Dragon 386 - Class Acts: Druid – Stepchildren of the Hinterlands

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DnDi_Large.png  Dragon 386
Class Acts: Druid
Stepchildren of the Hinterlands

By Ari Marmell

In today's Class Acts article in Dragon, we get more non-Beast Form Druid powers (including a new lv1 At-will, Spirit Briar), as well as a write up for two new Great Elder Spirits: Bitter Eidolon and Steadfast Henge.  The article details Druids who spend their time in the places where the planes are thin, and the Primal Spirits that occupy that space in the Natural World.

The primal spirits of the Hinterlands are as harsh as the domains in which they dwell, but they are no less embodiments of the natural world. Those who can steel their nerves to interact with these spirits, and those who come to understand them, realize that the Hinterlands need the spirits, and their primal worshipers, even more than the rest of the world. Because here, as nowhere else, nature must be defended.

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The new at-will is not very exciting but the level 25 daily, Writhing Henge, is insane. 6 attacks a round? Till the end of the encounter? Sure they can't move, but some immobilize effects or a small room and that can be crazy. Even one round is still pretty damn good, since they attack the round you summon them.
I'm currently more impressed that they got a picture sort-of right. Instead of having a swordmages with shields. An artical of beardless dwarves with a picture of a bearded dwarf, or an artical on dragonborn with a picture of a dwarf.

EDIT: Then again.. its non-beast form powers and the wilden clearly has a gorrillia hand.
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I found this article pretty disappointing.  Seven new evocations spread across twenty-five levels just isn't that exciting.
I liked all this new support for a ranged controller druid.
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