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So I have a question regarding one of the items for the players to find in the first encounter of the second chapter.


The apprentice's mantle that's stitting on the coat rack in the first room. It says that there is a DC15 perception check to find it. But with some players running around with passive in the low 20's should I make them roll for spotting the mantle?

The way I see it is if I mention anything to the players based on their passive perception they will go and take a look because the DM said something about it. I don't really think that they should just  auto find the mantle, but I would still like the pc's to end up with it in the end.


Author's Note:
DC 15 is considered a *hard* DC for 1st level characters, so that's why it's at that level. It rewards PCs who give a thought to perception (a lot don't, actually--it's mostly avengers and rangers who come to my table with training in perception), so yeah, I'd recommend keeping it there. 

Where the item occurs in the dungeon, it's more or less a logical reward for having completed the first four encounters--I couldn't very well give the monsters a lot of treasure in encounter 1-4, where the roof was collapsing on top of them!

If you're concerned that's too easy, then you can rule that passive perception won't cut it in this instance and the PCs need to actively search the room (with a check). If you do that, I recommend allowing passive perception to find the cloak during the PCs' second visit to this room (Encounter 2-4).

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