3D Sith Temple

I've been thinking about doing a 3D mini setup for awhile now, and
Azrikel's Sith Temple inspired me to try my own hand at it. I don't
have the time, space or resources to cast/mold anything, so I thought
about what could I do with what little I had ......

I'm still on the fence on some things and this is the setup as is before I paint anything. I plan on using a gray stone-finish spray paint on most things; walls, pillars, pedestals etc. I'm still thinking about the base; should I just go with the gray blank SW map or a painted board? I've also been looking at using some thin cork tiles. Even unpainted, they may work.


This is a head on shot of the Temple Entrance. I used cake pillars you can get at any Michaels. The large D&D figure on the pedestal is a statue in the courtyard. I'll paint the pedestal but I'm contemplating not painting the Giant; seems a waste to paint over such a nich paint job.

Different views of the courtyard ...




The Temple main Hallway; the D&D Animated Statues will remain "statues" as such, on painted pedestals. These pillars are smaller versions of the entrance pillars, also from Michaels, also likewise to be painted.



The Holocron room, with a close up of the Cork tile I may use for the actual flooring throughout if I decide to go with that instead of a SW blank map.



I'll probably start painting next weekend when I finally get some time off during Spring Break. Suggestions and comments welcomed.
I like! For the base, painted cork would be ideal for a more finished, whole piece, I think, but if you don't think it's worth the trouble, then it fits nicely as it is. Good job, I shall be looking forward to seeing pictures when it is finished.

Finally, a use for the Cloud Giant!

Hobgoblin War Sith? Kess, Jedi High Priestess? Sweet!

For the look you want, I'd advise some sort of textured tiles. Cork, thin balsa wood or foamboard (if you're feeling really adventurous). Nearly anything is better than a plain flat mat.

Finally, a use for the Cloud Giant!

Hobgoblin War Sith? Kess, Jedi High Priestess? Sweet!

For the look you want, I'd advise some sort of textured tiles. Cork, thin balsa wood or foamboard (if you're feeling really adventurous). Nearly anything is better than a plain flat mat.

Actually the "Hobgoblin" are D&D Foulspawn Berserkers, but they seem to be ideal stand-ins as Sith Temple Guards. As for Kess, I've used a lot of Mage Knight and Heroclix mini's ... a little cut here, lil paint and a lightsaber there ... a custom mini is born.


I'm leaning towards the cork tiles; just wondering how the pillars and cork will hold the stone-finish paint with its grainy finish ...
I like it.  Very simple and creative.
I like it.  Very simple and creative.

Appeciate it. You're entrance inspired me, and I do what I can with what's available. I look forward to see how the rest of your temple comes out.
Update on the painting ... the textured stone-finish paint came out too thick ... just
going to have to hand paint them. I also found some interesting statues
(Ziterdes Statues - Wisdom & Silence) that were interesting and relatively cheap
enough ($4 for a 5" statue ... cheap to me) that I'm waiting on to use at the
Temple entrance ... if they get here this week ...maybe next weekend I can finish ...

It won't look as good as I'd like without the stone finish ... but I guess it'll still
be nice enough ... Also got sidtracked by another idea for a smuggler's base;
waiting for a model I Think will be close to a generic and decent enough scale
as a ship for the base .... the Monogram Star Trek Maquis ship looks like it might be
big enough for a generic two-man smuggler's ship; I think its dimensions are 13 1/2" L
x 9" W ... waiting on that to get here too ...

So vacation came and went, with little actual painting done. What’s more,
my youngest sons wedding is next weekend and I’ve been swamped by
my wife with Honey Emergency Do Lists for the last few weeks. Still, I’ve
had a few moments to spare; no time to break out the paint in a big way,
 but I’ve been busy with some ideas.

Never realized how hard 3D is till you try it yourself; so many decisions;
Hats off to those who don’t struggle with it like I’ve been doing. I seem to
be stuck on which paint schema to go with; a brownish stone fascia on the
walls or a grayish brickwork pattern. Do I use a SW brown/gray blank map
or a cork sheet painted whichever color I roll with?

I’ve done a few walls with both paint schemes; comments on which would be
better appreciated. I’m still on the fence about the columns; which color the
walls are will dictate the column coloring. I finally got those Ziterdes Statues, which
will get a dark gray paintjob. The brown wall picks didn't actually come out well in the
pics; they actually have a granular look to them with some other paint I found; not
quite the stine finish I tried, but more textured. The color will be painted slightly

I’ve also expanded the Temple idea. I’ve now got a Smugglers Base of sorts
outside the Temple entrance, complete with a landed starship; I think its darn
close to the right size for a small 4-man ship. Nothings really painted yet except
the starship …  some of my custom mini’s are scattered around that are mostly d
one except for the paint jobs on a few; that Quermian came it reasonably nice.

Any comments/suggestions appreciated; kinda stuck on that fence and after the wedding I will actually have time to do this the right way ....

PS ... for whatever WOTC reason, the pics look distorted, but download/open fine.

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