Rex & Gree's extra 2-space move CEs stack?

Hi, quick question:

Do the two similar commander effects giving 2 extra squares of movement after a mini ends its activation offered by Captain Rex, 501st Commander and Clone Commander Gree stack?

Since neither gives a named ability that does such a thing, I'm assuming the answer is no, but I told friends I would get the "official' word.  Thank you for your time.
Yes, as they are two separate effects, they stack.
Really?  I was wrong then. 

I was under the impression that commander effects that gave bonuses to the same ability didn't stack unless one of them was granted through a named ability, like how commander A's CE bonus of +4 to attack won't stack with commander B's CE bonus that also gives a +4 bonus to attack, but it would stack with commander C's CE that grants Cunning Attack.  What's different about movement?
It's because they are two completely separate, individual effects.
A character under the effect of both CEs does not get to move 4 squares at the end of their turn, they get to move two squares, then move another two squares.
Additionally, movement is not a statistic, so it doesn't violate the CE limitation on modifying a statistic more than once.
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