Cascade Swans: Possible in Extended?

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Was looking into old decks in my suit case (yea i have a suit case for my decks...) i pulled out cascade swans for some casual play. But while i was playing them and getting the combo to go off on turn 4 most of the time i started to think:
"Will this work in extended?"
As i am not much of a extended player and almost all of my decks are made from past standards or are casual decks i am not 100% if the main idea would be good enough here. The combo is fast and by using cards like Gifts Ungiven to be able to dig and get the 2 cards needed. The deck would most likely take on a more control build as it would need more then just the 2 card combo to work.

But with the better accses to lands and better spells do you guys think the deck would work and work well?
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How does the deck work?  I assume that it's a port from Standard, as I haven't heard of it before. 
basically you play a 5c manabase, bloodbraid elf, captured sunlight, ad nauseum, primal command, a 5cc cascade spell of choice (deny reality or bituminous blast), and swans of bryn argoll and seismic assault. And 41ish lands.

Everything you cascade into ultimately ends in a seismic assault, (or with the 5cc cascades, possibly a swans), and then you fire lands at swans of bryn argoll or ad nauseum til you have enough to just kill an opponent. It was pretty effective in old t2, but not quite fast enough for this extended environment. The decks you care about either have just as fast (or faster) clock (zoo), or enough disruption to handle your lack of plays before turn 3 at the earliest (depths).

If I were to revisit this deck, I'd probably go back to TSP/LOR days with the version running seize and vendilion clique, as that one ran just enough disruption to force through its combo, and also had the bonus of never running out of lands thanks to dakmor salvage + gaea's blessing
i thought this deck would be terrible in extended, but i played a few matches against it the other day and was unpleasantly surprised by the results. i lost the first match 0-2, and narrowly won the second 2-1, so the deck isnt terrible, but it certainly needs some work to be competitive. 
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