This is Goblin Charbelcher/Strom has TOO much sideboard :(

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I know many people have made this deck or this type of deck I hope mine is different in a way..
It still has a questionable side board... and i still need to find a way to put in burning wish
1overgrown tomb
1stomping ground
4land grant for getting the two lands
These can be replaced with TH Dual Lands .. but i whant to try to own most the deck..

Spells (not includeing land grants)39
KC 4goblin charbelcher
KC 3empty the warrens
4rite of flame
4dark ritual
4seething song
2ricochet trap I replaced one of these with burning wish.. ( i might put channel back in )
1wheel of fortune
1sol ring
1yawgmoth's Bargain
1lion's eye diamond
1lotus petal
1mana vault
1mox jet
1mana crypt
1black lotus
1Mox Emerald
1demonic tutor
1mox ruby
1burning wish

Creatures 16 ( mana from hand )
4tinder wall
4street wraith
4simian spirit guide
4elvish spirit guide

Sideboard At 17....
3tormod's crypt
3Mindbreak Trap
3red elemental blast
1? xantid swarm?
1yawgmoth's will
1 or 2 Ancient Grudge
1empty the warrens
Yea I know that my sideboard has 17 and thats why I post this to see what other ideals can be put into the deck it wins on turn one sometimes turn two alot and turn three always or almost always.
This is probably the wrong part of the forum to post this in...

Belcher isn't exactly a "Deck to Beat". It is a Tier2 or even 3 deck that you will occasionally see.

It is.

The DtB subforum is reserved for deck primers of established archetypes. The OP is not a primer and even asks for critique!

I'll get this locked since there is already a copy of it in the correct Vintage forum.

Deck Critique VCL
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