Using force points to move extra outside of normal move

Lobostele wants to know-

Can you spend a Force Point while using Lord Hoth's CE to move 4 squares instead of 2?

This question came up last night at the LGS where I had Atton and Hoth, and after Hoth activated, I wanted to use his CE to move Atton. Moving Atton only 2 squares meant I could only Triple/Twin (Exile/Czerka help) on some troopers. With 4 squares of movement from Hoth, I could've Triple/Twinned my opponent's Darth Vader, Sith Apprentice and probably killed him. <img src=" title="Smile" />

We ruled that I couldn't spend the FP to do that, just because it would've completely hosed the game at that point, but I was thinking that I probably should've been allowed to do it.


Here is all I can find from the glossary-

Force points

Certain characters can manipulate the Force to create special effects. These characters have a Force rating, a number of points that they can spend to use Force powers, to reroll any die roll (even a natural 1 on an attack), or to move 2 extra squares as part of a move. Once a Force point is spent, the character can’t spend it again during the skirmish.

I would think yes you can do this, but would like some nicknamed confirmedness.Laughing
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Move Faster works on a character normal movement during its own turn. It's never been usable during the end of the character's turn (Leia Senator CE), pre-activations (Anticipation) nor during other character's turns (Tow Cable on a Jedi).

Off the top of my head, I think Lord Hoth's CE is end of turn, so it would be a no unless my memory is incorrect and it modifies the normal move the way say, General Kenobi or Master Speed does.
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