Revel or Monogram Models??

Anyone ever try to figure out what scale those models that came out 15-20 years ago are? Just curious; I've been planning some 3D maps and a realistic sized ship would be nice.
I'm not sure if this is correct, but if a human were 1.65 meters tall, then the size of the Revell models are:

AT-AT: 78% of 'real' size
X-Wing: 74%
Falcon: 60%
Y-Wing: 74%
Lambda Shuttle: 46%
Snowspeeder: 189%

So the snowspeeder is way too big. The shuttle is way too small. The others are smallish, but might look okay on the table. That's taking into account the length/height/width posted on wookieepedia for each of those vehicles.
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Or to better answer your question:

X-Wing: 16 meters long, equates to 29 cm (11.6") in scale with minis. Y-Wing, the same.
Falcon: 34.75 meters long, equates to 63 cm (25.2") in scale with minis.
Lambda Shuttle: 20 meters long, equates to 36 cm (14.4") in scale with minis.
Snowspeeder: 5.3 meters long, equates to 10 cm (4") in scale with minis.
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