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Is anyone doing this?  If so, when?
VTT = Virtual Table Top? ... ie online?

I believe these can only be done in stores in realspace so I don't think you'll see anyone doing it online.
Well, if it's being handled like LFR, shouldn't the same sorts of ideas regarding VTTs apply?
Its not being handled like LFR.  It is a weekly promotional even to bring people out to the stores that sell WOTC product.  Its not supposed to be ordered and ran in any other place other than a retail venue.
There's a very simple answer to this (though it's not the one you're hoping for).

All WPN events except for "D&D Private Play" must take place in physical face-to-face locations pre-registered with WotC. D&D Encounters is a WPN D&D Public Play event - you need to choose the Public Play option in the event sanctioning, and the system will only allow you to choose the event type if you have a physical location flagged as retail in the WPN system. So there is no way to (officially, 'legally') run Encounters over a VTT.

NB: This is, actually, very similar to the LFR situation. Only adventures available for D&D Private Play can be played online (so not ones which are in the 'Public Play only' embargo period, and not ADCP adventures).  

While I'm often an advocate for online play, I think this is sensible for Encounters - WotC is pouring resources into supporting retail stores to encourage those stores to value D&D players and become places where people can go to play D&D and find like-minded people. It's frustrating, as there are obviously large areas of the world without easy access to a game store, but there is plenty of other material for home and online play. The whole format of Encounters is created to encourage short regular gaming in a store and actually isn't that well set up for other contexts. I'd be very interested to see the adventure, at least, available in some other fashion once the season has finished, though - I think it's a fun one and it'd be a shame for it to fall into the black hole of RPGA-commissioned adventures which are no longer available.  

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