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I must confess, I don't have the LECG, but I've read over it thoroughly in a Barnes & Noble, and I love the Legacy Destinies. I had another idea though, which I may implement in a future campaign, but I'm looking for feedback on it.


Each player character picks a single talent tree which they feel is the essence of their character's Legacy/Bloodline. Once per encounter as a swift action, you may spend a Force Point to select a talent from the chosen tree. For the remainder of the encounter, you gain the benefits of that talent. If you do not have the prerequisites for the talent, you must instead spend a Destiny Point to benefit from it.


Examples would include a Skywalker descendant picking the Light Side Talent Tree, an Antilles selecting the Ace Pilot Talent Tree,  or a Solo choosing the Fortune Talent Tree.

I know there isn't any semblance of balance in it, but I like to give players cool advantages. What are some other opinions on it?

Thanks in advance!
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I'd have no problem with it.  Sounds like a fun twist, actually.

Just make sure that the BBEG gets to do this too! Smile
Thanks! I do however, foresee some unbalances.

What if a player picks a Prestige Class Talent Tree? Sure they don't get any benefits without a Destiny Point until level 8, but then they would really rock.

Also, what if one player picks a small, newer Talent Tree, like the Fencing Talent Tree, while another picks the far larger Brawler Talent Tree?

Any thoughts on these issues?
Why not just make it a tree that they have access to?  Allow them to change the tree every so many levels or just expand the choice of trees as they go up.  Let's say you decide every 5 levels they get to pick a new tree (I would still require that they have access to the tree for game balance purposes) So at 1st level they can have acess to a tree that's covered in their starting class by 6th they could have another tree in that class or, if they multi-classed, a tree in a second class at 11th a new tree is added and yet another at 16th. 

Whatever you do I would also limit the use of the Legacy  to expending 1 force point or Destiny point per encounter that way the characters couldn't do something like Greater Weapon Focus+Greater Weapon Specializatin+Greater Devastating Attack all in the same encounter.
When you say access to it, do you mean like, a Soldier picks the Noble's Lineage Talent Tree and, when gaining a new talent via a level up, can always choose to take a Lineage talent regardless of class?

Perhaps the transition from Embracing Your Legacy to Denying Your Legacy (and vice versa) could let you change your chosen Talent Tree appropriately.

And as for once per encounter restrictions, I already put that in. 
I meant that if the character has soldier levels then he can select trees appropriate for a soldier.  If he has multi-classed then he can choose a tree from any one of the classes he has.  This also takes care of someone taking PrC talent trees at 1st level.
Sorry, I missed the once per encounter line in the original post.
Ah, I'll keep that idea in mind...
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