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I rolled my eyes pretty hard when I saw the list of Renown Points "achievements" available. I had a character ready to play ever since I heard about Encounters, and when I saw that you can get a stupid number of Renown just by using PHB3 material, I was a little bitter about it. I understand that Encounters is a marketing thing, but come on...

Anyways, I still want to see if I can grab that Race/Class achievement without having to start over, so I was wondering if anyone knew if taking a multiclass feat from the PHB3 would count as being a PHB3 class? 

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I am in no way affiliated with the program besides playing in it. However, last I checked, "multi-class" counts AS the class for all intents and purposes beyond actuall gaining levels in it. By this mentality, if you REALLY want those 3 points(?), you should be able to do that. Also, you could feasibly retrain at your next level. I don't think you can actually LOSE rewards points.
To be clear, choosing to play a HYBRID character counts as a PH3 Class.  I haven't read through my PH3 yet, so I'm not sure if this is the "multiclass feat" you're referring to or not.

Even if it isn't, taking a feat from the PH3 is worth bonus points as well. 

If you've already started playing with a character, however, and you want to swap to a different character, the official rule is that you have to start that new character from scratch (no xp, only the gold and items left from their starting gold) . 

Renown points, however, are earned by the PLAYER, not the character.  So any points you've accrued remain with you, even if you "reroll" your PC.   
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I would say that because you created the original character (& not handed a pre-gen as a new player), that you are kinda stuck with the base character. However, as WS pointed out, there is the option of turning him into a HYBRID from the PHB3 in order to get the credit for using a PHB3 class. To do this you would have your character become "awakened" to naturally being adept in the the new abilities & incorporate the change during your first legal retraining opportunity.

I am in now way a rules official & am giving advice based on my understanding. If at any time a member of WotC or the RPGA Staff corrects something I have stated, then their word on the matter is to be considered the most valid of the two choices.
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