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Hi All,

So a player at my last Wednesday run of encounters asked about backgrounds. I don't remember seeing anything about it in the adventure booklet and so didn't have an answer to give. Backgrounds are a part of LFR, which leads me to believe that they would be availbile for players to use.

What is the general opinion on backgrounds?

Backgrounds - I like 'em!  Gives the character a friendly little boost.

I actually reproduced all the Pre-Gen characters that came with the adventure, so all players would be using character builder sheets.  In doing so, I gave each character the Waterdeep background with a +2 Diplomacy boost.  This seemed fair since most of them weren't good at this skill anyway and it wasn't a Min/Max combat type benefit. 

My justification is that the program invites use of character builder, and folks using character are invariably going to add a background just because they can.  So easier to let ALL characters have one.
The character creation rules are simple in that most any content is allowed.

This includes backgrounds - be they from the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, Dragon Magazine, or even the Eberron Player's Guide.
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This is cool. I also did not know this and will be adding a background to my encounters character as well. Good looking out!
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