Background and Flavour for the Avern, a HB Race

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So I've written up the stats for the Avern, a 'somewhat airborne' race, but I haven't really thought much about the flavour. While it's not strictly character development, I wondered if anyone had any particular ideas that would make this race interesting more than just mechanically.

All I particularly have in mind for these creatures is that they're fairly reclusive, living high up on mountain peaks and in towns carved into tall cliffsides, and are relatively peaceful and thoughtful, at least as far as they don't tend to go to outright war.
I want to avoid having them be too much like generic birdmen, and I have the idea that they're not too radical in appearance.

Really, anything you think of might be useful, from creative names for their feats to a design of their concept of civilisation. I'm trying to stick to the official race format as much as possible, so ideas for example characters would be helpful too.

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