Dragon 385 - Winning Races: Alchemical Warforged

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DnDi_Large.png    Dragon 385
Winning Races: Warforged
Alchemical Warforged

By Logan Bonner

Today in Dragon we get 4 new Warforged components and 2 new Warforged feats to implement imbedded alchemy consumables in your Warforged characters.  As an added bonus, remember that Shardminds can also take advantage of Waforged Components, since the only requirement is that you are a living construct! 

You think I’m less alive because I had no blood at my creation. But I chose to gain it later, and the fact that I must seek the ingredients and mix it myself reminds me how much I should appreciate it. My alchemical blood allows me to better understand and relate to you meat people.

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Should the last page be blank ? I've tried to download 3 times and each time the last page is blank.

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It's supposed to be blank, because it's a formatting error.  The text on the next to last page ends just close enough to the end of the page to make the file automatically create one more page.
I love Warforged and was really excited when I saw this article on the calendar... but that was really boring and disappointing. The fluff seemed weird and contrived, and there isn't a single feat or item in that article I'd consider using.


The alchemical heart mentioned at the beginning of the article seems to be missing.

Compared to, say, the winter eladrin article, this variant does feel a little thin. I do like the fact that a warforged PC can get its variation through components rather than feats-- nice to see other areas of the rules get a little exploration/exploitation.

I have to agree with captainspud. I too was excited to see some support for Warforged, but this article is really quite disappointing.

Lame indeed. Cry
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