March 2010 D&D Rules Update

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It fixes a bunch of encounter powers that have since been turned into dailies too. Swiftshot, Flute... It helps with dice of auspicious fortune.

It's just a generally good thing, as far as I can tell. The only person hurt is, say, a ranger dual wielding the same weapon. I'm okay with that casualty.
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Nah.  My STR/CON barbarian still loves the +2 AC he gets from it.  His AC is 20 now instead of 22, but since I won't be raising DEX on him ever, it's nice to get the +2 AC.

I took it knowing full well it would likely get nerfed seeing as I was rarely getting hit in mods.

The problem with HAE is the 15 Con requirement. My Thaneborn barbarian had to pay the feat tax for chain just to have decent AC when HAE would of gave me the same defenses.
In truth it makes sense though.  Normally proficiecy in Hide requires Con 13.  So to have expertise in hide armor it isn't a stretch to require a slightly higher Con.  Armor Spec (Hide) requires a 15 con as well and it stacks with HAE giving you a total of +3 to AC and a check penalty reduction.

It fits.  So I dont' see the problem with it.  Is it goign to be useful for every class/build?  No... but are you upset that you wouldn't have been able to take Armor Spec that has the same requirement?
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