Isochron Scepter + Thopter Combo OMG

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Here's a version of the scepter deck I put together. Basically it uses fabricate as a toolbox to find anything, even the thopter combo. It does have a few more things going for it though:

Guys check out ..."AutoCard('cumber stone'); return false;" title="cumber stone">cumber stone amazing tech in this deck against opposing thopter decks.

If you are going first you can remove a simian spirit guy, play scepter imprinting boomerang and then keep them on one land the entire game. They can get out of it with a lot of sac lands tho.

Against zoo you have dawn charm on scepter plus wrath of god, and against thopter/depths you have bounce and searchable cumber stone.

Basically you stall until you can some of your win conditions:
1. get the teferi/silence combo
2. win with any scepter combo and random creatures, or mutavault
3. a lot of times scepter + silence is just an outright win, like against hypergenesis
4. thopter foundry + sword of the meek

4 ..."AutoCard('isochron scepter'); return false;" title="isochron scepter">isochron scepter
4 ..."AutoCard('simian spirit guide'); return false;" title="simian spirit guide">simian spirit guide
4 ..."AutoCard('fabricate'); return false;" title="fabricate">fabricate
1 ..."AutoCard('mystical teachings'); return false;" title="mystical teachings">mystical teachings
3 ..."AutoCard('boomerang'); return false;" title="boomerang">boomerang
1 ..."AutoCard('lightning helix'); return false;" title="lightning helix">lightning helix
1 ..."AutoCard('sanctum gargoyle'); return false;" title="sanctum gargoyle">sanctum gargoyle
1 ..."AutoCard('path to exile'); return false;" title="path to exile">path to exile
2 ..."AutoCard('wrath of god'); return false;" title="wrath of god">wrath of god
1 ..."AutoCard('day of judgement'); return false;" title="day of judgement">day of judgement
1 ..."AutoCard('into the roil'); return false;" title="into the roil">into the roil
1 ..."AutoCard('cumber stone'); return false;" title="cumber stone">cumber stone
4 ..."AutoCard('silence'); return false;" title="silence">silence
4 ..."AutoCard('dawn charm'); return false;" title="dawn charm">dawn charm
1 ..."AutoCard('pithing needle'); return false;" title="pithing needle">pithing needle
1 ..."AutoCard('thopter foundry'); return false;" title="thopter foundry">thopter foundry
1 ..."AutoCard('sword of the meek'); return false;" title="sword of the meek">sword of the meek
1 ..."AutoCard('trinket mage'); return false;" title="trinket mage">trinket mage
1 teferi

4 ..."AutoCard('mystic gate'); return false;" title="mystic gate">mystic gate
4 ..."AutoCard('mutavault'); return false;" title="mutavault">mutavault
4 ..."AutoCard('adarkar wastes'); return false;" title="adarkar wastes">adarkar wastes
1 ..."AutoCard('seat of the synod'); return false;" title="seat of the synod">seat of the synod
1 ..."AutoCard('ancient den'); return false;" title="ancient den">ancient den
4 island
5 plains