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This is my personal CCC reference thread, mainly a quick way to navigate to things i need (and to collect my builds/threads). So no need to post here...

D&DI Compendium (WotC)



Lightning Ranger Striker, high damage, high speed, high control, high defenses, range 50
Inescapeable Fisherman 2.0 Defender, lockdown all adjacent, grant DR30 twice per round, hand out huge thp boosts
Technoshaman Leader, grant +11 to hit and +50 to damage for the whole  party
Rogue PMC Ranger Martial Archetype - 5 recharging reliable minor action attacks + twin strike
Invisible Chain Striker, always hidden rogue with threatening reach 4/day
Executioner Striker, twin striking + axes
Several builds in the "Design a tournament winning character" thread


Da Bleeder
Touch Mul SoB (second wind op)



Ender's Game: The Battlemind Handbook (March 2010) - langeweile
Hard as a Rock: The Fighter's Handbook (March 2010) - lordduskblade
Pillars of Faith (and Facestabs): The Paladin's Handbook (March 2010) - Litigation
Masters of Blade Magic: A Swordmage Handbook (March 2010) - Herid_Fel
[thread=1186703]Blades of Arcane Fury: A Swordmage Handbook[/thread] - DwarvenSparten
Bastion of the Boondocks: A Warden's Handbook (March 2010) - LordofLeapin


All along the crooked Way: An Assassins Handbook (March 2010) - erleni
Teacups, Poison and Fullblades: An Assassins Handbook - chanter_hound
Righteous Wrath: The Avenger's Handbook(Wiki) (March 2010) - kilpatds
Righteous Wrath: The Avenger's Handbook(Forum)
- kilpatds
[thread=1161315]Destruction Manifest: The Barbarian's Handbook[/thread] (March 2010) - lordduskblade
House of the 30 Chambers - A Monk Guide (March 2010) - canamrock
Thrill of the Hunt: The Ranger's Handbook (Forum) (March 2010)- lordduskblade
Thrill of the Hunt: The Ranger's Handbook (Wiki)
(March 2010)- lordduskblade
[thread=1067316]The Art of Shredding: The Ranger Build Handbook[/thread] - lordduskblade
Swashbucklers and Sneak-Thieves: A Rogue Handbook (March 2010) - MatthiasKaiser
[thread=1165944]Joe's Sorcerer Guide [/thread] (January 2010) - joemama1512
The Power of the Dark Side: The Warlock's Handbook (March 2010) - Malkonnen


Master of Forms and Master of Storms: A Druid Handbook (March 2010) - alien270
[thread=1214252]I Can Kill You With My Brain: The Psion's Handbook(Forum)[/thread] (March 2010) - Belile
I Can Kill You With My Brain: The Psion's Handbook(Wiki) (March 2010) - Belile
The Whole Duty of Man: A guide to Invokers (March 2010) - A Man in Black
Primal Artillery Barrage: A Guide to Seekers (November 2009) - olfactatron
The True Magus: A Wizards Handbook (March 2010) - Ytterbium Dragon


The Will to Power: The Ardent Handbook (March 2010) - scottjherbert
Tools of the Trade: An Artificer Handbook (March 2010) - Ytterbium_Dragon
Cruel Lullabies: The Bard Handbook (March 2010) - Litigation
Holy Smoke! A Cleric's Handbook (March 2010) - GelatinousOctahedron
The Divine Spirit of Language: A Runepriest Handbook (March 2010) - Adslahnit
Spirited Away: A Shaman Handbook (March 2010) - GelatinousOctahedron
The Acme of Excellence - A Warlord Handbook (March 2010) - A Man in Black
Chasing Glory: The Warlord's Handbook (March 2010) - lordduskblade

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