Energy Shield Question

If I have two Gungan Shieldbearers next a single ally, that ally gets attacked, and the first gungan fails to deflect it, can the second one still try?

A special ability never stacks unless it specifically says so in the glossary entry or FAQ.
Ha, that it what I thought but wasn't confident enough to suggest so.

Ok, a question about how it works though. Someone targets my shieldbearer, and hits him. I get to roll a save 11. If I make the save, the attack does no damage. My opponent must then roll a save to see if the attack gets bounced back onto him?
No. Energy Shield only has one save, made by the attacker.
See, that is what I originally thought, but then someone confused me. I like it better now because it forces the attacker to base you. Thanks for the clarification.
Your opponent was likely confused with Lightsaber Reflect which has two saves involved.