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I know we're 4 weeks in and getting ready for another exciting week. I've been playing since we've started, but apparantly, my FLGS has been a bit short on DMs for the season. I've been asked to run a late starting game (9 pm). Can someone tell me if I'm starting them on Week 5 with 0 xp and none of the money or treasures of the previous weeks, or am I starting them at Week 1? I'm sure it's 5 with nothing, but I'm just playing it safe by double checking.
Vancian magic needs to be nuked from orbit. It's the only way to be sure it will never appear in the core for Next. Vancian magic is purely for nostalgia. Nostalgia doesn't make bad mechanics good.

My guess is at Week 5.

Not sure what you're asking here. If you intend to start new characters on Wednesday evenings as part of the D&D Encounters program then officially it should be week 5 no cash, no XP.

On the other hand, you could run a WPN game on Wednesday or any other time where you start from the beginning. Certainly we have had a few weekend catchup sessions of multiple encounters to allow people to get into the program at the regular time.

It's a bit like a TV series. Starting in the middle just isn't as good, and (certainly in Britain) about four or five weeks in there will often be a marathon late night catchup to try to snare new viewers.
If you are taking characters from overloaded games at other tables they should have some xp/treasure. 
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