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Psychogenic Probe

is there a deck (tezzerator or something) that could abuse this?  my guess is most likely not, but i was just curious.

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What is "this?"
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yeah i have no clue what ur talking about 0_O
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Well obviously goblins breed at a rate of millions of times per year, thus in a few years they had evolved into a new species... you know or....
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Your asking for proof that the ocean is wet, while your standing on the beach.
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Are these rankings all anonymus? Can I go rank everybody I think is mafia with 1 star?
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slayer of fluffy, and single handedly annoyed half of the flavor/storyline group in one fell swoop[/sblock]
I checked your post for hidden treasure and couldn't find it.  What does "this" mean?
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Maybe it's his username...a burning forest... :P
Psychogenic Probe

is there a deck (tezzerator or something) that could abuse this?  my guess is most likely not, but i was just curious.

Upon quoting this post, the card he's talking about is Psychogenic Probe.
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Fluffy, we'll miss you friend. We'll miss you...
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56544366 wrote:
My other name consideration was "Thermodynamics of Doom!"
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Master Yumyums! Master Yumyums! I made it even more unfun! Spirited Betrayal Sorcery All lands are copies of Night of Souls' Betrayal. The legend rule doesn't apply to them. *Headsplosion*
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If they make Mono-blue control a viable option for FNM again, I'm going to force myself to browse 4chan while listening to Hannah Montana and Justin Bieber and then I'm going to read Twilight books before I go to sleep for 1 whole week...
I already do that.
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Use of caps lock: 9/10
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We were goddamn slowly making our way towards those **** mountains. The road was all filthy and wet, bird **** on every step and eldrazi piss raining from the sky. "So those ****tards are finally awake huh?" my idiotic companion asked. "Yep, we're in deep ****, homie." "Wazzup?" "Nothing, just pissed." My companion looked to the sky. A drop of the eldrazi urine fell right in his eye. "Oh, man. Now I'm pissed too." As we were moving on, we were looking around on the innocent nature. Two baloths were doing it on the road so we had to make a little detour. The pools of piss were kinda unpleasant but at least it was warm so we had no trouble at night. "One gets used to piss running down your face you know." said my companion. "F'shizzle." answered I stoicly and kicked two rabbits, who were doing nasty things to each other's ass, in the ass. "Man one can't take a spit here without hitting some shamming animals." "Word. Zendikar sucks. Hope the eldrazi contribute a little to the population regulation." As my companion said that, a gigantic, 20 meters tall eldrazi slithered by. On it's arms and tentacles were remains of birds, rabbits, baloths, angels, planeswalkers, dragons, krakens and a few cities. We stood up and clapped loudly. "A few bitches less." (People don't get banned for such posts do they?)
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Am I the only one? Looking over the recent threads debating the merits of "Belgium," the various ideas to "fix" England and other topics which concern European nations, I'm struck by how much I don't care what happens. Britain and Spain are, to me, completely inaccessible due to the Atlantic Ocean, not to mention volcanoes and socialism. I sound like I'm bashing European nations, and I guess I kind of am. If you enjoy living in France, Luxembourg, Poland or any other, older nation, that's fantastic. I just don't see why there's such a huge uproar about a volcano that is mostly affecting a niche group of people.
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Hell, I don't even like that they printed Pillarfield Ox
I'm real happy for you, and I'mma let you finish, but pillarfield ox has one of the best pieces of art of all time. Of all time.
Really? I don't really see the greatness.
It's an Ox. In a PILLARFIELD. That's like, a field of frickin' PILLARS, but to this Ox it just looks like an ordinary field of grass - because he is so BADASS.
56916508 wrote:
Finally, Master Yumyums just had probably the most boring, worthless card in the entire contest. Why would you need to give creatures -1/-0 on your turn? To beat them down with your nonflying blue aggro deck that plays a bad win condition card to win (and if you are playing the critters, why aren't you winning with them?!)? And the win condition itself is so mindblowingly difficult it seems like it was only made simply to fit the criteria.
Derivative Radial Tangent Calculation of Pure, Absolute, Utmost, Uncontestable and Utter Doom Newton's Second Law of Equations As an additional calculation to add to ~, reveal a Mathematical Equation from your hand, with a converted mana casting cost equal to a Prime Number. (Prime numbers are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 13, 17...) ~ costs ƒ(x) = Σπ(δƒ(u)-ƒ(x)) if you're a fan of René Descartes in Facebook. ~ deals X damage to each creature your opponents control within a radius of X KM from ~, where X is the revealed Equation's converted mana cost. ~ deals Y damages to target player, where Y is the area of the Sphere (using the first 50 digits of pi as pi). ~ deals Z less damage, where Z is the distance in Lightyears from the centerpoint of the Sphere. Add up X, Y and Z and round it up to the closest number. Multiply the damage ~ would deal by m, where m is the number of multiples of that number. Calculate the first 50 Fibonaci numbers: Deal the difference between the 25-50th numbers, and the first 25 numbers. As long as the angular acceleration of an object t approaches maximum velocity relative to the cross product of a vector n and its bisector as the object passes through point Q at vector n's convergence in zero gravity, Disastrous Radial Tangent Calculation can't be countered. As long as you can do a geometric proof of anything on this card, target opponent must be doing one. Otherwise, he or she loses the game. (both games. you just lost the game.)
If a deck could ever abuse psychogenic probe, and it performed well, I would go out and buy every single card that was in the deck just so I could say "I found a use for 4 of my 20 psychogenic probes!!!"
In my mind, it's solid sideboard tech against decks like Living End, Dark Depths, or anything with a reliance on search effects.  It's also solid against Zoo, as that deck still runs a lot of fetches.  However, the card won't be relevant in Extended for very long unless they see fit to reprint it.  I'd be pretty happy if they did, but you know how it goes.  If you felt like building a bad mill deck, you could certainly pair Probe with Cranial Extraction, Sadistic Sacrament, Thought Hemorrage, Haunting Echoes, Head Games, and other such cards.  Having said that, if you decide to go out and do such a thing, I do not endorse it, outside of the kitchen table.
A quick search for "shuffle" in the text of the first 3 pages of Gatherer reveals the following cards:
Acquire, Arcum Dagsson, Bitter Ordeal, Boggart Forager, Bribery, Counterbore, and Cranial Extraction that can all force your opponent to shuffle his hand.  As a related note, Cosi's Trickster benefits from the same conditions as Psychogenic Probe.  The vast majority are blue and black, so that kind of deck is totally possible.

Specifically, Bitter Ordeal can trigger multiple times if a lot of cards entered the graveyard in the turn that you play it, so you might be able to set up some combos with "sacrifice all lands"-type cards (or Boggart Forager).
Card Dump!

Challenge: When ~ comes into play, all opponents may put a Legendary creature card with the same or smaller converted mana cost as ~ into play without paying its mana cost.
Maybe a Bitter Egg-storm deck?


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maybe a tramatize to set up the bitter ordeal?
I would have killed, literally ended someones life, to NOT have Arrogant Bloodlord riding a giant ant... Good times:
but where DID the other fork come from?
Lord_Zed: I was at my friends house when this happened. He's married and his wife was an excellent baker. She had baked a homemade apple pie the night before. I was hungry, and my friend convinced me to try those low carb monster drinks. Before this day, I had never triend energy drinks before. Boy was I in for a treat. When I tried that first monster, I really enjoyed the flavor, but the taste that it left in my mouth wasn't so good. What was my solution? Drink another! before I could finish drinking that 2nd monster, I felt it already kicking in(these drinks were not very far apart, we're talking minutes here) my friend decided that it was a good idea to whip out that fresh pie his wife made the night before. I didn't know what to do, since I felt incredibly invigorated, and at the same time, freaked out by the rush I was feeling, but I was also hungry, and my friend have me an entire plate with a fork and said "help yourself." He extended his saucer to me, and I cut him a piece of the pie and handed it to him, then I looked at the pie, noticed that the pie was in an aluminum holder, and dumped the entire pie onto my plate and started eating it with 2 forks. I don't know where I found that other fork, it probably came from my friend. Anyhow, his wife wasn't happy, and I was already in magical christmas land. 2 days later, I was in my friends bed and I slept for 14 hours. His wife outlawed my from having any of her baked goods for a while(which sucked because I could just show up at there house, steal some sweets, and leave) and said I couldn't have any energy drinks at her house, unless under close watch. My friend, on the other hand, had to take me out to a steak dinner, because apparently I won a bet where I climbed a tree and didn't die.
The great land debate:
97563441 wrote:
Zendikar had fetchlands, and Worldwake had manlands. What are the new Scars duals called?
61325265 wrote:
Explosive Peanut Lightning lands. Well, that's just what I call them.
61325265 wrote:
58232598 wrote:
i'm just trying to figure out what the point of saying this is. it's just really random.
And so the pot met the kettle.
maybe a tramatize to set up the bitter ordeal?

That's pretty funny. 
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