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Session 3 spoliers ahead!

I'm playing trough the encounters as a PC and putting together a beastiary of creatures our party runs into during the encounters.  I didn't have a chance to ask my DM last night what creatures we ran into in front of the sealed door at the end of the encounter.  Can anyone fill me in?  It was two fire beetles and a flying fire thing.  Need more info on the flying thing.

Let me know if this was a DM choice and I will ask him.

Thanks in advance.
There were no specified monsters in session 3, it was DM's choice.  Also, it was the DM's choice to even include a combat encounter. It was intended as a bonus encounter if there was time and the players wanted to fight something.
Thanks, I'll get the info from the DM.
It sounds as though he chose the "two fire beetles and a stirge" suggestion (there were three such ideas listed, but as noted, a DM could also build his own encounter).
Yeah... we got lost and ran into I think 3 goblin minions, one goblin with a bit of sturdiness, and a guard drake. The drake dropped our ranger (he got better), which was the first PC that has gone unconscious on us through the season. Finally got to get that renown for reviving a dying character :P Hope it's not one that comes up too often...

So I'm guessing that might have been another suggested optional encounter.
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