Not as much fun

hey. I have been playing Magic for a little bit. (2 months maybe?) I used to play a few years ago
and since I started again my roommates and their friends started playing too. The problem is they all have the money to buy better cards and plain and simple they aren't too fun to play with. They  argue over every tiny little interpretation of a card and they are starting to make better decks. I'm debating whether or not to sell my cards and stop playing. I thought I could share one of my decks with you and get your opinion on it just to see as well. Its a zombie deck that is probably one of my better decks.

2 zombie boa
3 agony warp
2 slave of bolas
3magefire wings
3 jhessian zombies
2phyrexian ghoul
3 lich lord of unx
3 sewn-eye drake
3 soul manipulation
death baron
4 grixis grimbalde
sedris, the traitor king
2 nicol bolas planeswalker
3 kederekt creeper
4 vedalken ghoul
lord of the undead

2rakdos carnarium
3 mountain
4 crumbling necropolis
5 island
 dimir aqueduct
2 izzet boilerworks

i was thinking about trying to get some doomnecromancers or reanimate but again iv spent too much money on this already and buying new cards certainly isnt making this any more fun or better.

Thanks for any advice. 
Hey man. I think this here is the limited forum. Looks like you are asking about constructed.

Check out good constructed decks here, they can give you an idea of what wins.

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