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 A question came up in the LRR Yahoo mailing list. Is the renown point for "Survive 8+ sessions without dying" refer to the player not dropping to 0 hit points or lower, entering the dying condition, during those 8 sessions, or to the player not dropping to negative bloodied or bleeding out to the dead condition. Also keep in mind that there is a renown point for reviving a dying ally also listed using this usage of dying, I don't think 1-2 level PCs will rezzing any fellow players.

Any input from WOTC go-betweens would be welcome, I think speculation can't really help at this point, as it is a matter of the word "dying" being ambiguous in this case.

The concern in particular is that it seems like rarely, gaming groups might be dialing up the difficulty to try and set a higher bar for the reward cards, thereby causing PC deaths and TPKs. I don't think that this should happen in a new public play game designed to bring more players to DnD. I think having this renown only refer to PCs dropping to 0 or less HP might have this renown point be less cutthroat.
"Survive" equals "not being dead" in this case. If you fail three death saves, get dropped to negative hitpoints equal to your bloodied value, or get hit with a coup de grace doing damage equal to your bloodied value (this last one probably shouldn't happen unless everyone is down simultaneously, i.e. TPK), you didn't survive; otherwise, you did.
Though I've given my (fairly minor) input on the mailing list, I'll chip in here.

While I'm still nobody official in the campaign, I like to believe that I know Chris' intent enough to state very clearly that "Surviving" is merely a fancy way of saying "Not being dead".

The rules for "dying" are different from the rules for actual character death, but to be clear:

1) Being in a "dying" state and getting revived is still surviving
2) Dying (either because you hit your negative bloody hit points, or you failed three death saves without a short rest between) will reset your "8+ Encounters" count. 

This is how I'm running it in my games, and the 8 encounters need not be concurrent in my games either, since DDE has a "drop in, drop out" tolerance.
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If it means anything I am using the same rules in my games as well.
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