalkers (LEVEL 10) - Very good boots. If these worked on any vertical surface they'd be rated higher.

Boots of Dancing (LEVEL 11) - Both properties are quite good, and make for a needed defensive boost.

Steady Boots of the Ram (LEVEL 11) - Earthwalk isn't as widely useful as forestwalk, but ignoring difficult terrain is always good.

Feystep Lacings (LEVEL 12) - A defensive property, and an awesome mobility power? Yes please. These become much better as you get items that increase your teleport distance (if you really want to focus there).

Boots of Swimming (LEVEL 13) - You shouldn't need to get in water that often, since you can just blast things out of the water, but any extra form of movement is a good thing.

Winged Boots (LEVEL 13) - A much upgraded form of the Cat Tabi, and something you should seriously consider. Ignoring all falls, no matter the distance, is very good.

Fireburst Boots (LEVEL 14) - The teleport on these boots has the arcane keyword, so you get to add your secondary stat damage to the roll. Oh, and you teleport a large distance, so it's all gravy.

Oceanstrider Boots (LEVEL 14) - Unless you really want to dive underwater, you should take these over the Boots of Swimming since they allow you to walk over other liquids (you'll still take damage, but at least you can get out of the pool of acid).

Spark Slippers (LEVEL 16) - These make you immune to melee minions, and beyond that you're still dealing decent damage to all enemies who want to ruin your day. 

Survivor's Boots (LEVEL 16) - If you don't have a way to get yourself out of trouble, definitely take these. Most Sorcerers can't take many hits after getting bloodied, and these let you do your thing without worry.

Eladrin Boots (LEVEL 16) - Sorcerers have enough teleport powers that these will come in handy alot. 

Pursuer's Boots (LEVEL 17) - Increasing your NADs is always good, and the encounter power is nice (and can ruin an enemy charge).

Phantom Chaussures (LEVEL 18) - These make you quite tough if you want to kite. And, generating your own concealment lets you keep stealth out in the open (though you will suffer the penalty for moving more than 2 squares). Note that there are other ways to gain concealment just for moving.

Skygliders (LEVEL 21) - It's not quite flying, but it is very good.

Zephyr Boots (LEVEL 24) - A fly speed as a property is almost as good as it gets.

Fey Warrior's Boots (LEVEL 24) - Increasing your NADs is always good, and the encounter power is nice (and can ruin an enemy charge).

Sandal's of Avandra (LEVEL 25) - A Sorcerer doesn't need to be incredibly fast, but these boots are very good. The at-will power alone is incredible.

Boots of Teleportation (LEVEL 28) - You simply won't find better. The battlefield no longer presents any difficulty to the Sorcerer with these on, and that special Sorcerer gets to blow up the world wherever it so chooses.


Gauntlets of Arcane Might (LEVEL 3) - This are really only useful for Dragon Guardians, but at Paragon the amount of temps is very small. Still, temps are temps.

Gloves of Piercing (LEVEL 3) - For the most part, if you focus on one damage type your pierce alot of it and these aren't worth the daily item usage. If you face alot of demons their variable resistance can screw Sorcerers who use multiple damage types.

Gauntlets of Blood (LEVEL 4) - Situational, but untyped static damage is always something to try and pick up. 

Resplendent Gloves (LEVEL 5) - Untyped damage is a very good thing. And this only works against enemies. Situational, but it is very easy to get all but a few powers targeting WILL.

Breaching Gauntlets (LEVEL 6) - Since this is a static effect that stacks with other sources of resistance piercing, these are quite solid. 

Burning Gauntlets (LEVEL 6) - Items with daily powers are mostly worth avoiding, but this is absolutely fantastic for fire Sorcerers.

Caustic Gauntlets (LEVEL 6) - Quite good for any Sorcerer, since the encounter damage bonus applies for any ranged attack.

Gauntlets of the Ram (LEVEL 8) - For push based Sorcerers, these are solid. 

Antipathy Gloves (LEVEL 10) - If you don't want to be adjacent to enemies, these are very good. Shifting into melee with you is generally impossible for enemies, which means they'd have to provoke in those situations, and sometimes they won't be able to move up to you because of that 1 extra square.

Gloves of Ice (LEVEL 11) - It is assumed if you have these you are using frost cheese, for which these are very good.

Gloves of Dimensional Repulsion (LEVEL 14) - Like the Gauntlets of the Ram, but better because it is for teleportation.

Hero's Gauntlets (LEVEL 17) - Just fantastic. Accuracy and damage bonuses for your nova turns, and some temps. 

Hrothmar's Gauntlets (LEVEL 18) - You generally aren't in a situation where you have to attack a prone enemy, but this removes that worry. For Draconic Arrogance using Sorcerers, these are better because of the power.

Gloves of the Wandering Star (LEVEL 19) - You'd be hard pressed to find gloves that are better than these. More range to your powers, and a bad ass daily. 


Eagle Eye Goggles (LEVEL 2) - If you have an RBA at-will, take this. A scaling bonus to hit is just beautiful.

Savage Mask (LEVEL 6) - Close and area attacks against WILL tend to do things like daze, or stun, and these will all but ensure you are very hard to hit in those situations.

Coif of Mindiron (LEVEL 8) - Very good. You need to be targeted against WILL, but waving away one crappy effect is great.

Fey Blessed Circlet (LEVEL 8) - Not bad. If you find you need a little extra toughness, this property can give you that. 

Circlet of Mental Onslaught (LEVEL 11) - A static, untyped defensive bonus AND a powerful daily power. Pure win.

Circlet of Arkhosia (LEVEL 14) - Very good. Note that the dazing effect does not need to be an effect that a save can end, so it works on those end of next turn effects. 

Crown of the Brilliant Sun (LEVEL 14) - Quite nice for lightning Sorcerers. If you happen to run into an enemy with lightning immunity, or a horde of undead with radiant vulnerability, this is something that'll help.

Goggles of Night (LEVEL 14) - They won't always be useful, but they can open up some interesting options, and even save your hide if the enemy summons up some darkness.

Mask of the Vengeful Spirit (LEVEL 14) - I only mention this for Dragon Guardians as an additional way to mark enemies at no cost, but even then it isn't that good of an item.
Gibbering Lump (LEVEL 20) - The damage isn't alot, and gains no bonuses, but it comes with a WILL bonus and it is an encounter power, so this really isn't a poor choice.

Sun Sphere (LEVEL 20) - A good pick. Free damage, and a defensive bonus. Obviously better for Cosmic Sorcerers.

Eye of Awareness (LEVEL 23) - Two good properties that you will always be able to benefit from.

Firebird (LEVEL 27) - In no way is this not excellent. Worse for Sorcerers who aren't fire focused. This makes up for not not wielding a Staff of Ruin or cold/radiant implement.

Iron of Spite (LEVEL 27) - The Arcana check isn't what you really need as a Sorcerer, but the rest of it is quite nice.


Safewing Amulet (LEVEL 3) - Relieves the need for being trained in Acrobatics. It's still nice to reduce damage when falling, but this takes care of most falls, and lets you stay on your feet no matter the distance.

Spidersilk Mantle (LEVEL 3) - Some nice extra mobility. 

Lucky Charm (LEVEL 4) - I'm not a fan of daily magic items, but this power is quite solid.

Amulet of Life (LEVEL 5) - Preferable to the Cloak of the Walking Wounded because this works on the healing given to you by your leader. Given how poor your surges are, this is a very nice neck slot to have.

Cape of the Mountebank (LEVEL 5) - It teleports you out of trouble and gives you an attack bonus? Sweet.

Steadfast Amulet (LEVEL 8) - Quite good. It allows you to make a save against effects that are not ended by saves, and it never gets wasted.

Cloak of Translocation (LEVEL 9) - Given the large number of teleport powers you have available, this is a fine choice. The daily power is what makes this really worthwhile.

Medallion of Death Deferred (LEVEL 9) - Once a day, you get to decide not to be knocked unconcious. This is the sort of item you'll stick with your whole career.

Necklace of Fate (LEVEL 12) - A nice way to help make sure your leader didn't waste a save on you. 

Seashimmer Cloak (LEVEL 13) - Any sort of additional form of movement is a good thing.

Amulet of Elusive Prey (LEVEL 14) - This is a good choice for Sorcerer's who like to dart around the battlefield firing off spells. 

Crimson Cloak (LEVEL 14) - This really is a good item. Automatic, actionless saves with a bonus- just win.

Periapt of Cascading Health (LEVEL 15) - One of the best neck slots. No save needed, no requirements for type of effect, no fuss; just make something go away.

Stormwalker's Cloak (LEVEL 15) - A situational deterrent against attacks. However, Dragon Guardians and Sorcerers who try to get attacked will really like the way this works.

Torc of Power Preservation (LEVEL 15) - This is definitely something you want, whether or not you take it. 

Amulet of Material Darkness (LEVEL 18) - Given the nature of being an adventurer, you'll spend alot of time in areas of dim or no light, so this cover bonus will show up quite alot. 

Tattered Cloak (LEVEL 19) - How's being completely safe from attacks sound? This'll let you move around and lob spells without worrying about the proximity of monsters.

Bralani Cloak (LEVEL 20) - Quite a big move, and some fly speed for extra kicks. Excellent choice for mobility and target locating.

Death Defying Cloak (LEVEL 24) - Get out of dying once a day is pretty darn sweet. 

Gorget of Reciprocity (LEVEL 30) - Throwing an attack back at your enemy is pretty sweet. Unfortunately, as it is a reaction, it won't allow you to daze or stun an enemy.

Scarab of Invulnerability (LEVEL 30) - Invincibility is the penultimate defensive attribute. Welcome to the big leagues.


Ring of Giants (LEVEL 13) - It's a solid boost to your crit damage. At least 6 damage by the time you get this, and up to +12 at Epic.

Ring of Feather Fall (LEVEL 14) - The property is what you care about, since ignoring falling is a wonderful thing.

Ring of Fury (LEVEL 14) - The skill bonus is useful, and the daily power is fantastic. Basic attack means it is viable for all types of Sorcerers- either they have a good MBA, or a good RBA, or they have an at-will usable as an RBA/MBA).

Ring of Aquatic Ability (LEVEL 15) - Not the most useful form of movement, but still, unrestricted access to the water.

Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor (LEVEL 15) - Even if the damage doesn't stack with what you already have, the daily power is still quite good. For certain Dragonborn Sorcerers, this is easily a must-have.

War Ring (LEVEL 16) - Have even better crits, at no cost. And the daily power is useful to you, unlike the Ring of Giants daily.

Banquet Ring (LEVEL 17) - It's very situational, but the property is extremely powerful against poison attacks.

Ring of Retreat (LEVEL 17) - Marginally useful for those Sorcerers with a large amount of teleport powers.

Ring of the Radiant Storm (LEVEL 17) - For Storm Sorcerers, or Sorcerers casting through a Radiant Weapon, this is a must have. 

Bone Ring of Better Fortune (LEVEL 18) - Situational, but very powerful in the right situation. 

Ring of Ramming (LEVEL 18) - Those push focused Dragonborn builds will want this.

Ring of Draconic Zeal (LEVEL 18) - The skill bonus is lackluster, but useful. Which is okay because the daily power is very good.

Ring of Spell Storing (LEVEL 20) - Useful for getting one extra use out of an encounter power, once a day. Which can make for a strong showing, but there are better rings.

Ring of Dimensional Escape (LEVEL 20) - Again, useful for those  teleport focused builds. And it stacks with the Ring of Retreat.

Ring of Flight (LEVEL 20) - Ignore falls, AND fly up to places to fall down from.

Ring of Heroic Insight (LEVEL 21) - The property is absolutely useless to you, but the power makes for some quite nasty novas. A Demonskin Adept should absolutely take this.

Ring of Tenacious Will (LEVEL 21) - Healing surges aren't as important to you as maximum hit points, but this will at least double your number of healing surges, and the power is quite nice. Best combined with the Auspicious Birth/Born Under a Bad Sign backgrounds to use CHA for HP and surges. A must have for close attack and retributive damage Sorcerers.

Ring of Traded Knowledge (LEVEL 21) - Having more than 2 at-wills is a good thing. It only works for one combat a day, but the versatility is a good thing.

Ring of Wizardry (LEVEL 21) - Best used after a milestone, but Sorcerer utilities are so good you'll want them back too.

Blink Ring (LEVEL 22) - Best used with items that increase your teleport distance, because this teleport is so short and random.

Greater Ring of Invisibility (LEVEL 23) - Invisibility. Every. Encounter. And attacking doesn't break it. This is a very good ring.

Sorrowsworn Ring (LEVEL 25) - Survivability and extra vision. Nothing wrong with this, at all.

Kartan's Void Ring (LEVEL 26) - So, a free action, at-will attack that heals? It's a burst power, and enemies only. Makes you even more of a minion killer than you were before.

Star Opal Ring (LEVEL 26) - This is quite powerful. The damage isn't astronomical, as it benefits from so few riders, but it's still noticeable and gets you to safety.

Opal Ring of Remembrance (LEVEL 29) - The property isn't useful to a Sorcerer, but the power is quite good given your awesome utilities.

Dauntless Champion's Ring (LEVEL 30) - Regaining encounter or daily powers is quite strong. Definitely always useful. 



Accurate Staff - There are very few reasons not to take this. Every bonus to hit is a good thing.

Guadian Staff - Force isn't the most optimal damage type to deal as a Sorcerer, so you won't often see the damage bonus used. But the defensive property is not bad.

Mindwarp Staff - Sorcerers have enough psychic powers that this isn't a terrible idea, and the range bonus is alright (if very situational). Still, most Sorcerers are likely to prefer a different damage type, one with more support for the class.

Quickbeam Staff - Quite a good choice for thunder based Sorcerers. The Accurate Staff might still be a stronger choice for the +1 to hit, but this is a solid pick.

Staff of Expansion (LEVEL 2) - Being a burst/blast favoring striker, this really is the sort of item you will not regret.

Vicious Weapon (LEVEL 2) - The best crit damage you'll find for your implements. With how often you'll be critting (due to making lots of attack rolls), you'll get lots of mileage from this. It makes your crits, which are normally not that impressive, a thing of beauty.

Frost Weapon (LEVEL 3) - The daily power is alright, but the reason you pick this is to be able to turn all your spells into cold spells, and access frost cheese. With the existence of the Siberys Shard of the Mage it isn't necessary to use cold to get the most damage.

Staff of Ruin (LEVEL 3) - One of the best staffs around. The Radiant Weapon is nice because it adds extra damage, but it requires you to use radiant spells. The Staff of Ruin doesn't care what damage type you use, it just wants to make your spells hurt even more. Note that it is an item bonus to damage, so it doesn't stack with a few other sources (though it does stack with Dragonshards and Superior Implements). You'd better have a good reason not to take the Staff of Ruin.

Staff of the Warmage (LEVEL 3) - An upgraded form of the Staff of Expansion.

Lullaby Weapon (LEVEL 4) - Knocking a creature unconcious is a pretty powerful ability. The staff doesn't need anything more than the daily power.

Flaming Weapon (LEVEL 5) - The daily power is alright, but the reason you pick this is to be able to turn all your spells into fire spells. With the existence of the Siberys Shard of the Mage it isn't necessary to use typed damage to get the most damage, so don't feel you need to focus.

Staff of Storms (LEVEL 5) - Since you don't add any riders to the daily power, it really is quite weak. This isn't a terrible choice, but there are far better options.

Thunderwave Staff (LEVEL 8) - For the daily power to be worth it, you really need to max out your pushes. You could be looking at 7+CHAd10 to every target of your power once you get get your pushes maxed out.

Staff of Elemental Prowess (LEVEL 9) - You're not taking this for the damage bonus, because the Staff of Ruin exists. If you take this it's for the slight damage bump and the daily power.

Bloodiron Weapon (LEVEL 13) - Slightly less damage on the crit than Vicious, but it kicks in the d10's again on the targets turn, which is just gobs of damage by the time you can get this (at least 3d10, twice).

Queen's Staff (LEVEL 15) - Bonuses to hit for doing your job are quite nice. It is worth noting that if you hit 9 creaturse with a single spell, you get +2 to hit all of them.

Radiant Weapon (LEVEL 15) - One of the most powerful weapons (damage-wise). For added kicks, put a Siberys Shard of Radiance in it for extra damage.

Tempest Staff (LEVEL 15) - This is very helpful in getting damage handed out to lots of enemies, but it doesn't reduce your ability to focus fire. Quite nice.

Spellshaper's Staff (LEVEL 18) - Extremely situational, but it has the potential to really, really work for you.

Staff of Power (LEVEL 24) - You need to crit to make it worthwhile, but wow! That can be extremely powerful.

Desinty Staff (LEVEL 25) - Your expert function as a striker means you are going to be channeling your own healing pretty often, making you very hard to kill.


Rope of Slave Fighting (LEVEL 7) - Useful for long range Sorcerers who don't want to get fired upon in return. Just drop prone and continue on your business as usual.

Cincture of the Githzerai (LEVEL 10) - A strong pick for even a STR based Sorcerer. This is like getting a +2 to +7 bonus to FORT.

Survivor's Belt (LEVEL 11) - You shouldn't be in the situation where going unconcious is a strong possibility, but there's nothing wrong with a little extra assurance.

Belt of Fiends (LEVEL 15) - All of the components of this item are mediocre, but still, this isn't an awful choice.

Silver Sky Tabard (LEVEL 16) - This is a very good property. If you are at all worried about ongoing damage (and you should be, it sucks), strongly consider this.

Belt of the Witch King (LEVEL 18) - Quite good. The FORT boost is better than it should be (based on other waist slots that increase FORT), and the heal (surgeless!) is likely better than your actual surge value. 

Belt of Vitality (LEVEL 23) - You still miss a turn with this on, but getting out of dying once a day is good. And the FORT bonus is welcome to any Sorcerer.

Sash of Regeneration (LEVEL 28) - The regen amount is very small, but it is a property, and you can easily function outside of harms way.


Eberron Shard of Lightning (LEVEL 2) - If you use primarily, or only, lightning powers, definitely take this since it is cheaper than the Shard of the Mage.

Khyber Shard of the Fiery Depth (LEVEL 2) - If you use primarily, or only, fire powers, definitely take this since it is cheaper than the Shard of the Mage.

Siberys Shard of Merciless Cold (LEVEL 2) - If you use primarily, or only, cold powers, definitely take this since it is cheaper than the Shard of the Mage.

Siberys Shard of Radiance (LEVEL 3) - Don't take. It's the same level as the Shard of the Mage, but is no help against creatures immune, or highly resistant, to radiant.

Siberys Shard of the Mage (LEVEL 3) - There are two reasons not to take this; 1)you use cold/lightning/fire powers, or 2)you through a rod/wand/symbol. This Dragonshard stacks with everything, and it works for ALL of your implement powers.

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

reserved for sample builds

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

reserved for other notes. 
Go ahead and post. 

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

This has been needed for awhile. Thanks for bringing in a new Sorc guide. I really hope this one keeps going for awhile
I definitely have the time to keep this handbook up to date, and the interest in Sorcerers, so unless something awful happens it'll get updated at least once a month. 

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

Here are some things I found useful for my guides that I think will help you some:

1. At the top of each encounter power section, list each basic build and a 1-3 recommended encounter powers for each of the builds and then 1-3 recommended powers for all builds.  With so many encounter powers and with a class that has riders based on builds this is a good way to direct people to the powers they will find relevant.  It might be worth doing this for dailies as well since the sorcerer has daily power riders as well

2. Adding notations next to powers that indicate riders.  i.e. for chaos bolt put a W for wild magic.

3.  Figuring out and list the various number of powers based on damage type.  This thread has a good rundown and it will help your readers and you figure out what feats will help the class.  It looks like sorceres are pretty spread out with damage types.
Blazing Starfall purple?  Seriously?

The d4 damage is low sure, but it's at will aoe at range.  Once you get done adding all the static mods up the difference between 1d4 +22 and 1d8 +22 is pretty insignificant.  Even for non Cosmic sorcerers I think this deserves blue at the very least, if not gold.  Check out how often Blazing Starfall made peoples list of top 5 at wills a week or so back.

I also disagree with the defenses part.  Two good nads guaranteed, an ac that ranges from average to excellent and some incredible defensive utilities, especially for dragons, leave sorcerers in very good shape for defense.
Blazing Starfall I kept going back and forth on. It was either crap, or fairly good, but despite seeing, and playing, Sorcerers of every type in play I hadn't seen Blazing Starfall used. I can definitely see it being blue. 

As for the defense, they're bad. AC is awful (at most 14 without spending feats), and either REF or FORT is terrible to average (a Dragon/Cosmic Sorcerer has reason to put points into DEX, and may pick up Two Weapon Defense) and the other of that pair is just average. WILL is excellent of course.
Sorcerers can, and do, get good defensive utilities and powers, and they spend feats on increasing their defenses. But right out of the gate they have poor defenses, and nothing but +2 WILL to boost them (unlike Monks, Sorcerers, and Swordmages who all get bonuses to AC and NADs).

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

Blazing Starfall purple?  Seriously?

The d4 damage is low sure, but it's at will aoe at range.  Once you get done adding all the static mods up the difference between 1d4 +22 and 1d8 +22 is pretty insignificant.  Even for non Cosmic sorcerers I think this deserves blue at the very least, if not gold.  Check out how often Blazing Starfall made peoples list of top 5 at wills a week or so back.

I also disagree with the defenses part.  Two good nads guaranteed, an ac that ranges from average to excellent and some incredible defensive utilities, especially for dragons, leave sorcerers in very good shape for defense.

Grizley's right.  Blazing Starfall is at least sky blue.  Nobody cares about the riders; it's the fact that you have an ranged burst 1 at-will, doing *radiant* damage, which you can then bump up with feats for a 5x5 or even 7x7 area of destruction every round.  The dice are almost irrelevant to sorcerer powers, everything works around their static modifiers.

Edit:  Ninja'd
While I'm at it, I'd point out that Fortunate Resistance deserves black.  If your resistance is #3, you pick high on the dice.  That way you roll either a 3 or 6-10, and you get the one you want.  It's a 60% chance of getting the one you want.  There aren't a lot of really good ways outside of daily utility powers or paragon path features to let you pick your resist type, so it's not such a bad thing, even if it's not a guaranteed benefit.
I'd reccomend an implement suggestion for each of the Sorc types in the first s-blocks. Incendiary Dagger for fire-based Dragon sorcs, Tooth of Chaos for Wild Sorcs, etc.

Also, for general feats, what's your opinion on Staff Fighting and/or Hafted Defense?
Dexterity - Provides your REF defense and Initiative, as well as your damage bump and AC for Wild/Storm Sorcerers. Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers can mostly ignore it, as it is a prerequisite for many good feats. Recommend 14-16 before racials for Storm and Wild Sorcerers. 10-12 for Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers.

10-12 should be 10-14. Dual implement, TWF/TWD require Dex 13. Nimble Blade is never bad either for the Dragonfrost melee sorcerer, once they hit paragon, so even a starting 14 might be justifiable. Arcane Reach and Sorcerer Implement Expertise also require a high dex. I would actually recommend most sorcerers start with a 13 dex.

As for races, I think Genasi are better than Kalashtar. The incidental Int bonus opens the door for a few good Wizard feats. I'd rate Genasi Blue. Kalashtar can be borderline blue or black, depending on if you want to capitalize on some Intimidate or Diplomacy.
I'd reccomend an implement suggestion for each of the Sorc types in the first s-blocks. Incendiary Dagger for fire-based Dragon sorcs, Tooth of Chaos for Wild Sorcs, etc.

Also, for general feats, what's your opinion on Staff Fighting and/or Hafted Defense?

My plan was to put implement suggestions in the equipment section.

Hafted Defense should be up soon. It's kind of waste, because Sorcerers want Dual Implement Spellcaster they will then have the DEX for TWD. Staff Fighting requires WIS, which makes you very MAD, and means you can't get Dual Implement Spellcaster.

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

Dexterity - Provides your REF defense and Initiative, as well as your damage bump and AC for Wild/Storm Sorcerers. Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers can mostly ignore it, as it is a prerequisite for many good feats. Recommend 14-16 before racials for Storm and Wild Sorcerers. 10-12 for Dragon and Cosmic Sorcerers.

10-12 should be 10-14. Dual implement, TWF/TWD require Dex 13. Nimble Blade is never bad either for the Dragonfrost melee sorcerer, once they hit paragon, so even a starting 14 might be justifiable. Arcane Reach and Sorcerer Implement Expertise also require a high dex. I would actually recommend most sorcerers start with a 13 dex.

As for races, I think Genasi are better than Kalashtar. The incidental Int bonus opens the door for a few good Wizard feats. I'd rate Genasi Blue. Kalashtar can be borderline blue or black, depending on if you want to capitalize on some Intimidate or Diplomacy.

The 10-14 range does make more sense. 12 points in DEX means you can get DIS at 8th, but writing it as 10-14 works.
Genasi have excellent feat support, and can get those Wizard feats easy, but they don't have CHA. My guideline was any CHA+DEX/STR race is sky blue, and CHA race is blue, and any STR/DEX race is black. I will rephrase the Genasi entry to emphasis how close to blue they are. 

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

Bedevelling Burst is dark blue in my book and so is Ice Javelins. The ability to pick 2 to 3 targets for damage should not be underestimated since the DM might want to scatter his baddies across the board.
Bedevelling Burst is dark blue in my book and so is Ice Javelins. The ability to pick 2 to 3 targets for damage should not be underestimated since the DM might want to scatter his baddies across the board.

Agreed. But Bedeviling Burst doesn't do much damage, so I didn't feel it warranted a higher rating.
As for Ice Javelins, it's alot like Dragonfang Bolt (ranged attack that targets multiple creatures, and deals ongoing), but Ice Javelins does less average damage and has a damage type that is more commonly resisted. Neither Bedeviling Burst or Ice Javelins are bad powers, but their function is well covered by other powers.
There are alot of tough calls in rating the powers, and I hope people will put their 2 cents in- I'm online enough to keep updating this handbook. 

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

Blazing Starfall I kept going back and forth on. It was either crap, or fairly good, but despite seeing, and playing, Sorcerers of every type in play I hadn't seen Blazing Starfall used. I can definitely see it being blue. 

Do you see sorcs using at wills at all?  There are very few situations that a general build would use an at will other than Radiant Starfall.  The exception being builds optimized for RBA's or pushing and proning with Dragonfrost.

As for the defense, they're bad. AC is awful (at most 14 without spending feats), and either REF or FORT is terrible to average (a Dragon/Cosmic Sorcerer has reason to put points into DEX, and may pick up Two Weapon Defense) and the other of that pair is just average. WILL is excellent of course.
Sorcerers can, and do, get good defensive utilities and powers, and they spend feats on increasing their defenses. But right out of the gate they have poor defenses, and nothing but +2 WILL to boost them (unlike Monks, Sorcerers, and Swordmages who all get bonuses to AC and NADs).

Dragons and Cosmic get defensive bonuses in addition to the use of a secondary stat to ac.  Bloodied dragons get +2, Cosmic gets bonuses based on enemies nearby.

You sink one feat into Leather Armor and then maybe down the road you pick up TWD.  With leather armor added a dragon sorc is 16ac at first level 18 if they've been bloodied in the encounter.  16 is pretty solidly average ac and 18 is fantastic.  So the AC is covered.

With the way Sorcs are set up most will start with an 18/18 or at least an 18/16 in stat groups that affect different nads.  They will also be pumping those two stats every chance they get.  That gives them two maxed out nads at full scaling.  They might not get a bonus to those nads like a monk but compared to a Str/Con class or a class that is heavily MAD and might start with a 18/14/14 Sorcs are in good shape defense wise.

Plus, as mentioned, sorcerers probably have the best defensive utilities and powers in the game.  Sudden Scales, Adamantine Echo, Fog Form, Narrow Escape.  Thats quite a lot of defensive bonuses.

Bedevelling Burst is dark blue in my book and so is Ice Javelins. The ability to pick 2 to 3 targets for damage should not be underestimated since the DM might want to scatter his baddies across the board.

Agreed. But Bedeviling Burst doesn't do much damage, so I didn't feel it warranted a higher rating.
As for Ice Javelins, it's alot like Dragonfang Bolt (ranged attack that targets multiple creatures, and deals ongoing), but Ice Javelins does less average damage and has a damage type that is more commonly resisted. Neither Bedeviling Burst or Ice Javelins are bad powers, but their function is well covered by other powers.
There are alot of tough calls in rating the powers, and I hope people will put their 2 cents in- I'm online enough to keep updating this handbook. 

With sorcerers the damage dice are almost completely irrelevant.  Even if something did say 1d10 and hit one target a power that does 1d4 and hits two targets will do far more total damage.  By 11 you're looking at something like +23 to damage.  That means the big 2d10 power hits for 28.5 on average and the 1d4 power hits for 25.5 on average.   Now for single target damage they are close, ~10% more to the one with bigger dice.    It all breaks down if you can hit 2+ targets with the 1d4 attack though.  Then you're looking at 51 damage vs 28.5.   This could be say, the example of using Acid Orb vs Radiant Starfall.

In my opinion the things that make Sorcerer powers great is their riders and ease of targeting.  You can almost completely ignore the differences between d4 and d8. 
Yey, handbook !

I'd suggest that you add some tagging system - that should make ratings easier.
Eg. Blazing Starfall is blue in itself, but as Cosmic the zone effect pushes it to sky blue (don't underestimate the zone). Instead of writing it seperately for each instance, just tag in appropriately and save yourself work and make it easier to see for the reader. Same goes for Focused Chaos (big thing for Wilds, junk for the rest), and many more.
@Grizley- In the Dragon Sorcerer entry, I mention Scales of the Dragon. I can't mention that Sorcerers get great defensive utilities in the basic mechanics section, to make it clear that they aren't completely defensive. But I stick with my original statement- good defensives aren't automatic for Sorcerers like they are for Avengers or Monks. AC is covered only in certain situations.
As for the damage die. It matters during Heroic, which so far are the only powers that are up. At Paragon, you are definitely right it doesn't matter as much, which will be included when those powers are up. Acceptable?

@langeweile- For powers where I felt the spell source specific rider warranted a higher rating, I mentioned it with a new color marker within the rating. An earlier poster mentioned putting a 'W' for Wild by powers with a Wild Sorcerer rider, and I'll do something like that for all of the powers. But it's not a priority right now.

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

Few comments for level 1 encounter powers:

Bedeviling Burst - This is nice, especially for storm and chaos builds due to the big push. I see it as an ally friendly burst, much like Flame Spiral, but with a little extra control. There are entirely too many times when allies are in your way, when you're trying to blast enemies. And these kind of powers make excellent tools. The damage dice, as discussed earlier is not really a big concern. Also notable this power is super nice against swarms who are vulnerable, and can be affected by this particular push, so your allies don't start their turns next to it.

Explosive Pyre - With a little cooperation from allies, this power can become a burninator, since slides, pushes, and pulls will trigger the damage effect.

Tempest Breath - Burning Spray already pretty much does this. The additional effects are usually not worth the encounter power investment. A Dragon sorcerer should be looking for versatility with encounter powers, not more of the same.

Whirlwind - this is another pseudo ally-friendly power for the storm sorcerer. And knocking targets prone is pretty good for most any sorcerer. I think it's a commendable power, more so for those looking for a ranged burst such as the dragon sorcerer, or the oddball storm/chaos sorcerer who took 2 single initial target powers.
Do you think any of those powers deserve better, or worse ratings? Tempest Breath is only black for Dragon Sorcerers, and Explosive Pyre is already blue.

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

Do you think any of those powers deserve better, or worse ratings? Tempest Breath is only black for Dragon Sorcerers, and Explosive Pyre is already blue.

I think Bedeviling can be blue.

Explosive Pyre can be blue with sky blue depending on your party, but you can leave it alone, I just wanted to point out the potential deadly zone around the target for your party to abuse.

Tempest Breath is plain old bad for the dragon sorcerer. He's already got Burning Spray. It shouldn't be black. I'd leave it purple all the way. The dragon sorcerer is looking for versatility, not another close blast 3.

And Whirlwind deserves a blue, at least for the storm sorcerer if nothing else, to just drop it on your come and get it fighter, leaving all his marked enemies prone.
Static mods on a Sorc get sick pretty quick.

Level 2 sorc with a +1 Staff of Ruin is already looking at a +10 damage bonus.

Static mods on a Sorc get sick pretty quick.

Level 2 sorc with a +1 Staff of Ruin is already looking at a +10 damage bonus.


Or even higher with Weapon Focus or a shard.

This is why, for the most part, I ignore the damage dice when comparing Sorcerer powers.
I don't buy the damage dice don't matter argument. Sorcerers are strikers, which means they want to deal great damage, not alright damage. Good riders and effects are nice, but they should grant bonuses to attack, or drop the target's defenses so that you can hit more often and keep doing your job.
I'm all for brancing out, and Cosmic Sorcerers make great psuedo-controllers, but causing piles of damage is the primary concern for Sorcerers.

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

Ok, but lets look at damage to one target vs total damage.

You have Flame Spiral as black.   This is a close burst 2, party friendly attack that hits 3 targets for d10 + mods.  The average damage for our level 2 sorcerer is 15.5 damage per target.  Plus each enemy that starts or moves adjacent to you will take an extra d6 damage, which is an arcane damage role and will tack on another set of static mods for an additional 13.5 damage per enemy that takes this damage.

You also have Dancing Lightning as blue, this is ranged 10 single target 2d10 + mods and adjacent enemies to the target take cha mod damage.  The rider will rarely kick in since it's not a burst that you can catch multiple enemies in, they have to actually be standing next to each other. Our example +10 damage mod sorc does 21 damage on average.  

That puts the total damage of a 3 target Spiral at  46.5 if none of them are or move adjacent or 87 if all 3 targets do.  This also pops all minions and could hit even more than three targets if they move adjacent.  Absolute worst case you use it on a single adjacent target, doing 29 points of damage.

The extra d10 damage just doesn't do that much compared to applying the static mods over and over again.

Ice Dragon's Teeth is also puzzling.  It's a true burst 1 so it will hit at least 2 targets. Does 2d8 damage, plus it slows.  How is that worse than Dancing Lightning?  Assuming 2 hit targets it will do 38 damage and slow 2 targets.
Unless you are playing LFR or are going Daggermaster (which will likely get Student of Caiphon treatment soon), you NEED minimum 13 starting Str AND Dex to qualify for implement mastery in epic. Neither one of those is a dump stat. Since Dex 13 is already needed by Str sorcs for feats, that's usually not an issue, but I do not recommend dumping Str for wild/storm sorcs either. Side benefit makes your athletics decent. Athletics should not be red ever. It's one of the three most valuable skills in most skill challenges (perception and diplomacy being the other two).
I don't buy the damage dice don't matter argument. Sorcerers are strikers, which means they want to deal great damage, not alright damage. Good riders and effects are nice, but they should grant bonuses to attack, or drop the target's defenses so that you can hit more often and keep doing your job.
I'm all for brancing out, and Cosmic Sorcerers make great psuedo-controllers, but causing piles of damage is the primary concern for Sorcerers.

No need to buy it or not, the math speaks for itself.  Dice only contribute a fraction of any given power's overall damage.

Just look at the numbers on the encounter attack powers - they all have low dice.  Level 17 attack powers only do 3d8.  Most level 23 encounter attack powers do about 3 or 4d6.  Hell, they max out at 4d10 at level 27, and that one's poison damage.  The real damage comes from the static modifiers, so the best way to rate them for damage is based off how many targets you can reliably hit, and how often.  The very best powers are the ones that generate multiple attack rolls against multiple targets.

Damage dice, in my opinion, should carry the least amount of weight in deciding the strength of a given sorcerer power.
I think Half-orks should be blue. Bonuses to both secondary stats are very good and useful for all 4 builds. Excellent skill bonuses and racial power is sky-blue. The only useless racial is +2 speed on a charge.
Unless you are playing LFR or are going Daggermaster (which will likely get Student of Caiphon treatment soon), you NEED minimum 13 starting Str AND Dex to qualify for implement mastery in epic. Neither one of those is a dump stat. Since Dex 13 is already needed by Str sorcs for feats, that's usually not an issue, but I do not recommend dumping Str for wild/storm sorcs either. Side benefit makes your athletics decent. Athletics should not be red ever. It's one of the three most valuable skills in most skill challenges (perception and diplomacy being the other two).

I agree that Daggermaster is iffy at this point.  No, it's not nerfed yet, but rumors abound that it's gonna get the axe next week.

Since the Staff of Ruin was errata'd to not work in the offhand, that means that the Jagged Dagger isn't going to see nearly as much play, since we love our static mods, and that means having a SoR mainhand.

That only leaves the epic implement mastery feat, with its ridiculous off-stat requirement, or the Luckbender PP as options for increasing crit range.  The Luckbender unfortunately is restricted to Wild magic sorcs, and has really a really awful 20 Daily to boot.
On the subject of Paragon Paths, Demonskin Adept is really very strong.  The blinding problem is easy to circumvent with a robe of eyes, and there's no reason not to stay in cloth with the unarmored agility feat.  Even if you don't get a robe of eyes, you don't have an attack penalty to blast or burst attacks, so the penalty on multiple attack rolls is potentially avoided there, as well.

The 11 encounter power is one of the best available to any sorc, because you can stack those static bonuses three times over on the same target... that's about 70 damage just in static modifiers when you get it.  Add in the ability to change your resistance every encounter, +3 bonus to attack for you and your allies, and an absolutely amazing 20 Daily, and it's gotta be at least blue.
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