Looking for a LFR group or D&D on the gold coast asutralia

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age 33 mature and want to dm or play D&D please in dying for a game

I will gladly DM all the games you want...in exchange for a plane ticket.

We've got an LFR group not on the Gold Coast but we are in Brisbane. We play every firday (1pm session and 6:30pm session) at Fastbreak Sports Nundah (real close to Nundah train station) and eveny 1st Sunday of the Month at the same location (10am session and 2pm session) we've got a warhorn page at warhorn.net/fastbreaklg

There's a group connected to us that meets on one Sunday every month at UQ. I think it's the 3rd sunday but I'm not sure on the details there. They also advertise their games on the fastbreak warhorn page.

And finally don't forget the brisgames and dragon_coats yahoo groups. You'll probably be able to find a game in there too.

You might want to contact the PoC or Event manager from the Dragon Coast region. They are aussies and know the gaming groups relatively well. You can find their contact info on the LFR community group.
Or you could just take Bernid's word for what is happening in Brisbane - because I've never heard mention of anything happening on the Gold Coast. Folks from the Gold Coast commute to Brisbane to play L5RCCG for example...

Anyway feel free to jump on the Brisgames yahoo group.

You can also try organising with the genconoz.com forums.

But the truth of the matter is that you are best served by finding an LGS, talking to the owner, and organising to run games yourself. It is how I started the Brisbane group years ago (and now much more dedicated people run it all ).
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