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The map in the following link


appears to be differnt than the Krynn I remember.  For example,

1) the forest next to Tarsis, and
2) Thorbardin being at the end of a mountain range.

Is this just a different artistic interpretation?  Is the the offical 3rd edition map? Is it suppose to represent an era other than theWar of the Lance? Or something else.


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That map is the current map in 3E.  I want to say its between 30 and 60 years after the War of the Lance depending on the exact time it was taken.  I don't remember my dates exactly. It is probably near the start of the War of Souls would be my guess which occured about 60 years after the War of the Lance.  The changes are from the great dragon overlords left after the dragon purge in the 5th age.  They found that they could actually alter their domains to suit there tastes.
Thanks.  I see now that the current period for 3e was the Age of Mortals.  I appreciate the response.

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