Is a Pawned mini considered activated?

Reading one of the Lancer threads over at gamers made me think of this.

If I pawn a Lancer (or any mini) and it hasn't gone yet, when it takes it's immediate pawn turn is it considered activated or unactivated? 

I always thought it would be activated but now I am thinking it is not activated until it has taken it's own turn (whether before or after the pawn turn) similar to Aiing-Ti flowwalking granting a turn.

A character under the effects of Pawn of the Dark Side or Dominate does not activate and thus if unactivated when the ability is used on it, it would still be unactivated after the ability is used and may activate later in the round..
Just seems weird to be pawning and have some riposte against me and get cunning is all, but it makes sense and is what I thought it was after thinking about it from a rules perspective.
Wow 2 posts same quiestion within 24 hours and I didn't even see this one.  Huh....must be getting old.

Thank for hte answers
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