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In the game I'm currently in, we are in need of a defender/leader so I have decided to create a healing heavy Paladin. The concept I have had for a while was a Paladin of Love. The Halfling was just for fun. Part of the concept is that she would be a bit skankish, but in a classy way. But other than that I really don't know how I want her to act. Her main weapon is a whip, and she carries around chains with her for recreational use. But I have not really been inspired to flesh out her character, or know what I want her background to be. We're in Eberron, and I think I might have her be part of House Ghallanda, whether or not she has the mark I've yet to decide.
So the point of this thread is to ask for suggestions on three things. I would like tips for playing halflings, suggestions on a background, and tips on quirks and personality traits to keep in mind when I try to play her.
Heh, I love the flavor of this one, nice work.

Hmm, I've never played as a Halfling, but Second Chance is going to make you a very frustrating Defender for the beasties I imagine, so that could be fun. They want to hit you, since you're marking them, but you're not going to make it easy. "You can look, but you can't touch."

As for background, hmm, I guess just think about why your Paladin is a lover AND a fighter. Are they supporting a lavish lifestyle? Are they out to spread the love? Maybe even make it to Epic and become a Saint whose feast day is spent best with loved ones or attractive strangers?

For quirks, bad double entendres are always fun. If you've played Bayonetta, just talk like her. I promise it'll be fun times.
The Smithy Knew He'd Lost His Groove When Scalding Sparks Left His Chin Too Smooth Dwarvenshave
Thanks for the reply. I will definitely have to think of some fun things to say. Sadly I've never played Bayonetta but I can just tell what kind of things she would say just from looking at her.
Discussion with the DM has made me flesh out my character a bit more. Because I wanted her to take Sune's paragon path, he said my character had to have gone to the forgotten realms universe.
So right now it seems that while she was on business for House Ghallanda, I did give her the dragonmark of Hospitality, she went to Cyre. Unfortunately, she was there during the Day of Mourning, so I have decided that instead of her dying or completely getting disfigured, she was sent hurling through the dimensions. A group of Vistani rescued her while they were dimension hopping and she traveled with them for the next couple of years.
Normally when I think of her, I put her in a group of my Vistani characters, so it actually works out kind of nicely. She never did become one of them because she felt she needed to head home. But to return to Eberron from Faerun would take lots of time. And so that's how she learned to fight, she fought to find a way home. When she finally made it back to Eberron she was baffled at the changes, at the new tenuous peace. The Vistani escorted her all the way back to Gatherhold, the city where the House Ghallanda headquarters are, and then they parted ways.
The house was happy to have a marked scion return, and she was happy to finally be amongst family. But life in the house was unsettling for her now. She missed traveling with the Vistani, and she missed the open road. The caravan returned one day, and she decided to go with them. She knew she would return to Gatherhold one day, but she needed to satiate her wanderlust first. The fortune teller in the caravan told her that she would be leaving them soon to join a group of adventurers and help them traverse whatever dangers they were to come across. With a heart saddened to leave her second family again, she followed the path the fortune teller had illuminated for her and set on her way to meet her destiny.

As for why she's a paladin, I don't know. Why she loves love, I don't know. Why she's a classy skank, I do know. It's in her nature to make people feel relaxed and comfortable. She has to be hospitable, it's part of who she is. She just makes sure they have a good time while it's happening.
I think some of the Vistani could have helped her realize her divine nature. But I have a lot more going for her now then I did.
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