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I run one of the tables at Coliseum of Comics in Orlando.  Among the new players this week was a player who had played the first five weeks at another store.  He had his character with him and his play tracker was semi-filled out with five weeks of information.  Here are my main problems that I would like to run by the D&D Encounters organizers:

1) Are characters meant to be portable?  His XP and gold totals seemed to be in line with what my players had already earned, so I didn't have much problem here.

2) Is renown meant to be portable?  His DM's DCI Number was listed as 0.  The new player said that the DM told his players to just write 0.  Before the session started, the new player mused out loud which reward card he would use that night.  When I asked to see his choices, he presented me with the Delver's Reward card and the Explorer's Reward card.  After pointing out that he should not have an Explorer's Reward, I asked for an accounting (to the best of his ability) on the renown he had earned.  His DM had given the complete all quests renown because he figured that all quests of the first encounter were completed.
My main concern is the Explorer and Adventurer Rewards.  My thought is that anyone who qualifies will roll off with a bonus to their roll equal to the total sessions they attended here.  Since he has his over 30 renown with one session at my store, I'd feel awful if one of my regulars didn't get that reward because he took that last one.

If you need any more information about the situation, please let me know.

Maxwell, Coliseum of Comics. 
I believe that characters and renown are portable.  But I don't think that's really the case here.  Something's not right with this new player.  At the very least, his previous DM isn't following the rules.

If you have rules for how you're running Encounters (i.e. following Wizards' guidelines of not rewarding the 30 & 50 point cards until the end of the season), which I'm sure you do, you should enforce them on all players equally, meaning that if you're players aren't able to have those cards yet, the new player shouldn't either.

Also, I believe that the 'Complete All Quests' achievement is for the entire season, which I'm sure you do too.  If you're not letting your players have that until they complete ALL quests throughout the duration of the Encounters, I wouldn't let the new player keep that renown if he wants to continue playing there.

Basically, be fair and make sure everyone participating is earning the same stuff by fulfilling the same criteria.

I agree with everything "AgainstOne" said.  You are entitled (obligated?) to not let the player use a card that should not have been handed out.

Because characters are portable, I really think WOTC should encourage all DMs to follow the adventure, treasures, and rewards very closely to the instructions.  It's quite challenging if the DM decides to change the adventure and then players end up playing at a different table one or two or five weeks later.  But then again, at the end of the day we're all having a fun time so we probably shouldn't get too worked up about inconsistencies. 

Also agree with AgainstOne, you can feel free to not let the player use the second card. They can keep it, they "earned" it from their other store.

Their PC is definitely portable and I'd let more less everything but the XP award for the "complete all quests" award stand and let them play.

One thing I would not let them do, however, and this is just me personally, is be eligible for the third card, regardless of how much renown they get. My reasoning here is the following: If they had been at your store from the beginning, chances are that you would end up with them be eligible for both cards at the end and chances are you'd have a lottery or some other means of letting folks win the few cards you have. And they very likely would -not- get both. Since they already got one, they shouldn't keep someone else from getting a card.
There aren't any hard and fast rules here, to be completely honest.

However, if a player showed up at my store for DDE, and already had XP/RP I'd let him continue to play with what he already has - as long as I felt him trustworthy.  If he shows up and he just happens to have every magical item from the adventure, he won't be keeping it all for my session(s).

I agree with others on the 2nd Reward Card.  They aren't supposed to have been assigned yet, and I'd deny their use.

Lastly, the "GM number" that players should be recording on their sheets in the GMs DCI#. 
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