Spirit's Fey Step feat

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This feat that allow a spirit teleport is just useless with the new update of the Call Spirit Companion power and Sudden Call feat.

Any Eladrin can just use his/her racial power and then call again his/her spirit as a free action.

True. I'm not sure that it was intentional to make dismissing the companion no longer necessary. If the errata is adjusted so that you still need to use a minor to dismiss your companion, then the feat is restored to semi-usefulness.

Keith Richmond Living Forgotten Realms Epic Writing Director
True. That errata overpower the conjuration a lot, a shaman can summon the spirit everywhere he wants during his turn, how many times he wants. I hope that they will clarify the need to dismiss the spirit first (now they assume that it's not needed).
Still useless. Eladrin have speed 6, and when you use Fey Step to teleport, you can already move the spirit your speed. Since the spirit floats in the air and doesn't provoke OAs, the number of situations SFS would be useful is vanishingly small (teleporting through a window, maybe?) Utter trash.
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