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I wanted to come up with a sample LFR home-style heroic tier campaign that could be 'run' relatively easily by a DM having new players. Here were the requirements:
Strongly linked mods.
A penultimate paragon tier mod with a lot of flavor(in this case, CORM1-6)
Stick to a small number of regions.
Have two mods per level. This helps with any possible XP problems due to quests being solved, players playing elsewhere, or wanting to throw some other mods in there as well.
Finish out any major remaining plotlines from the mods.

Some spoilers follow, in particular with CORM1-6.


I really liked CORM1-6, but one of the issues for me is how out of left field it was. The mod could easily be a mod that a campaign was structured around. Big things happen. The PCs are important. Yet it just shows up. Presumably, there are some evil NPCs trying to make it happen and it would make a lot of story sense to have the PCs encounter agents of those NPCs. But I don't want to potentially interrupt future plot lines by making the PCs favor or disfavor particular NPCs.

I also like how some mods related to Cormyr have a lot of interconnection, so I'll include those too as that will make for a stronger game.

Here's the campaign:
1-4: CORM1-1, CORM1-5, CORM1-7, DALE1-1, DALE1-7, DRAG1-7, DRAG1-1
4-7: CORM1-2, DALE1-4, DALE1-2, DALE2-1, DRAG1-4, MYRE1-2
7-10: CORM1-3, CORM1-4, DALE1-3, DALE1-5, DRAG1-5, DRAG1-6, MYRE1-3

11-14: CORM1-6, DRAG2-1, CORM2-2, DALE1-6, CORE2-2
14-17: DALE2-2

Basically, the idea with the two MYREs is to set up CORM1-6. MYRE1-2 should have an agent of Krimnos(the advisor in CORM1-6) hire them to research a mysterious scrap of paper that implies that Cormyr is cursed. They track it to a ruin. An agent of whoever is trying to trigger the Heralds of CORM1-6 is there trying to put it into motion - maybe some evil ancient relic. They beat him up(or not) and break the relic(or not). Krimnos name should never be mentioned here.

MYRE1-3. Village in Cormyr calls for help. Severin from CORM1-1(the Black Knight) asks the PCs to answer the call. When PCs get there, the village is a complete nightmare, under the influence of all heralds. Villagers inspired with Fury and Madness have killed most of the other villagers, while those with Pestilence and Famine lay dying. A small seven-sided castle on the outskirts of town up a hill was supposed to ride to their defense, but failed to do so. The PCs should find out about the fortress, investigate, find the lord of the castle being fed upon by demons. Assuming they beat them, they find in another room a man holding the lady of the castle hostage with some of the castle guards at a distance. The man is a soldier of some sort, the 'lady' is actually a Lamia, and the minion castle guards have of course been corrupted. A ritual has already been cast and is slowly taking effect. While they hold off the PCs for however long that is, the PCs see seven forms of pure, vague evil starting to appear at each point of the castle. This should encourage the PCs to speed things up via combat. When the enemies are defeated, the ritual is broken and the forms fade away.

Some other effects of the structure:

Mods to potentially insert:
1-4: CORM2-1
4-7: DALE2-1, DRAG1-2
7-10: DRAG 1-3
(and of course, more MYREs if appropriate)

Mods to be careful about:
CORM1-4 - probably needs some heavy-handed DME with newer players due to the challenge level.

Complete the following quests:
White Petal Demise
Arts & Crafts
Conspiracy of Ravens
Badge of Temperance
Quite strong, and you're hitting a few of the best quest lines in LFR there. As it happens, I just had a home game day where we played DRAG 1-5, DRAG 1-6, and CORM 1-3, and it was really great.

I'd either separate DRAG 1-5 and DRAG 1-6 or edit the opening to the latter, since otherwise the PCs will in theory have traveled from Nathlekh to New Velar and back for no real reason. It might be worth inserting CORE 1-2 into the 1-4 range so that the PCs will know who Jonster is, if you're not fiddling around with DRAG 1-6. But I'd probably just edit him out; he's not important for White Petal Demise. 
You may also wish to add CORE2-2 to the mix, as it starts in Westgate and refers a family used in several adventures mentioned.

You may also wish to add CORE2-2 to the mix, as it starts in Westgate and refers a family used in several adventures mentioned.


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