Dragon 386 - Class Acts: Clerics of Prophecy

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DnDi_Large.png    Dragon 386
Class Acts: Cleric
Clerics of Prophey

By David Adams

In today's Class Acts article in Dragon, we get a handful of new implement cleric powers, focusing on prophetic abilities.  We also get a Background, and the detailing of an organisation that these clerics may have arisen at, the Harusplex Assembly.  A sidebar details a variant story for the Assembly if you're playing in Eberron.

Prophetic servants share a watchful, pensive disposition, whether or not they have clung to their sanity through exposure to the source of their divine inspiration. With divinely inspired insight, they attempt to discern messages in mundane occurrences. A dream of ravens might presage the death of a family member. The alignment of stars might foretell an auspicious birth. Windblown leaves might warn of an impending conf lict. These signs arise without warning, often come unbidden, and are frequently part of some greater missive.

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Oooh, we have a prophet cleric in our group who is going to love this!
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