Dragon 386 - Channel Divinity: Sehanine – Arrows from the Moonbow

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DnDi_Large.png   Dragon 386
Channel Divinity: Sehanine
Arrows from the Moonbow

By Claudio Pozas

Today in Dragon, we get 5 new backgrounds, a bunch of new feats, a new PPath (Arrow of the Moonbow), a ton of new powers for Divine classes, and a discussion of Sehanine's faith. 

Every night, as the sun sets, the world plunges into another period of darkness. For lovers, it is an embracing cloak that hides them from unwanted eyes. For thieves and tricksters, it is a partner in their sneaky endeavors. However, the night would be filled with nothing but horrors were it not for the pale silver light that shines down on the world. The moon is not the fierce, judgmental gaze of the sun, but rather the knowing eye of an accomplice, of a partner, of a lover. That gleaming eye belongs to Sehanine, the Moonbow.

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Wow, good stuff!
This is a FANTASTIC article!

Hands down one of the best DDI articles ever

I am glad my favorite deity Sehahine got an article and it is actually an awesome article.

Love the cleric at-will power - love being able to use a shortbow as an implement

If I had a single disappointment it's that "Moonbow Stalker" should have a more generic name and no deity prerequisite, simply because rogues who can use shortbows is a long-standing tradition that doesn't necessarily require worship of Sehanine... at least, not in past editions. Not that this is any more than a flavor issue, I just want to write up a shortbow rogue without having to do ANY reflavoring =P
I'd like the echo the praise of this article.  It's flavorful yet offers solid mechanical advantages without being broken.
This article is TOO good.  Too many of these feats are too widely desirable by a too many builds for the entire article to be limited to one deity.
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Brilliant article. Mr. Pozas has done very well indeed.
If more of DDI was like this article it woud be fantastic - like this article is.

Just reading the feats had character ideas leaping from the page, awesome stuff.
Sehanine is one of my favourite deities in the game, and the shortbow is a weapon that needed to be made more viable.
Some very fun stuff here.
Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

Feedback is always welcome!
Excellent article.  Loved it!
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