Dragon 384 - Winning Races: Gnomes

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DnDi_Large.png    Dragon 384
Winning Races: Gnomes

By Brian Yablon

Gnomes normally do not tend towards melee combat, but these Gnomes do!  This article especially provides options for Gnomes in a Defender role, such as the Paladin or the Swordmage, including feats and two new Gnome-specific Paragon Paths!

Whether in the world—where goblins, kobolds, and other foul creatures threaten their warrens—or in the Feywild—where eldritch beasts, carnivorous plants, and malicious fey threaten them—gnomes have always required ways of combating and dealing with their deadly and often more numerous enemies. As a result, they have developed many specialized fighting techniques that take advantage of their talents for illusion, stealth, the fey magic coursing in their veins, and even their diminutive size, and they turn these techniques against their foes to devastating effect.

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I'm a Defender! RAWR!!!

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i don't have a gnome paladin nor swordmage, but this is a great thing to see. I'm really glad that the winning races is such a good line of articles.

i recall that a design and development from long ago mentioned that the devs wanted to make the choice of race more potent and deliver longer lasting benefits than the ability bonuses. so, the additional material from the winning races line of articles is a really fantastic way to keep the races fresh and offer plenty of custom options without having to create countless races.
Outstanding first showing from Brian. I hope to see more from him in the future!
Planes Wanderer
The paladin PP has some crazy synergy with Rogue|Paladin hybrids, and reminds me ALOT of the Shadowbane Inquisitor from 3.5 (why'd they have to give its awesomeness to GNOMES).
I love the image of the gnome from this article (the full image not just the close-up at the beginning of this threa).  The link to the inmage seems to be broken in the Art Gallery.  Does any have the full image they can post here?  It would be much apprciated!