This forum is only for errata, not general PH3 Discussion

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If you have a question about something in the book, please first check with Customer Service or one of the helpful forums linked in this post, to verify whether errata is required.

For all other non-errata discussion (reviews, opinions, art critiques, etc), please head to the 4E General Discussion forum.

This forum is a resource for players to post potential errata and update material for the 4e Player's Handbook 3. We encourage you to cite problems you identify, which we will then consider for forthcoming updates and future printings.

Please identify issues as succinctly as possible in your thread subject line.

The following issues might merit updates:
• Statistics that are significantly underpowered or overpowered compared to others of a similar level. This includes but is not limited to monster attack and damage numbers, power damage numbers, check bonuses or penalties, etc. For example, the fighter power, dance of steel, is a 3rd level encounter power but is less power than the fighter’s 1st level encounter power, steel serpent strike.
• Expressions of game mechanics that seem to be lacking a word or words. For example, the Dilettante racial trait of the half-elf gives you an “at-will power” from another class, when it should give you a “1st-level at-will attack power.”
• Mechanics that differ significantly from the “flavor” of an expression. For example, the power cleave, says on the Hit line that you can do extra damage to an “enemy adjacent to you.” This allows a character using cleave to cleave the target of its initial attack.
• Missing keywords or superfluous keywords. For example, the cleric paragon path power, solar wrath, lacks the Implement keyword. This means the character would not gain an implement bonus on the attack roll, which makes the power significantly underpowered compared to other powers of the same level.
• Basic information that is missing or incorrect, such as duration, range, action type, and targeting information. For example, the warlock power, hurl through hell, has no duration on the stunned effect and should instead read, “stunned (save ends)”.
• Other mechanical issues that adversely affect the game.

Remember, you can find current FAQs for all books here and existing updates/errata here.
Keith Richmond Living Forgotten Realms Epic Writing Director