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Going to a PTQ next weekend and am running something like the following. I need some sideboard/maindeck changes to beat Zoo and Bant, but I don't want to lose my good matchup versus Thopter Depths and combo decks

Original List:

I updated the list to improve the Zoo matchup (adding stillmoon cavaliers to the main). Cavalier is also really good against Depths (proctetion from smother, path, and marit lage tokens

New Updated Decklist:

Lands: 23
4x Ghost Quarter
2x Verdant Catacombs
4x Marsh Flats
4x Godless Shrine
3x Fetid Heath
3x Swamp
3x Plains

Creatures: 22
4x Tidehollow Sculler
4x Samurai of the Pale Curtain
4x Dark Confidant
3x Kitchen Finks
3x Aven Mindcensor
2x Stillmoon Cavalier
2x Baneslayer Angel

Spells: 15
4x Path to Exile
4x Duress
4x Thoughseize
3x Umezawa's Jitte

4x Ethersworn Canonist
1x Kitchen Finks
3x Deathmark
3x Withered Wretch
2x Ghostly Prison
2x Celestial Purge

The deck has really great matchups against Hypergenesis combo, Living End, Elf Combo, Dredge, and other combo decks (Hulk Gets Crabs, Hive Mind, etc..)

It has an good matchup against Scapeshift (if they draw enough Remand, you're going to die) and thopter depths (you have a lot of removal for their combo, but if they get an active dark confidant they can draw answers before you kill them)

The deck has a bad Zoo matchup game 1. You have to have a really good hand in order to put them off their game, and even then their threats can still end you pretty quick.  Game 2 you have a much better chance of winning (probably like 50%, after you board in your Kitchen Finks, Deathmarks, and Ghostly Prisons. The matchup against Bant is worse.

Thoughts and suggestions?

Updated decklist.