Mouse people for SWMs?

Okay, I've got a weird question here:

For anyone who has read Dark Horse Comic's "Dark Times" series, do you have any ideas where someone might look for properly scaled minis that a person might use the head off of if they were trying to modify a figure to look like the character "Ratty" from the comic?  I only need the head.

I'd probably use the head from one of GW's skaven figures, but they're a little large and they're more ratmen than mouse.  The snout would be far too pointed.  Ratty's should be more rounded.  Any ideas?  Anyone?
I don't have a clue, sorry, but I would so have loved to have Ratty and the whole crew. In fact you could probably use the Ishi Tib Scout from CS as Kaka Hai, and make a decent scenerio of that part of the comic.
MegaMinis "Vermillionz" would make great Rattys. And they even have space suits and ray guns, just paint them up. I assume you are not afraid of painting, being that you referred to a skaven head.

MegaMinis "Vermillionz" would make great Rattys. And they even have space suits and ray guns, just paint them up.

Hmm.  You're right.  Those don't look half bad.  Thank you very much for mentioning them.  I might settle for one of them if I can't pull off plan A.

What's plan A?  Well, I've been thinking about making a figure mod of Ratty based on when he and Bomo were disguised as jawas since it would be so simple.  That's why I figure I only really need the head because I can just hollow out a jawa mini's hood and insert his rodent-like snout in there.  The only thing is, I know his nickname is "Ratty", but he really looks more like a mouseman rather than a ratman, more of a, ahem, cute and rounded snout than the sharper, more pointed nose of a rat.  But I might use a ratman sculpt if I can't find a well scaled mouseman.

Smile And, yes, I have occasionally painted my own minis although it's not something I do very often.
Maybe the dark times togorian's head though iu havent recieved my shipment of them yet so i dont know big that is
really, really, really oversized.
"Norker" from D&D has a head that looks pretty mouse-like.

Chadra-Fan pickpocket from SWM also has a mouse-ish head, though it's a bit closer to a bat.
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