old old game

For those who had a c64 or amiga, if you remember the old "Laser Squad" game you can now play it on your iphone free! This is the precursor to many similar type turn based games. I fell in love with strategy turn games because of this game!
I'm not finding any apps named Laser Squad.  Is it under a different name in the app store?
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Dude, quick; make this relate to SW somehow or someone will have it moved to someplace where no one will see it or post in it like the last thread I started!

I remember some turn based D&D esque game with four characters on (if I remember correctly) the Texas Instruments. We would sit there waiting for what seemed like eternity (but was prolly a half hour or hour) waiting for the cassette tape to load the game before we could play it.

Ah, the good old days.


Ah sorry forgot it is on the c64 emulator. Then you can download it free from the emulators online shop. As far as swm related, it is pretty much a precursor to the game. You choose a squad then you add weapons. The game is turn based and requires you to use door control and different types of character to win. You can use cover and Los to prevent shots and you play a computer controlled opponent. Would be great if someone could make this game for the swm universe.
Just a quick note anyone interested in it who doesnt have iphone can see at www.lasersquad.org/ with some extras that werent included!
interestingly reading the above editor you could make the game meet a lot of the star wars minis stuff as there are plenty of edits you can do to the players, the guns/weapons (could use force powers), and the scripting language could be made to work with some of the CEs and force powers to produce effects.

Have I got time to do that? hmm sadly not would love to though!!