Ranged Bard Defender?

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With the recent winning race half elf there seems to be some interesting options out there...
For example: Adept Dilettante:Winged Horde (Cha), Defending Dabbler, Enlarge Spell, Arcane Admixture, Versatile Dilettante, Implement Expertise, Resounding Thunder, Psychic Lock, Mark of Storm, Fighter MC, Hindering Shield makes Winged Horde an at will ranged marking power that slides (thus slow) the enemy within a burst 3 from 10 squares away as well as imposing a -2 to ab.   With Vicous Advantage, Coordiante Explosion and Superior Implement it should be pretty easy to hit the targets though the whole cost of feat goes from 11 to 14. Taking the Admixture, Resounding Thunder,  Mark of storm, Fighter MC and Hindering Shield off could reduce it up to 9 feat cost with a ranged 10 burst 2 -2 ab marking.

Speaking of which, is there any other way to range mark multiple targets without friendly fire?