Dungeon 177 - The Mind's Eye Opened: Adding Psionics to Your Campaign

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DnDi_Large.png   Dungeon 177
The Mind's Eye Opened:
Adding Psionics to Your Campaign

By Robert J. Schwalb

In today's Dungeon article, Rob discusses how to incorporate Psionics into ongoing and new campaigns, gives examples of Psionic Wild Talents, which use the same rules as Boons from DMG2, and gives examples of Aberrant Mutant themes for us to apply to monsters.

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I didn't really need to be told that if my players want to play psionic classes that maybe I should find a way to make that happen, but the psionic talents are a nice addition to potential treasure to hand out.  However, the thing that makes this article totally worth it is the far realm mutant theme.  I love monster themes.  They really accomplish what I think templates should, but without bumping everything into an elite.  I would've been happy if this was just an article about far-realm tainted monsters, with some fluff intro and then the theme, the end.  More themes in the future, plzkthx.
This is the happy swamp. Love it. I am red/blue, I think logically and act impulsively.
+1.  Loved the powers collection.

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This article is EXACTLY what I needed for my campaign as my world is tainted by the Far Realm's intrusions!
Also I'm playing a monk in my friend's campaign, and Mercurial mind looks pretty sweet to me.
I really liked the monster themes. More, more!

However, the magic items... Some of them are pretty strong and almost an incentive not to become psionic! It should probably be made clear that, as with other DMG2 items, these are solely to be given out by DMs. They work fine in that context. They don't work in terms of PCs just taking a slotless item that gives them the property. Sure, I'll be a dwarf and pay the piddly sum to get a +1 bonus to speed when I am not bloodied...

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