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I have a question regarding land grant.  I've seen the card used in official tournaments to fetch cards such as tropical island which is non basic as it only specifies a forest card. 

My question is if I can use land grant for the new fetch land Misty Rainforest.  Thanks.
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Land Grant isn't even in extended, and otherwise this should be in the Rules Q & A forum, not here.

But no, you can't fetch Misty Rainforest with Land Grant, you can however use that same Misty Rainforest to grab the Tropical Islands and the like becuase it fetches Forests, not basic lands as well.
If you read Land Grant it specifies forest. This means it can fetch and land that has the forest type ex: Tropical Island Murmuring Bosk and breeding pool. Tropical Island specifies in it's rules text that it counts as both a Forest and an island and is affected by any spell that targets such lands.
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