3/2/2010 SF: "Chaos to the Third"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Serious Fun, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

I would like to see some strategy in Multiplayer Magic. The Internet is very sparse in this and with so many sites devoted to tournament magic I would appreciate more Multiplayer strategy talk. Anthony Alongi would give broad advice and his version of how things should go in MP, The Ferrett gave another version but both showed how to get better skills and better decks.

Kelly Digges talked about how much fun magic is. We're playing it and reading the articles on it. We know that it is fun- how about some advice. I feel that the current articles are following a little too much in Mr. Digges' footprints.

But what strategies are being employed- what does your group do? Most common format when you get together? Why do people play certain decks. The Ferrett's article, "Oh Here are the People in My Neighborhood" was an amazing article as it gave his stories life and let people know about many different styles of play.  When you explained yourself and showed a few decks- that was great, today's article did not impress me.

Face it, you're pretty much here as a meat shield.


If you are at Georgian Court Univeristy or Monmouth Univeristy PM me. If you are out by York College of PA, I can help you reach the group there.

I would like to see some casual(ish) formats that can be played online. I play mainly online and it seems that there aren't too many articles here about 100 card singleton, prismatic, or other more casual online formats. (especially since those formats also evolve as the new sets are released)
I had to vote for the first one, but only if its straight-up Magic. I don't like EDH or multiplayer, and I really hate gimmicky formats.

I wouldn't mind seeing more fun ideas for timmies, like interesting ideas for themed decks or joke decks (trying to use bad cards to win, i.e. Chimney Imp)
What about just regular free-for-all?

Personally, I find that the weekly columns have just forgotten about the regular casual player.  "Building on a Budget" is for tournament players, and those decklists don't transition well at all to multiplayer.  "Serious Fun" is trying too hard and doesn't talk about interesting decklists for free-for-all. 

Nothing is sparking my interest at all lately.  I'd love to see ideas for different decks that the average joe would be interested in. 
I would love to see some strategy in multiplayer, sort of what the Ferret and Anthony did earlier. I'd like to see deck archetypes (the Ferret talked about mono black control, for example), maybe a bit about how to build decks for multiplayer, especially an EDH deck (what does it need to be fun and able to hold it's own ground, for instance). It would also be great if you could post your Cube, as I'm sure there are several people who are planning to build one in the near future, due to your most excellent article. Also, it would be great if you talk a bit about how to build a Cube when you are just starting one.

Talking about fun games does get a bit boring in the the long run, because, believe it or not, there are more than just social Timmys reading this column (I, for one, am a Spike). If you could talk a bit more about strategies and less about how incredibly fun that game was, it would spice up the column a bit.

Keep up the good job!
Ok this author has some pretty lame friends.  " he "didn't want to just sit back and think about everything all the time."  WOW!  And this guy writes for wizards?!??!  

I think you need another choice on your poll:  Less lame.

That is all.
Ok this author has some pretty lame friends.  " he "didn't want to just sit back and think about everything all the time."  WOW!  And this guy writes for wizards?!??!  

I think you need another choice on your poll:  Less lame.

That is all.

Hey man, chill out a little. These are actual people you're talking about, and I wouldn't go criticizing their play styles after just one article. Besides, even us peeps who usually enjoy slinging around decision-heavy cards like Gifts Ungiven on a regular basis like to kick back and smash face with Bonesplitter every once in a while. Smile
    To the author: I am also of the opinion that multiplayer strategy is often overlooked nowadays. Game reports are fine, but I think they're best used as a supplement to the real content of the article rather than as its main focus. If alternate formats are your passion, how about writing some more about EDH? It's a primarily casual format that is really booming and has plenty of uncharted territory to explore. I mean, sure, we've all seen Thraximundar Grixis decks and Kresh stompy decks (yours isn't too bad, btw), but what about less common generals that can be highly tuned yet casual (Iname, Death Aspect, Lin-Sivvi, Defiant Hero, or even Karona, False God)? I dunno, it sounds like there's plenty of material there.
well,this is boring...
I'm always interested in original multiplayer formats. I have a group that meets weekly and we like to try new things. Preferably something that doesn't require too much preparation (like building a cube).
If you're interested in disccussing the cube teased in the article, check out the thread in the Cube Forum for the link to the full spreadsheet as well as the place to discuss the cube further: community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...

Adam Styborski Writer for Serious Fun Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/the_stybs
Adam, writer's perspective:  it's a fine column, you have obvious writing skill, and you should follow your muse.  Yes, listen to customers and what they like (I voted for new formats myself):  but ultimately, you should write about what is most interesting to YOU.  Readers will sense that, and that will maximize your chances of long-term success with the column.  If you write about something you're not interested in...readers will sense that, too.

Head high, jaw set, fingers flying over the keyboard.  The only way to go.

Best of luck and take care,
Anthony Alongi

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