Dungeon 176 - Editorial: Zombie Style

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Dungeon 176
Editorial: Zombie Style

By Chris Youngs

Zombies. Who doesn’t love ‘em? And while we’re at it, what about vampires?

Both of these classic monsters have seen a renaissance in recent years in Hollywood and literature (although calling some of these books “literature” is a stretch). And why not? They’re both badass. But before Twilight and World War Z, before the Vampire Diaries and 28 Days Later, Dungeons & Dragons did vampires and zombies, and it did them well.

Which classic horror trope do you think would make the best Dungeons & Dragons adventure? Which do you think would be the most fun to play or run? Send your feedback to dndinsider@wizards.com!

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A great man once said "If WotC put out boxes full of free money there'd still be people complaining about how it's folded." – Boraxe

Very curious about the adventure now.  Also down with sparkles!!
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