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The Avenging Spirit feat (11th, human, fighter or warlord) from MP1 reads: "When an ally of your level or higher is reduced to 0 hit points or fewer, you gain an action point that you must use before the end of your next turn or the action point is lost. You must see or hear the ally when he or she is reduced to 0 hit points or fewer to gain this feat’s benefit."

Does this circumvent the usual Action Point limits of one per encounter?  It seems implicit that it ought to, but by RAW it kind of seems like it wouldn't.  A quick Google of this question didn't turn up an answer - anybody know if it's been asked before?  The Compendium doesn't really help; the Violet Solitaire has the same wording as this feat, while the Gem of Valour has the same wording except that it does have an exception to the once per encounter limit.

Amusingly, the technical wording on Action Point usage is this: "No more than once per encounter, you can spend an action point to take an extra action, user certain feats, or use paragon path powers."  Which means that you could use a suit of Armour of Exploits to use an encounter power, or (if triggered) a Shield of Speed and Evasion to regain a daily power, etc.  Most things that depend on an action point won't trigger, but a few will - Veteran's Armour doesn't care what you spent the action point for, etc.
You get the same issue with the ranger paragon path 'battlefield archer' utility power 'archers glory'. It gives you an action point when you reduce an enemy to zero that you must use before the end of your next turn or it's lost.

With both, it's my understanding that you gain the action point, but in neither case does it specifically allow you to use more than one action point per encounter (the case of a specific overriding a general rule). The Feat and the Utility essentially allow you to use action points in more encounters (assuming you can get your buddies to die when you need them to). It's not an awesome feat, but I could see it's uses. The Archer in our game ended up action pointing every battle, which ended up being fairly gross.  There are a few powers/items that specifically override the 1 action point/encounter but they all specifically say so.

Hope that helps.
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