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The Decklist Compendium

Rules for Submission
1. Post a list in its own thread, auto-carded is best (to auto-card surround the correctly spelled cardname in 'c' tags like this [c]Island[/c]. It doesn't have to be bold).
           a. The list should be one you actually have built and played.
           b. Feel free to justify any card choices, or themes of the deck.
           c. Let us know how it plays. It doesn't have to be "good" per se, "fun" decks are just as welcome.
2. Drop a reply in here somewhere and I'll link to your deck... eventually. Updates come as my schedule allows and only when there are a few decks to add.
Keep in mind that I'll be linking to the opening post of your decks thread. So, if you decide to update you decklist based on suggestions from other forum-goers or play experience the changes may not be immediately seen if you're not updating that opening post I link to. Also, if you post your actual list (as opposed to a link to your thread) in this thread I may have to scold you. ;) 

 The lists are in no particular order beyond color. I've tried to group the same commanders together and put decks in first-come-first-linked order.

:The Decklists:

Mono-Colored Commanders

Multicolored Commanders

Two Colored

Allied Pairs

Enemy Pairs


Three Colored

 Allied Arcs

Enemy Wedges




Building EDH Commander decks can be tough. With such a large card pool and so many viable options, 100 hundred cards sometimes is not enough to fit everything you want into one deck. Then you have to worry whether your card choices are good enough. Do you play Rampant Growth or Far Wanderings or Journey of Discovery? Or are all your friends telling you about this new format that you have to play, but you don't have a deck. You look through your legendary creatures...Tetsuo Umezawa looks fun, but you have no idea what is going to be good in that deck. You can check out the list of “staple” cards (and wonder what the difference between Clone and Rite of Replication really is), and you can look up a deck list to see what other players have done in the same colors. What cards are other players choosing for their decks. Maybe you'll find cards that you've never seen before... Elemental Augury for that Tetsuo deck perhaps. I would never advocate “net-decking” for a format such as EDH Commander... but not knowing what goes into a Zur the Enchanter deck, or a Captain Sisay deck may leave you unprepared for some of the decks you will encounter if you get into the format. You might turn away from what is perhaps the best way to play magic because someone locks you out with Mindslaver and you had no idea it was even playable in the format. And there's nothing wrong with finding inspiration in what other people are playing.

Now, If you're new to EDH Commander and haven't read Zerg's Deck building Guide... you should. It contains some sage advice. My intent with the following is to piggy back onto said Deckbuilding Guide with my personal insights into the format that I hope are beneficial to helping new players understand how to build a Commander deck (or upgrade one of the precons now that they're out), as well as provide some heads-up for what can occur at a multiplayer table. I know the first time I played a real multiplayer game I practically had a conniption fit over it and some of the screwed up politics that people play.

Deck building


2 Criteria I use

100 cards is not a lot of room once you've included the necessities of EDH. Every deck worth its salt should be able to do two things at the bare minimum- make use of Reliquary Tower and reliably cast it's commander more than once. Both of these boil down to drawing cards. The tower is a terrible land for your deck unless you plan on using the no maximum hand-size clause right above the tap for  ability. Casting your commander means having access to mana, and mana is generally available to players making land drops and playing acceleration- both of which are dependent on drawing cards.

And if you don't want to take my advice on it (or just want a nifty illustration of the concept) here's a short write-up on very much the same subject by one of the regulars of the Commander Forum: Tremor88's advice on how to make your deck better


Being able to satisfy the two aforementioned criteria will take up a number of slots in your deck. You are going to end up including a number of engines in your deck. Sometimes is as simple as playing Necropotence. Sometimes things get more complicated- Survival of the Fittest plus Squee, Goblin Nabob or Crucible of Worlds plus any number of lands that can be sacrificed to search the library for another land and replayed from the graveyard. The point is we're playing Magic when we play Commander, and magic is a card game, and cards are the most basic resource of just about any game based on cards- without them we can't play. 

Card Quantities

Card advantage is extremely important, more so because of the multiplayer nature of the format. Assuming a five player game where each player starts with a hand of seven cards you'll have 7 of your cards to 28 of your opponents'. Granted, they're looking at the same dilemma and we can assume that not all 28 of those cards will be cast in direct opposition to your game plan, so its not really so simple as to count your cards and compare that number to the number of cards held by your opponents.

What we have to do then is compare the number of cards you're drawing to the number of cards each individual opponent is drawing, because, while the not every card cast is going to wreck your day, its safe to assume that your opponents are trying to win when they use up their cards. And an opponent trying to win is in direct opposition to your game play (unless you like losing or drawing the game). Its not a sure fire way to determine whose going to win the game, but I'm willing to bet that the majority of games are won by players drawing more often than a one-card-per-turn average.

Of course, drawing cards is not the sole source of card advantage. There are plenty of other ways to get cards into your hand, but blue, generally speaking, is the king of card draw. Other colors have to spend life or creatures to draw cards. Notably, red and white have a terrible time drawing cards and really have to resort to other forms of card advantage. Don't let that stop you from building an awesome Brion Stoutarm deck... just know that the blue mages at the table are gonna end up casting Mind Spring, so it might behoove you to play stuff like Mind's Eye  (among other things) or you're going to fall behind.

Card Quality

Another source of card advantage comes from the quality of your cards.Wrath of God is a sublime example of this. It is almost always going to be an “X > 1” for one (meaning you're gonna kill at least two of your opponents creatures. If you're not, you're playing it to kill one creature and that might signal a need to play more spot removal).

Two-for-ones are not the only method for evaluating card quality. Fumarole as an example might be helpful. Its a two-fer for certain, but is this a card that your opponents are going to look at when you cast it and think, “Man thats such an unfair card!” Card quality is entirely dependent on the decks you're facing, but the question will always stand- Will my opponents think this is an unfair card? If the answer is yes (and the cards isn't already on the ban list) then you're probably looking at a card you can feel safe to run. I mean, what player looks at Cruel Ultimatum pointed at them and thinks they're getting a fair deal? I think the jury is still out on Fumarole however.

Another question I ask of myself when evaluating a card is, “Is this card better than Rings?” This question is meant to focus my attention at the impact of the cards effect on the deck as a whole. Rings can go into any deck because its an artifact, but will it have synergy with the rest of the deck? When you start adding cards to your deck the quality of the card will be affected by its interaction with the rest of the deck. Generally this is the sort of question I ask after having played a deck a few times and know better what the deck is trying to do.

Thirdly, it is proper to say that one for one trades are acceptable. Not every card in your deck needs to hit multiple targets or sweep the board (I kinda mentioned that above). Rather, it might be better for your board position to not destroy all artifacts with Shatter Storm, but maybe just hit the one annoying card that is ruining your plans with a Deglamer. It sometimes pays to run spot removal over mass removal, and when you do, you want the cards to be efficient and instants.Hull Breach is a great card, but so is Nature's Claim. I have found that as your commander group tightens up their lists the more efficiency of cards matters. I personally run Nature's Claim far more often than I do something like Rain of Thorns or Relic Crush.


Finally, when talking about the cards that are going into a deck, we should talk a little about redundancy of effects. We know that the ratio of lands in a 60 card deck can transfer over to a 100 card deck fairly easily. The same principle applies to other types of cards in a 60 card deck. If your FNM deck is running 4 Mana Leaks and 4 Wrath of Gods and doing well against the meta you normally play in, you can take those same ratios and convert them over to commander with some success. There are two caveats however. Not all 60 card strategies will work the same in commander. And not all cards have adequate analogs.

For the first caveat... Take Mana Leak. Its generally a terrible card in commander. However, you can find plenty of counterspells with a mana cost of 3 or less... Counterspell, Mana Drain, Arcane Denial, Cancel, Dissipate, Forbid, Stoic Rebuttal, Faerie Trickery... Those should be enough to convert 4 out of 60 to the x out of 100 ratio of counters. The same goes for the wrath. There are plenty of variants that are playable. The caveat comes into play when the strategy being converted doesn't work- Counterspell.deck that tries to win with the one Rainbow Efreet is going to be a tough strategy to run when you have more than one opponent. A white weenie deck, likewise, isn't going to work. Sure there are plenty of cheap and efficient white creatures along a curve of 1 to 4 mana, but you have 1 to 4 opponents with 40 life. You have a slower tempo format that makes cheap creatures especially vulnerable to mass removal... the strategy simply doesn't translate well. Aggro can work, but it has to take on a more midrange and frugal style in order to succeed- same goes for many other strategies that were designed for 1v1.

The second caveat: Some cards don't have analogs. What do you use to replace the other three Jace the Mind Sculptors or Cruel Ultimatums? Those cards don't have very good analogs. What do you do when your deck ran off of Accumulated Knowledge? Try to convince everyone else to play blue and include a copy? In cases like these you have to try and find way to incorporate the effects your looking for spread out across a number of cards. To replace Jace you might run Soothsaying and Sensei's Divining Top, Jace Beleren, Treasure Trove, Tower of Fortunes, Crystal Shard, etc. The cruels might be broken up into a number of edicts(Chainer's Edict), draw spells (Mind Spring), big discard spells (Mind Twist) and some life gain effects (Loxodon Warhammer, Sorin Markov).

You should also keep in mind the scale of the effect you're trying to find an analog for. Accumulated Knowledge is a great spell when you have one opponent. Don't forget to scale up the power, reuseability and scale of the effect when converting to commander, and make sure you have redundancy for the important effects that your deck relies on- or at least a way to get it back if it bites the dust.   


This is a basic principle. You are probably going to want your deck to play consistently. I don't mean that the deck has to play out the same every game... but you want it to be effective every time. All of your card choices are going to affect the consistency of your deck- the number of lands, the number of redundant effects, the overall quality of the cards you're running.

Additionally, tutors and graveyard recursion can add elements of consistency to your deck. Whether it is a Demonic Tutor or a Restock or a Izzet Chronarch- these types of cards will offer you more consistency with the high priority effects your deck is trying for.

How many Manas do you have?

Recalling the second of my personal criteria- casting your commander reliably more than once- there is the question of mana production. Is your deck capable of making enough mana? Can you cast the spells in your hand? If you've read through Zerg's guide you'll know that 40 lands out of 100 is the same ratio as 24 lands out of 60. I have not yet run a deck with 40 lands mind you, but I do find 40 as a good starting point. I hate having to mulligan a hand when that means shuffling 100 cards. So I want to be able to draw a hand and keep it the first time as often as possible. One land hands get shipped back. Two land hands... well did I draw an Armillary Sphere? Am I running 38 more lands in my deck increasing the odds I'll draw another by my third turn?

I start with 40 lands in the deck planning stage. I reduce that number by one for every 1 1/2 non-land mana sources that cost less than three. For a rough example... when I built my five color Cromat deck (my first EDH deck by the way), I went with 35 lands and all ten of the Ravnica block signets. Did it work out? Generally it did, but I felt like 35 was way too few lands and 10 was way to many signets when it came down to the long game and consistency. Now I generally run 38 lands and 5 or so cheap mana accelerants. The specific numbers will vary depending on your overall mana curve and your ability to draw cards (or otherwise get lands into your hand consistently... go-go Journeyer's Kite!).

Mana production doesn't just end with acceleration though. Like cards, we look at the quantity of mana being produced. Its great to start with being able to play the cards in your hand, but we want to end with being able to do multiple things at a time. I want to be able to cast a creature, tutor a card with Planar Portal and have mana available to counter a spell. Drawing lots of cards is great in that it gives us choices in what we play, but you may find yourself falling behind when you are only able to cast one card per round of turns.

I absolutely believe in the axiom* that the player who makes the most mana and draws the most cards wins the game. Cards like Mana Reflection, Extraplanar Lens, Doubling Cube, and Seedborn Muse can facilitate your victory.

*This is entirely my own way of putting it. I've also heard that the player moving the most cards from one zone to another wins the game- library to hand... hand to stack... stack to battlefield... my wrath sending your creatures to the graveyard.... but I like mine better.

The Game Plan

How are you planning to win the game? And how much room to you have once you've assembled your card-drawing-mana-producing-game-winning engines? Well, your game plan is probably highly related to the types of engines you build into your deck and even more highly related to your choice of commander. Sometimes its top down... you start with Sen Triplets and build the deck around the girls. Other times its bottom up... you want to play Door to Nothingness and use it multiple times to win the game, so you play Bringer of the White Dawn and Hanna, Ship's Navigator and play a 5 color commander for its colors. The point is to have a game plan and build towards that plan. A  pile of “good stuff” is not going to work. Really. It doesn't. You may hear about “good stuff” decks, but even they are going to synergize- the game plan will emerge and define the way the deck evolves... so I guess that would be Inside out.

Choosing a Commander

Not the first place I chose to start writing, but perhaps the first place you'll start building. The commander gives every deck a modicum of consistency. Its always there, in the command zone waiting to be cast. There should be no wonder then that many decks are built with the commander in mind. You don't pile up a bunch of auras and lands that produce and then think, “Uril would be good as a commander!”

Would you be surprised to hear that I ask myself three questions when choosing a commander?

1. Does it have haste?
 For me haste is very important in a commander. Reliable access to your commander coupled with commander damage and sorcery speed removal being common means a hastey commander can be very dangerous for your opponents.

2. Does it kill in three hits?
Three hits seems like the magical number for me. Its based off experience mind you, but four swings has always felt like I was giving my opponent too many turns to find an answer for my commander beats.

3. Does it have a super cool ability?
This one trumps the previous two. Sometimes you look at a legend and get excited about what it does. Captain Sisay? Too cool to forego because she's slow and puny. This format is perfect for taking some quirky legend and turning it into a 100-card machine of death!

For those of you just getting into the format and don't know what commander to pick, here's a pretty comprehensive list that saves you the trouble of using Gatherer or another database... assuming the list is actually comprehensive. I make no guarantees that it is in fact a complete list.

Finally, the last thing you should keep in mind when choosing a commander is that certain legends bring more than just color identity to the table. Some have serious baggage. Creatures like Zur the EnchanterSharuum the HegemonArcum Dagsson etc. are notorious for being combo-rific and "unfun." You might not build the deck that way, but there it is most likely that the people you play with will assume the worst at first. 

This shouldn't deter you from building your Group Hug Zur Deck... but don't be surprised when you get railed on for a game or two.   

Bringing it all together

I don't like to advocate staples in this format. I don't want to see homogeneity among decks. Your Xira Arien deck should not look like mine. I know that inevitably there are going to be cards that we are going to both run, but I want that to be caused by deck optimization rather than pulling cards from a staples list. An optimized deck, to me, is one that has been built and refined within a particular meta.

In summary your deck should:
1. Need a Reliquary Tower and 2. Produce enough mana that you are able to cast the awesome legend you've chosen to command the deck more than once over several consecutive turns.
Everything else is a response to the meta you're playing in- deck power is relative to the rest in the group.




The name of the game...

I know a lot of people like to duel with their commander decks. I don't. I don't play commander for the same reasons I play FNM. I play commander to hang out, sling some spells, watch people do amazing things, laugh and cry at my epic failures... I play FNM for the 1v1 competition. 
Commander is a multiplayer format, and in multiplayer politics are going to come into play. The enemy of my enemy is my friend is a saying, I think. And you need to think that way at times. Your enemies are also resources. Imagine that one player in the game is amassing and army of tokens with Coat of Arms sitting pretty. Don't you think the other players at the table might be feeling just as threatened as you? Probably (I suppose it depends on how good your board position looks right?). The key to a fun and interactive game is the politics. Everyone at the table should be there because they want to play. And losing before you get to do anything isn't really playing. The politics of the table (if everyone is playing fair*) should lead to good games.

*And by fair I don't mean fair. I mean in accordance with whatever version of the social contract your group adheres to. Even spikey cut-throats have their own code for playing this format.

That which doesn't kill you

Its personal peeve of mine when someone makes a bonehead move. A turn two Force of Will to stop a Necrogenesis?* I suppose... if that black-green enchantment really hoses your deck... When you have a spell in your hand that ends a threat an opponent is playing you should really evaluate whether or not its worth it. Why counter a creature that isn't gonna kill you? Chances are someone is going to kill it before it gets that far. IF its actually going to kill you, then yes, by all means counter it, or kill it, or otherwise erase it from the gamestate. But please, be shrewd and sagacious. Your cards are your resources. If you waste them on inconsequential threats you won't have a lot of room to cry when you lose the game.

The reverse is also true. I have played a number of games where players completely fail to understand the gravity of what is happening! We had a player Bribery out a Primeval Titan out of my deck (cuz I play banned cards), and then proceeded to let me explode his Nevinyrral's Disk rather than set it off because it didn't want to lose his Simic Signet... Suffice it to say we lost to the guy who took my primeEVIL titan because it was allowed to live.

Prudence! is the name of this resource management game. Use your spells for things that need to die. 

*This actually happened. No lie. I played neither the Necro or the Force by the way, a friend texted me mid-game about this one.


About crying... Is it right? Is it wrong? Does it matter? I think a little well placed crying is alright if its meant to get someone off your back. Its like using the force on the weak minded. If they're gullible enough to leave you alone because of a little whining then they deserve to lose for backing off.

Sometimes it can get you left alone a bit in a subsequent game if you cry horribly about a beating from a previous game. I know I am loathe to pick on someone who lost terribly in an earlier game. But it can work against you if you always cry about the plays that don't support you winning. We've come up with a few rules- one of which is "always name James with Stuffy Doll." We've learned that he is never honest about his situation and is sandbagging awesomeness in his hand (though, to be fair, sometimes he's just oblivious to how awesome his awesomeness is until he plays it and starts winning).

Then you have the guy who cries no matter what. He wins and he feels bad for winning. He loses and he feels bad for loses. You begin to wonder why he even plays the game. Be careful about playing with these types. They can really drag down a multiplayer game and turn the night into a boo-hoo fest.

The carry over

About previous games... Its hard for me to accept, even though I am guilty of it myself- No game of commander is an Island, and previous games are going to impact subsequent ones. If a deck did well earlier, it might get some additional hate pointed at it. If a player was landscrewed previously, they might be left alone the next game to balance it out.

Friends and siblings can be terrible to play with (or fun if you're like me an don't always mind watching brothers go at it... I fondly recall the days of playing Risk and Monopoly with the Henderson boys...). Rivalries from all aspects of their lives can pour into a game of commander. This can lead to chaos, and chaos goes every which way- some think its fun, some don't.

Retribution and Randomness

Its alright to hate on a player. If there were no consequences for messing with you then no one will be afraid to do it. But its probably immature to direct all your hates at a players face because they countered one of your spells.

Then there are those who like the random selection of targets or attacks. Its early in the game and you feel like you need to do something, so you randomly roll to determine who to start sending your troops at. This can lead to putting someone into a bad place without sound tactical reasoning, or end up making someone feel slighted for being selected when they shouldn't have been. Be wary. Also, be wary about taking this to the extreme and spreading out every thing you do to evenly effect the table. Experience is the best teacher here.

Continuing the thinking on randomness... I certainly do not have a monopoly on what makes a fun game of Commander, but it had been my experience that making random plays- doing things for no apparent reason- is a quick way to ruin a game. Unless your opponents are able to assume that your goal is to win the game, then they have no way to plan. I have always had the most fun when everyone plays their best. For example- I play an Oblivion Ring early game because I've fallen behind slightly with my mana curve and hoped that the Stone would slow the game down a bit so I could catch up. Seemed like a safe assumption that the blue player next to me, also a little behind, would have been glad for the sweeper (especially since he was blue red), but nope! He was more concerned about losing his one signet to the stone, so he counters it. Well... the very next player drops Phyrexian Processor, pays twenty life. While it wasn't necessarily random for the Blue-red player to counter my stone- he had reasoning behind it, it felt random because it was the wrong play. For the rest of the game I could not count on him to make the correct plays and that left me at a serious disadvantage when planning my strategems. And while some plays are just going to seem random to a new player, or when playing against a new deck (like the necrogenesis getting Force of Will'ed that I mentioned earlier. It might really have beat his deck!), if everyone is consistent in player "properly" I think the feelings of randomness will be mitigated.

The Turtle Principle and the Rabbit Play

Its been a criticism of the format that whoever pulls out first is the first to get beaten. This is often true, and is generally a result of bad players playing badly. A friend of mine ends up crying a lot- he'll make a really strong early play- because its fun to do cool stuff- have is threat neutralized, then end up getting hated on by some random player for the rest of the game for no reason other than the early play. Acknowledging that not all players are as frugal with their hatred, I recommend pacing yourself- be the tortoise when it raced the hare.

The rabbit play is the extreme of this principle when you feign being powerless (or maybe you are and just don't want to lose until you can make the comeback) until its time to go big. I was once hit by a kicked Sadistic Sacrament mid to late game and was literally left with nothing that could win the game in my library. So, for the rest of the game I bluffed having counters, acting as if everything that resolved wasn't going to wreck my day, and otherwise stayed quiet until it was time to play my commander and win the game with a hastey Zombie Assassin.

I did not win the next game we played, by the way (see the section on previous games influencing later ones).

Together we can all have more fun

This is perhaps the most important principle of multiplayer politics. If the game isn't fun then why are you playing? If you're making the game unfun for others, can you expect them to want to play with you? Building and keeping a group together requires that the individuals all have fun. If this means filing down your spikes, then do it. If this means dealing with someone comboing out, then deal. If this means slow rolling for the new guy with a precon... slow your roll.

The point of the format is to have fun. And that comes in all shapes, sizes, and 100 card packages. I would rather play than not play, so that sometimes means I compromise in order to have people to play.

Casual by Nature

Finally, we should admit that this is a casual format. But what does that mean? It means that there are no prizes on the line, thats it. It doesn't mean no counterspells, it doesn't mean no LD. It doesn't mean anything other than commander is a nonsanctioned format. If a local shop runs a Commander tournament, then its probably not going to be casual. If you're playing with friends, its casual and subject to more regulation than just the suggested ban list.

Different groups are going to have different  interpretations of the format. I've been to stores where It That Betrays and Seedborn Muse were house-banned and poison counters were upped to 20 for the win. My group agreed to stop playing Emrakul before he was banned because he always made the game unfun for us. I don't mind custom-made commanders. I don't mind breaking of the banned list (heck I think Staff of Domination is a fine card and would play it more often if I owned more of them). The banned list is there as a suggestion for making the game fun, not as a comprehensive list of what can't be played. Its the baseline for what you should expect when you join a group. My suggestion is that you adhere to is as closely as possible, but be reasonable when you or someone else doesn't.

The Ban List

There have been some recent bannings that I didn't particularly think were necessary, and that got me thinking about the ban list as a whole. The list is not meant to be an enforceable-by-law dictate about what we can or cannot play around our own kitchen tables. It is more a list of cards that are notorious for making games unfun. 

Now, when I say I disagreed with some recent bannings, I feel like I need to qualify that by saying I don't like any bannings. I'm a great proponent of the social contract we enter into when we play together- we all should have the good of the group in mind when we play... but I understand the necessity of a ban list- there are players who don't have a regular play group who need a baseline for what is accepted and what isn't when playing against new people. As well, there are groups out there with that one guy who doesn't know how to play nice- the banned list helps with that too. 

So with that in mind, I generally advocate that people build with the ban list in mind. Before Emrakul, the Aeons Torn was banned, we, as a group, stopped playing him (her?). The card just wasn't fun. It ended games in stupid ways, was too easy to recur and play over and over again... it just devolved games. This is what the ban list does, it lets you know what others already know from experience. Kokusho, the Evening Star (scratch that... he is now unbanned... Insert Primeval Titan there) isn't the most powerful card in the game, but he devolves games. Griselbrand might make a fine commander in the hands of a nice guy (I know, I play him), but in the hands of someone more combo oriented... things might end with the black player at a really low life total, some multiple of 7 or so cards in hand and a ridiculous gamestate.

If your group is sufficiently up to the challenge feel free to play with the cards that are on the ban list, just be warned- your games might turn into pure stupid.

Now, I've compiled and maintain the Decklist Compendium to give everyone an opportunity to share their decks, give and get advise about strategy and card choices, and to offer up some inspiration for decks that haven't been built yet. If you have a tried and tested deck list please post it in a new thread and let me know you're looking to contribute to the compendium. If anyone has any experience or advice they'd like added to my little guide above, PM me and I'm sure I can work it in. I'm not looking to increase homogeneity in the format, but to promote the format itself. So take a look and offer up your own experience playing, and perhaps we can all have more fun.



Horde of Notions (Multiplayer)


Divinity of Pride
Spearbreaker Behemoth
Akroma Angel of Wrath
Sphinx of Jwar Isle
Oona Queen of the Fae
Mull Drifter
Hellkite Overloard
Yosei The Morning star
Angel of Dispair
Eternal Witness
Wilderness Elemental


Savage Beating
Swords to plowshares
Fairies Trickery
Cryptic Command
Wild Richochet
Corpse Dance
Memory Plunder
Return to Dust
Celestial Purge
Diabolic Edict


Demonic Tutor
Diabolic Tutor
Vampiric Tutor
Beseach the Queen
Rite of Replication
Gift of Estates
Hunting Wilds
Wrath of God
Austure Command
Hallowed Buriel


Mirari's Wake
Mana Reflection
Steel of the Godhead
Decree of Silence


Sol Ring
DarkSteel Ingot
Gilded Lotus
Scroll Rack
Sensei's Divining Top
Alter of Demencia
Spawning Pit
Crucible of Worlds
Relic of Progenitis
Loxodon Warhammer


Nicol Bolas Plainswalker
Sarkhan Vol
Lilliana Vess
Do you know how to autocard? It would make you list look a lot nicer if when someone moused over the cards the card showed.

if you put each card, spelled properly of course, into c tags like this [ c]Giant Growth[ /c] just without the extra space in side the brackets and you get Giant Growth.

Also, it makes it easier to link if you start your own thread rather than post the list here. I wasn't very clear on that I suppose.


check out the scion of the ur-dragon list i posted. feel free to add it if deemed worthy.

check out the scion of the ur-dragon list i posted. feel free to add it if deemed worthy.

not an issue of worthiness, but more an issue of "I actually have built and played this deck"

but I'll link it.


You can put my RBW - Child of Alara EDH deck on here if you'd like. It's 1v1 oriented.
Here is its link:
will do, just let me know if you ever update it to an Oros deck.


You can link to all my decks found here

And in case you didn't already know you can click on the post number in the upper right corner of any post to focus the thread on that particular post, which in turn modifies the URL for you to use to link directly to my posts with the decks in them.
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You can link to all my decks found here

And in case you didn't already know you can click on the post number in the upper right corner of any post to focus the thread on that particular post, which in turn modifies the URL for you to use to link directly to my posts with the decks in them.

I figured that number meant something


Just posted my EDH deck.  Mono green with Rofellos as the General:
Just posted decklist with Radiant.
Excellent! A monowhite!


Excellent! A monowhite!

The Wrath/Armageddon effects is what makes it hard to beat. The reanimation doesn't hurt tho.
Just posted a decklist for Jhoira of the Ghitu
posting my lists. feel free to add them.
Still looking to add decklists. If anyone has them please post them. You can check out the opening post for some simple numbers of what we have so far.


Just put up my atogatog EDH list, feel free to add.
I'm collecting Drudge Skeleton/Swamp misprints. If you have any, PM me! Current count - 24 Trade thread:
Yay for AtogAtog and the recent sticky!!


Here are links to the EDH decks I'm currently playing. BTW, thanks for actually taking the initiactive and getting this compendium going; it's great!


Heartless Hidetsugu:

Experimental Kraj:



Excellent. I'll link to those in a bit.

And I'm glad you appreciate the compendium. I have plans to do a write up on choosing generals, and what not, since I have the first three posts to edit the list and make it more browser friendly, but the prerelease is tomorrow... I have stuff to pack up and make sure I'm ready- I was invited to the big one at the Radison hotel in  LA to have a booth painting on cards and I really want to make sure its worth my time.


Hey.  I updated my Rofellos deck, so I thought I would post it.  You don't necessarily have to change my original deck.  I'm going to be changing it more very soon.  Anyways, here it is currently:

You're better off posting this list in a separate thread that I can link to. Then others are able to discuss your list with ideas and suggestions without cluttering up this thread, or competing with other conversations.

If you had your own thread, any updates you made to the list would be done by editing the opening post.


Radiant changed to Linvala
Hey.  I updated my Rofellos deck, so I thought I would post it.  You don't necessarily have to change my original deck.  I'm going to be changing it more very soon.  Anyways, here it is currently:

You're better off posting this list in a separate thread that I can link to. Then others are able to discuss your list with ideas and suggestions without cluttering up this thread, or competing with other conversations.

If you had your own thread, any updates you made to the list would be done by editing the opening post.

Ok, I'll do that.  I updated my original thread with both versions of my deck.  They can be found here:
Three colored generals (Specifically the  section) are a little borked from tags. May want to fix that.
Please add my Sapling of Colfenor deck. Thanks.
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Adding and unborking.

EDIT: one little missing ] and everything goes ape-crazy.


I'm honoured you chose my two decks for your compendium, thank you.

And I think this is a great idea, a good place to start for ideas when building a deck. 
I'm going to include any deck that people are actually playing around a table. I don't want to post deck lists that people come up with as an idea they had or are thinking of building. The idea is to post lists that are being played and tested against other EDH decks, as I think those are the most valuable for those who might come looking for help with their own decks.


Well, I may be able to help. There are around 20 decks in my meta, I'll try to post all of them. 
Just an oddity: The text size on the deck list post seems to get smaller as it goes down. Specifically in the multicolored general section.

Also: Momir Vig Deck 
Feel free to add my Intet, the Dreamer list to your compendium.

It's still undergoing revision, but I don't think anything too radical is going to happen to it. 

I've noticed that the fonts look odd in some instances, but have no idea why. it may be a function of the spoiler blocks, I dunno.


Whoops... hit the quote button instead of the edit button...


thanks for posting mine, it is alot of fun XD

i'm also looking at building another deck, i'll let you guys know when i'm done and can put it up on here.
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No Zur the Enchanter?!

I might need to post mine up after edh tonight. xD
Seriously! There are some gens that I'm suprised we don't have here. But I suspect it has something to do with the general population here on this forum and the "cliche" that some generals have become.

But I would welcome a Zur deck. I welcome any deck that you actually have built and played.


Seriously! There are some gens that I'm suprised we don't have here. But I suspect it has something to do with the general population here on this forum and the "cliche" that some generals have become.

But I would welcome a Zur deck. I welcome any deck that you actually have built and played.

I had my zur for about a year and a half in which have had plenty of play time and people have grown to despise him. I'm constantly making tweaks, but I'd be glad to post up my current decklist after edh tonight so.... probably tomorrow. xD
This is a great idea. I'll look for the links to my decklists later, even though they haven't been updated in a while, I generally choose generals that few people play.">Patron of the Orochi">Sakashima the Impostor">Patron of the Nezumi">Adamaro, First to Desire">Isamaru, Hound of Konda 

If you want consistency, you can replace the IP address in the above links with "" and it'll redirect to the corresponding thread on the new boards. Though they're formatted quite terribly here. 
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