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I am trying to come up with a mini for the Orb, I wa shoping ot find something similar in size that lights up, but I found nothing. I am currious what other GMs are using for the Orb weather it be homemade or store bought. Thanks all.

Im using a game piece from the "le Boomb" game -  I going to pop a flasher in the orb,  for the flame effect.


I kept trying to find something cheap that I could use as a clear sphere but I think I may just stick with a 2 in wooden doll's head from the art supplies store. It is spherical, and I can paint it or cover it in something to make it colorful. And it has a flat bottom so it won't roll.

But I'm going to go with more attention to the terrain. I have a set of the 3D Dungeon Tiles and the Arcane Towers DTs and I'm going to put the "room" up on blocks with the stairs running up to it. I'll start with the room covered by a black piece of paper so they won't know what's going on (the darkness).
I bought the arcane tower tiles and Harrowing Halls tiles, so I revised my maps and mini - and went 3d for session 7

I did the same with the 3D, but used my gelatinous cube for the orb. Players loved it.
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