Gen Sky + Yobuck

General Skywalker's CE clearly specifies that you get Momentum when you end your movement.  If Yobuck moves 10 into an enemy piece, he gets a Galloping attack AND his normal attack of the round.  Would momentum work on both attacks or just the second?  Galloping attack happens "as this character moves", so at the point at which the GA happens you have NOT ended your movement yet, correct?
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The attack happens after you complete the move into the square. It's not an unusual case like AOOs or Strafe where it occurs prior to exiting a square. So both get Momentum assuming he's stopping there.
Holy Fast Response Batman!  

So, for the purpose of other affects (Self Destruct), does the galloping attack occur as you enter, are in, or leave the square?
The attack fully resolves before he can continue his movement.
What he said (now assuming we're no longer talking about a Momentum case where there would be no option to leave the square.)