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After a long break I am preparing to DM LFR again...however I need your help.

Can someone provide a list (or a link the the list) showing the region, mod name, and level ranges (ex: CORM1-1 lvl 1-4) so I can start planning which mods to DM?

One of my greatest challenges as a player is the episodic nature of LFR.  I hope to curb this for others by trying my best to somehow piece them together, giving players a sense or linear adventuring having one mod feel like it leads to another (at least role-playing player / in-game bonuses would be awarded).

Yes I am registere to DM and have taken the test.

Thanks for your help.
For a list of all the modules, including level ranges and quests/series, I highly recommend the excellent Oxford site:

Several people have posted various "campaign paths" on this board (in the Adventures subforum), with suggestions on series of adventures one could run which would keep the PCs in a relatively limited area of Faerun.
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I would suggest getting ahold of the map in the current FR Campaign Guide. It can really help to give players an idea of where they are when they go from mod to mod.

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