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I have been to gen Con twice and got to play some LFR mods and like them allot. I live in Lake Stevens and am looking for a place to regualary play sactioned LFR games. I would like to find a group that is 1st lvl and whom is planning to work thier way threw the mods. I hope this is the right place to post but i didn't see any thing like this. Where do I find game? If you have any info please email jastradley@yahoo.com

There's nothing wrong with posting here, and someone might even contact you if they stumble across this post, however, I'd like to suggest you check out the Wizards Event Locator here: locator.wizards.com.

If you click on "Play" and uncheck everything except "Dungeons & Dragons > Other D&D Events" when you search on your zip code in the box at the top - you'll find at least 3 stores that have LFR events currently scheduled.

If you leave the options for D&D Game Day and D&D Encounters checked you'll find still more game stores running those events as well - attending any of those might, in turn, help you find any additional LFR games in your area.   
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There's a small group in Marysville that gets together @ Malhavoc Games.  There's a once a month group that gets together @ Redmond and a twice a month group that gets together in Lacey (which might be too much of a drive for you)
Maybe you can find something over at the Warhorn reccuring game days page

I'll ask and see if there is a Seattle list. I know some Seattle folk read the PDX_RPGA Yahoo list. GameStorm is March 25-28 and is an excellent chance to meet folk in Seattle, who will be down for the game.

This weekend we will have slot 0s for the BI (probably held in both PDX and Seattle). If you feel up to judging, PM me and I could put you on the list.

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Many of the Seattle-area groups are using yahoo groups to coordinate and organize.  There's a recurring gameday in Redmond (seattlemob), Lacey (ucc/uccot), and Bremerton (2d6Goblins -- they might just be using warhorn these days).

After GameStorm, there's Renticon at the end of May.
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