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Hey, I've decided to merge these two cosmologies together and was asking if anyone has tips on how to pull this off.

So far I've decided
-Yes the gods are real and known to exist, however it was long ago decided that gods cannot leave their respective domains or directly interfere with the concerns of mortals.
-Alignment is not too important, for example Onatar will except evil artificers as worshippers, provided they don't exhibit behavior that aligns better with another god.
-Only people without a patron deity end up in Dolurrh, everyone else end up in their deities' domain. Worshippers of the silver flame merge with the silver flame.

There are 4 subtypes of outsider
-Divine: Gods and the lords of a planar race.
-Planetouched: Basically living things which have been mutated by planar energy. They do need to eat and sleep, they do age (but they usually have extremely long life spans) they can gain class levels and they do need to reproduce sexually. They do leave bodies when they die and can be raised or resurrected.
-Exemplars: They are made out of the material of their plane. They do not need to eat or sleep and they do not age. They normally cannot gain class levels or reproduce sexually. Their numbers are either static (when one dies another outsider of the same type appears, meaning they do not leave a body and absolutely cannot be raised or resurrected in any way) or dependent upon some other factor not in their direct control. Some of these (usually fiends) find ways to increase their power by having mortal cultists perform dread rituals and they might even create a phylactery to prevent themselves from being replaced.
-Petitioners: Like Exemplars in most ways, however they were once mortal. While they cannot be raised or resurrected, their mortal bodies can. Whenever a Petitioner dies there is a 50% chance they will loose all their memories, however even if a Petitioner does loose all their memories they regain all of them when they are raised or resurrected.
Looks good to me, but I dont know much about Eberron. Are there any "official" links between Eberron and Sigil?
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  Im in the same boat as you Silversword. I think they made Eberron 'outside' of the
dnd multiverse and I think the only link would be the plane of shadow. Probally way
off base on this.

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Yeah in Eberron there are a few very powerful difference that makes it separate from the normal cosmology.

Firstly there is no Sigil, there is no proof that gods exist, the afterlife is fairly unpleasant for everyone, alignment is a lot less reliable like crozan a LE character at the top of a LG organization, Also LG werewolves and CE silver dragons.

But it does have some cool things like manifest zones, where a plane merges with the prime material. 

But I want to be able to use some of the planescape stuff I bought so I'm merging the two cosmologies. 

I'm thinking that I will combining Sigil With Maladomini. 

I think I'm getting rid or Irian, it is a farily useless plane with nothing of interest on it and it's where those stupid deathless draw their power. I've decided to place a very potent manifest zone with Thelanis over Aerenal, due to that plane's timeless quality and connection to the arcane it has made the Aerenal elves with long lifespans and potent mages.

Now that I've made gods real this is their home planes.
Lamannia: Balinor, the devourer 
Thelanis: Aureon, Olladra, Dol Dorn, The shadow. 
Sigil: Kol Korran (The Market), Onatar (The industrial Quarter), The Furry (The entertainment district) 
Kythri: The Traveler 
Dolurrh: The Keeper 
Shavarath: Dol Arrah 
Daanvi: Arawai, Boldrei 
Mabar: The Mockery 

Also the Dealkry in Khyber pretty much cover some of the layers of the abyss. 
The Lord of Eyes: Beholders 
The Lord of Stone: Medusas, basilisks, cockatrices, gorgons, gargoyles. 
The Lord of spiders: ettercaps, driders, neogi, grey renders. 
The Mighty Lord: Ogres, Trolls, Minotaurs. 
The slime lord: oozes phasms fungi phantom fungus Otyugh 
   Not sure how true to form you want to keep sigil but there is no way
the Lady of Pain is going to let any other gods in her city.

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